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What Does CBD Feel Like? A Complete Guide for Beginners

by | Dec 12, 2022 | CBD – Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol, CBD, is one of the cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. It has become a prominent thing among wellness enthusiasts since science has recognized its verifiable health benefits. With so much hype around it, everybody’s wondering, “What does CBD feel like?” or “Does CBD make you feel good?”

Hold on! This complete guide for beginners will quench all your thirst, but first, it’s important to note that it depends on what your body needs. CBD acts as an adaptogen to influence what your body needs most while promoting overall wellness. It can be an alternative health supplement for older as well as younger people. But how does CBD work in the body? Let’s find out.


Working Of CBD

You may be amazed to learn that the human body also produces chemicals similar to cannabinoids, named endocannabinoids. CBD works by activating the endocannabinoid system and binds with receptors present in our brain, spinal cord, and immune system. It binds with CB1 and CB2 receptors indirectly to produce positive outcomes. Here, it acts as a primer for nerve endings to communicate the brain with your body effectively. It also controls important functions like pain perception, body temperature, and inflammation. Moreover, CBD increases the amount of anandamide (the bliss molecule) in the body, which contributes to uplifting mood, pleasure, and motivation.

Ultimately, after taking CBD, the body returns to normal healthy levels or equilibrium– homeostasis. Now you can conclude why CBD gives actual results over time of consistent use and not immediately in some users.

Effects Of CBD

CBD is suitable for many wonderful health reasons, and the consumers notice a sense of calm & relaxation, a healthy sleep cycle and quick recovery from inflammation, etc. It’s easier to find “what CBD feels like” by going through the effects of CBD on the body.

1. Promotes Alertness

CBD products are useful when people feel sluggish or cloudy. Studies suggest that CBD increases dopamine production which plays an integral role in improving focus, attention, and mood enhancement. It may activate brain neurons that stimulate wakefulness. You may find CBD oil as an alternative to your morning coffee and energy drinks due to its wake-promoting properties.

2. Boosts Energy

CBD can also make you feel energetic since it has anti-oxidative properties. It enhances your immune system and helps manage moods. You start to feel stress-free when your body reaches homeostasis after ingesting CBD.

3. Induces Calmness

It is perfect for people who find trouble in sound sleep since CBD is mid-sedative. However, remember that it is non-psychoactive with less than 0.3% THC. When people have a good sleep, they wake up more energetic and calmer. Soothe your nerves, feel less anxious and regulate your sleep cycle with CBD.

Does CBD Give You A Buzz Or High?

Since CBD is present in both hemp and marijuana plants, it’s intriguing for many people that if CBD makes you high or not. Well, CBD is non-intoxicating cannabis with beneficial properties, and it does not give you a buzz. Mind that CBD is not like THC, where you feel psychoactive, but it gives a subtle sense of calmness.

CBD attaches to the body’s receptors indirectly and does not work like intoxicating THC. It relaxes your body, reduces pain inflammation, and provides a sense of well-being without altering the state of mind.

In addition, CBD also mitigates the effects of intoxicating compounds and block the uptake of THC. Don’t worry; you won’t notice any physical or mental impairment from CBD.

How Long Does It Take To Feel The Effects Of CBD?

In terms of how long it takes, everyone experiences different impacts. Each CBD product, including capsules, oil, topical, edibles, etc., takes a different amount of time to onset its effects.

Usually, when you ingest CBD, it reaches your bloodstream in 15-45 minutes after consumption. CBD oils taken sublingually will give instant results than all other methods. CBD edibles, including gummies, baked goods, powders, drinks, etc., share a delay period of 30-40 minutes. Smoking CBD through vape oils or e-liquids will give the quickest results within 5 minutes. Lastly, CBD topical, including creams, massage oils, moisturizers, etc., does not enter your bloodstream, so they take longer to recover inflammation.

It is important to consider that CBD can take a couple of days or weeks to mitigate the symptoms of pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Therefore, consistent dosing is vital for noticeable results.

What CBD Dosage Will Make A Difference?

Finding the right dosage of CBD is not a hard and fast rule instead, it is different for everyone’s case. But here are some useful tips for effective CBD dosing.

  • You need to start low and increase the dose slowly by 5 to 10mg every three days. If you are satisfied with the results, then no need to increase it since less is more in CBD dosages.
  • You must consider the product type and how your system responds to CBD.
  • Try using it before going to bed and keep tracking how you feel.

Be consistent and patient with the results and take a tolerance break if needed.

What Happens If You Take High Doses Of CBD?

It’s a common thought that higher doses mean better effects. However, it’s not true in the case of CBD dosage since it behaves in a “bell curve” pattern. Its effects are biphasic, which means that as the dose increases, effectiveness ultimately decreases. Too much CBD dosage may weaken the good effects or eventually stop them. Moreover, the dosage requirement ranges from tens to hundreds of milligrams per day. If you increase it, you might face side effects.

CBD Capsules & Softgels

Can CBD Cause Side Effects?

Fortunately, the CBD side effects are mild in contrast with other prescribed medications. Some people report drowsiness, fatigue, dry mouth, and nausea feelings after taking CBD. It is usually uncommon and can only occur in high doses.


CBD promotes homeostasis, decreases inflammation and pain sensation by stimulating the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). It boosts the immune system and makes you feel energetic without making you feel high. It does not affect the brain like THC does and won’t make you feel disoriented or forgetful. In the end, remember that each of us has different body chemistries, and CBD dosing can be different for everyone.

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