HEMP vs MARIJUANA – Know The Difference

Hemp and Marijuana; same plant? No, but they come from the same plant family: Cannabis.

Think of a lemon and an orange. Both fruits are from the same family (Citrus), but they are actually very different from one another. One is sour, whereas the other is sweet. They differ in appearance and genetics and aren’t considered the same plant. This same idea goes for Hemp and Marijuana.

Hemp and Marijuana usage also differs in many ways. Hemp fibers can be made into fabric, rope, and paper. Its seeds are considered a superfood, and biofuel, inks, and paints can be made from its seed oil. Components in Hemp are used for medicinal purposes as well. There are about 25,000 uses for what is being called “the miracle crop“. Marijuana application is not as broad as Hemps. It is utilized only for recreational and medicinal purposes, mainly using its flower bud and not the whole plant.

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Hemp vs Marijuana - Cannabis Plant

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2 thoughts on “HEMP vs MARIJUANA – Know The Difference”

    1. Hi Lois,

      “Industrial Hemp” is a term used to refer to a Cannabis plant containing <0.3% THC . Industrial Hemp is a great source of antioxidants and omega fatty acids; both great for the human body, without any psychoactive effects!

      Studies and research show CBD oil to be safe, with minimal negative side effects. Every human body is unique, and most can ingest CBD without feeling any side effects at all. Rare side effects include dry mouth and/or drowsiness. Since researchers use pure extracts from trusted sources for their studies, it is very likely that reported negative side effects such as headaches can come from using impure CBD oil.

      As with any supplement, always make sure to do your research and consult with your physician for recommendations.

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