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CBG Gummies

You can consume CBG in various forms, such as oil, capsules, and gummies, but CBG gummies are gaining enormous popularity these days. CBG gummies are the edible, chewy options for those who are not comfortable with other modes of using CBG.

CBG gummies should be 100% vegan and tested by a third-party lab. Additionally, at Procana, we ensure that our products are non-GMO. Manufactured in the USA to cGMP standards, every product produced in our facility is lab-tested to ensure consistency and superior quality.

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    CBG Gummies

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Procana CBG Gummies Ingredients

Ingredients are the real power of the product. And for CBG gummies, we don’t compromise on the quality of ingredients, including their extraction methods and sourcing. Although there are cheap alternatives to sugar, such as corn syrup, we don’t go for those options to provide the maximum from CBG gummies.

At Procana, we ensure ingredients are of high quality and processed with care so that their natural potential is not harmed. Moreover, the extraction is done with the latest techniques and methods.

At Procana, we strongly believe that the natural potential of a product is hidden in the quality and purity of its ingredients, and therefore, we always incorporate the best ingredients possible in all products, including CBG gummies.

  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Organic Cane Sugar
  • Organic Tapioca Syrup
  • Water
  • Pectin
  • Natural Flavors
  • Malic Acid
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Organic Fruit & Vegetable Juice
  • Citric Acid
There are CBG gummies with an equal ratio of CBD compounds in them. Other than that, these are the top ingredients in every CBG gummy.

Organic cane sugar and organic tapioca syrup provide natural sweetness and texture to gummies. Pectin in gummies imparts a chewy character to gummies, and malic acid increases the tartness of gummies. Similarly, all other ingredients have their unique purpose in the formation of gummies.

Note: All the ingredients are 100% natural, organic, vegan, and tested.

CBG Gummies Dosage

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Pro Tip: Procana has mentioned the dosage per gummy, bottle/jar, and per day dosage on its web page. You can find similar information and instructions on the label and guide as well.

CBG Gummies Buying Guide

Consuming CBG gummies is more convenient, enjoyable, and flavorful, which is why more and more people are trying CBG gummies nowadays. The market is replete with CBG products, including CBG gummies, and therefore, it is crucial to understand this buying guide to make informed decisions. Several factors contribute to the buying of the CBG gummies, which are as follows:

Understand CBG and Who Needs It

Educate Yourself with the Types of CBG Gummies

Check the Website and Read the Label

Price and Buying Options

What Are CBG Gummies?

Knowledge of CBG gummies is imperative before making any purchase. CBD is not the only compound in the hemp plant. There are around 126 compounds in the plant, and CBG is one of them. It is a very effective compound, and researchers have developed various products from CBG, including CBG gummies. CBG is the precursor to almost all cannabinoids, including CBD and THC. CBG gummies have gained a lot of attention due to many reasons. Let’s explore CBG gummies:

CBG gummies are chewy edibles, just like the normal gummies. They extract CBG from the plants and other ingredients to improve taste and texture. All of these are 100% organic, vegan, and tested in the labs.

Depending on the ingredients and natural flavors, you can find gummies in different flavors. CBG gummies are an excellent choice for those who want to avoid other options for CBG intake, such as oil, vaping, and smoking.

The rise in CBD and its products, like CBD gummies, dominated the market for quite a long time, although CBG was discovered back in 1964. Now, with the passage of time and extensive research, researchers have found incredible health benefits associated with CBG gummies.

People are finding CBG to be a great discovery for various reasons. Unlike THC, CBG is a non-psychoactive compound, which means that CBG gummies don’t make them high. People find CBG gummies in different flavors which makes it a more enjoyable and tastier alternative to other CBG intake options. Just like CBD, the CBG gummies have so many health benefits and are available nationwide.

Benefits of CBG Gummies

With the expansion in scientific research and awareness, researchers have found numerous health benefits of CBG products, including CBG gummies. This is because of the effective ingredients in the CBG gummies; however, more research is needed to check their effectiveness.

