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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures

  • Hemp Spectrum Tinctures
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    Hemp Spectrum™ Tincture

    Whole Plant Hemp Extract
    1500 mg / Tincture | 50 mg / serving
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  • Hemp Excel Tinctures
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    HEMP Excel™ Tincture

    Extra Strength Whole Plant Hemp Extract
    3000 mg / Tincture | 100 mg / serving
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Procana’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures Ingredients

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Hemp Spectrum™ Tincture

Hemp Excel™ Tincture

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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures Buying Guide

What are Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures?

Benefits of Using Hemp Oil Tinctures

Pain Relief
Natural Immune Booster

Side Effects of Hemp Oil Tinctures

CBD Vs. Hemp Oil Tinctures – The Differences

How Long Does Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures Take to Effect?

Things to Check Before Buying Hemp Oil Tinctures

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Reputable Company
Read Testimonials
Prioritize Value

Do Hemp Oil Tinctures Make You High?

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures Side Effect

Do Procana’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures Contain THC?

Hemp Oil Tinctures – Which One is the Best for You?

Why Choose Hemp Spectrum™ Tincture
Why Choose HEMP Excel™ Tincture

Why Shop Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures from Procana?

What Is Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture Used For?

A hemp oil tincture is used for several reasons. Studies have shown that it can prevent acne and improve your skin health. Moreover, due to the presence of fatty acids, this oil is very useful for pain management. There are several other reasons why people use it, such as immune boosting, cardiac health, weight loss, appetite management, digestive health and cognitive health.

What Does Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Do for You?

Full spectrum hemp oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body. Thereby, it controls various bodily functions such as sleep and pain management. Its interaction with CB1 and CB2 receptors of the brain is unique and therefore shows promising results.

How Long Does Hemp Tincture Last?

It depends on the half-life of the substance. According to some sources, the effects of hemp oil tincture last for almost 6 hours. For higher dosing, the effects can be much longer.

How Do You Take Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture?

Most of the time, the users can find a helping manual inside the box or read instructions on the label. Have two products with different dosing options. Users are asked to take 1ml of dropper daily. Shake the bottle well and always take hemp oil at the same time. However, you can increase or decrease the dosage according to your body weight, age, and tolerance to the product. Don't put it in direct sunlight.

Does Hemp Oil Make You Sleepy?

Yes, if you are new to hemp oil tincture. But it is not true for everyone. Some people don't feel sleepy with this extract. Another way it makes you sleepy is when you consume hemp oil in a large quantity. Always read the label and follow the instructions to avoid such side effects. When you're consistent, there is no such thing as sleepiness.

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