Ultimate Mood Boost!

Anti-pain Effects

Pain Relief

Relax the Mind

Convenient and Easy to Swallow

Difference Between CBD and CBG Gummies

CBG gummies are relatively new in the world of cannabinoids. Although there are many similarities between CBD and CBG gummies, they vary from each other in many ways. Here is a complete guide to it:

CBG gummies are relatively new in the market and are gaining popularity with time. On the contrary, CBD offers a wide range of products, including CBG gummies, and is a well-established market.

Primary Ingredient
As the names suggest, the primary ingredient in CBG gummies is cannabigerol, while it is cannabidiol in CBD gummies.
Health Benefits

CBD and CBG gummies are excellent for pain management and stress. Both are non-psychoactive compounds and are legal in many states.

CBD gummies improve sleep, anti-seizer effects, and impart anti-pain properties. On the contrary, CBG gummies are good for vision, focus, calmness, appetite, and neurological disorders.

Taste and Dosage
CBD and CBG gummies are available in a variety of tastes and flavors. Companies can change flavor according to the demand. The dosage for both types of gummies is still a debatable issue, and for now, both have a similar dosage. Both types of gummies show similar side effects, such as dry mouth and changes in appetite.
CBD is old, and more research and studies have been conducted on this compound. However, CBG is relatively new, so it is not as extensively researched and studied.

How Long Does It Take for the CBG Gummies to Take Effects?

It is worth noticing that CBG gummies are not as effective as other options, such as CBG oils, tinctures, capsules, and lotions. Therefore, some experts even recommend taking CBG gummies in large quantities.

CBG oils work within 15 minutes, while CBG gummies take 45 minutes to one hour to take effect.

Factors Affecting Its Effectiveness
The effectiveness of CBG gummies largely depends on several factors, such as the age of the person, body makeup, dosage, tolerance to the products, and other medications. At some level, the additional ingredients also contribute to its effectiveness. The digestive process of chewing, breaking, and absorption in the small intestine takes time.

Two more factors contributing to this regard are the type of CBG gummies (CBG isolate, full-spectrum, and broad spectrum) and the consistency of the use of CBG gummies. It will take time for newcomers but shows quicker effects for regular users.

How Long Will CBG Gummies Affect?
The effect of CBG depends on several factors, as mentioned earlier. On average, their effects last for around 7 hours.

Things to Consider While Buying CBG Gummies?

The market is replete with CBG products, including CBG gummies. With the increase in research and knowledge about cannabinoids, more and more people are using these products. CBG gummies are the best option to consume CBG and get the amazing taste and flavor at the same time. Here are the things you should consider before buying CBG gummies.

  • Understand CBG and CBG gummies
  • What health benefits do you want?
  • Check the ingredients (skip if you’re allergic to any on the label).
  • Check the brand’s reputation.
  • Check the certification and licenses, especially CoA (Certificate of Analysis).
  • Read the label and check their online presence.
  • Choose online buying to see other available options and discounts.

Does CBG Make You High?

No, CBG doesn’t make you high. It is a non-psychoactive compound, so it doesn’t have any intoxicating effects like THC.

This is because of the low affinity of CBG with CB1 receptors in the brain.

On the other hand, other compounds like THC have a high affinity to interact with brain receptors, and therefore, it makes people high.

CBG products follow the regulatory requirements, especially the Farm Bill Act 2018. According to this bill, the THC level in the products should be below 0.3%. Most of the products follow these requirements and write this on the label.

It is worth noticing that this small amount of THC could cause psychoactive effects in sensitive people and may test positive on drug tests.

Side Effects of CBG Gummies?

As CBG gummies are new in the market, there is not enough research on them. With time, studies are being conducted and showing its incredible health benefits.

Every reputable product in the market follows regulatory requirements such as the Farm Bill Act 2018, which limits THC below 0.3%. If THC content is higher, it might make people high.

On average, companies usually follow the Farm Bill Act, and therefore, the users revealed no side effects.

The sensitive and new users may experience some side effects, such as dry mouth and dizziness. At the same time, others may experience lightheadedness and nausea. One of the common side effects is appetite stimulation. People on CBG gummies will tend to eat more.

Always follow the label and take the accurate dosage. Don’t use the product if you’re allergic to any ingredients on the list.

The side effects are either negligible or very minute. When the body gets used to the formula, there will be no side effects.

Do CBG Gummies Contain CBD?

As the name suggests, the CBG gummies don’t necessarily contain CBD. They contain CBG as the main ingredient, with some other additional ingredients for texture, tartness, stickiness, and sweetness. The ingredients are listed on the label so that users get to know the ingredients fully.

However, there are some products that contain both CBD and CBG in them. At Procana, we have such products that people like the most. The reason is that the combination of CBD and CBG guarantees unimaginative benefits. You can have the positive effects of both CBD and CBG.

This unique combination of CBG and CBD works to its fullest. However, the products specifically mentioning CBG gummies don’t have CBD in them. For further confirmation, don’t forget to check the label.

How to Choose the Perfect CBG Gummies for You?

Nature has blessed CBG with numerous health benefits, and you don’t have to spend a lot on medication when you’re on CBG products, including CBG gummies. However, choosing the right CBG gummies products is a daunting task.

While choosing the CBG gummies, first check how reputable and trusted the company is. A reputable, reliable, and trusted company always has a team of experts with the latest machines and extraction methods. The company complies with regulatory requirements and uses healthy ingredients in the product.

You can do this by personally visiting the company, checking their website, and asking for referrals. Do check how the specific company sources its ingredients.

Now, it’s time to check the certifications and licenses. To operate a company for cannabinoid-related products, you have to get some certification. One of the most important is CoA (certificate of analysis) which is given by third-party labs.

Always check the type of CBG gummies. There are three types: spectrum CBG gummies, broad spectrum, and CBG isolate gummies. Experts recommend full-spectrum CBG gummies as they offer maximum health benefits.

The price and refund policies of the product or company should be user-friendly. An expensive product doesn’t necessarily mean it works great. Don’t forget to check the discount on the first purchase or subscription.

Why Shop CBG Gummies from Procana?

With the products available in over 2900 stores and pharmacies, Procana is the leading and trusted company for CBG gummies.

With no hidden ingredients, Procana offers unmatched ingredients, hemp quality grown in the USA with the most care, and the latest extraction methods to make perfect CBG gummies.

With all the certifications and licenses to operate legally nationwide, we have the best products that don’t put any burden on your pockets.

Tested by thousands of customers, Procana has earned positive feedback due to its effectiveness, flavors, and impressive customer service.

We offer a wide range of CBG products and have been in the business since 2013. During this time, we have had everything to offer our customers. Feel free to contact us and order your CBG gummies now.

Why Procana CBG Gummies?

Our customers love the gummies because they taste sooo good! Not only do you get the benefits of CBG, but you also get to enjoy delicious fruit chews at the same time! Our CBG Gummies are low calorie, Vegan and offer natural flavors!

Which dose of CBG Gummies are right for me?

Procana offers 2 strengths of CBG Gummies, available in 10mg and 25mg options. Whether you choose the 10mg or 25mg CBG Balance Fruit Chews is completely up to you and dependent on whether you’ve had experience supplementing with CBG before and the level of relief you need.

How do I take CBG Gummies?

Our bottles recommend to take (1) CBG Gummy per serving. Simply put one in your mouth, chew it, and enjoy! We recommend to start with a smaller dose for 3 weeks, and titrate up gradually as needed.

What are the benefits of CBG Gummies?

Procana CBG Gummies offer a controlled dosing to help balance your endocannabinoid system while tasting delicious!

CBG Gummy Reviews:

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