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Procana’s products have gained great popularity, especially when it comes to providing relief from chronic pain. It is because of the top-quality products with the right potency and safety for CBD for pain. We feel pride in helping customers nationwide and receiving impressive results. If you have chronic pain, give Procana CBD a try, and you’ll be amazed by the effects of this natural compound. Our products are available in 2900+ pharmacies and health stores, or you can simply order CBD products for pain relief online.

  • cbd ultra tincture
    4.44 out of 5
    63 Reviews

    CBD Ultra® Tincture

    Maximum Strength CBD Oil
    1500 mg / Tincture | 50 mg / serving
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  • CBD Ultra Softgels
    4.80 out of 5
    127 Reviews

    CBD Ultra® Softgels

    Maximum Strength CBD
    1500 mg / bottle | 50 mg / softgel
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  • CBD Arnica XS Spray
    5.00 out of 5
    4 Reviews

    CBD+Arnica+Menthol (Extra Strength Spray)

    Soothing Muscle and Joint Freeze
    750 mg CBD / 3oz Bottle
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  • CBD Arnica Extra Strength
    4.94 out of 5
    16 Reviews

    CBD+Arnica+Menthol (Extra Strength Roll-On)

    Soothing Muscle and Joint Freeze
    500 mg CBD / 2oz Bottle
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  • cbd maxx softgels
    5.00 out of 5
    2 Reviews

    CBD Maxx Softgels

    Extra Maximum Strength CBD
    3000 mg / bottle | 100 mg / softgel
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  • cbd oil tincture
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    CBD Maxx Tincture

    Extra Maximum Strength CBD Oil
    3000 mg / Tincture | 100 mg / serving
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  • Advanced-Complex
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    Advanced Mushroom Complex

    45,000 mg Bottle | 1,500 mg / serving
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  • Lions mane mushroom
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    Lion’s Mane Capsules

    45,000 mg Bottle | 1,500 mg / serving
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Ingredients of CBD For Pain Relief

Our CBD Dosage for Pain Relief

  • CBD Ultra® Tincture: 50 mg CBD per dose. 
  • CBD Maxx Tincture: A ml dropper with a dosage of 100 mg of CBD per day.
  • CBD Ultra® Softgels: 50 mg CBD per softgel.
  • CBD Maxx Softgels: 100 mg per softgel.
  • CBD+Arnica+Menthol (Extra Strength Spray): 250 mg dose in the spray bottle. Use as needed to soothe.
  • CBD+Arnica+Menthol (Extra Strength Roll-On): 500 mg dose in the bottle. Use as needed.

There is no standard for the dose. You can increase or decrease the dosing according to your requirements, pain, BMI, and tolerance to the products. We have got all the available forms of CBD for your ease.

Best Ways to Use Our CBD Products for Pain

cbd for pain

CBD for Pain Buying Guide

CBD for pain relief came as a life-savior in the drug market, and, with time, it gained popularity. It is because of the natural ingredients and limited side effects. Scammers entered this market and started making quick money. There is nothing more valuable than your health. Therefore, always consider these things before buying CBD pain relief products.
Know the type of CBD
Nature of Plants
Made in USA Products
Read Testimonials
Certifications and Licenses
Check Sales
Taste & Flavor

What is CBD for Pain?

CBD for pain relief products contains pure CBD along with other cannabinoids or ingredients to offer permanent relief from the pain.

It offers similar benefits whether you consume CBD gummy oil or apply lotions and spray on the body parts. It is a natural solution and safe for everybody. However, these products are not regulated by FDA as more research is still needed.

CBD for pain is a combination of products that are known to provide amazing results in no time. It is because of the unique soothing properties of the brain receptors. These receptors take pain signals to the brain. CBD helps diminish the severity of pain in a completely natural way.

As CBD is an organic compound, there are no adverse effects of it. You can use it without any worries. Always take the right dose and read the label properly. CBD is making its mark around the world due to its impressive pain-relieving features.

Benefits of Using CBD for Pain

Hemp Vs. CBD for Pain Relief

cbd for pain

How Long Does CBD Take for Pain Relief?

Things to Look for When Buying CBD for Pain

The first thing you should look for when buying CBD for pain is how reputable the company is. Nowadays, many scammers are making use of the CBD hype and offering their products. Always check the company’s website, extraction method, customer service, and reviews.

The companies have to work hard in research and development programs to make their mark in the world. Check their background and how long they have been developing CBD products.

Ingredients are the backbone of every product. While choosing a product, don’t compromise on the quality of ingredients. Check the source of the ingredients because some companies source them from other countries. In the USA, according to the Farm Bill Act 2018, companies are bound to limit THC below 0.3 percent. We aren’t sure what’s the THC content if a company sources their ingredients from somewhere else. Do check all ingredients, and don’t buy a product if you’re allergic to any ingredients. There will be many alternatives to that formula.

Ask several questions when buying CBD for pain relief. For example, what is the THC in the product? What extraction method did you use to extract CBD from hemp? Do you have a certificate of analysis?

The most important thing is that the FDA doesn’t approve CBD products. So, don’t buy the product if a company makes any health claims.

Will CBD for Pain Relief Make You High?

CBD is often misunderstood due to its link with other cannabinoids, but CBD is not psychoactive. Hence, it is perfectly safe to use CBD for pain relief. However, if you use CBD with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it can make you high. Don’t forget to ask or check the THC content in the formula. It should be less than 0.3 percent.

We recommend starting with the smallest dose. Increase your dose with time until your body is fully comfortable with it.

Asking for a certificate of analysis (COA) is a wise approach. It is the certification that an independent lab offers about the ingredients in your products. If a company doesn’t have COA, it means the company is not credible and authoritative.

CBD Topical

Side Effects of Procana’s CBD for Pain

CBD is safe to consume. Normally, it doesn’t have any side effects. It is because Procana brings about all the measures to make its products safe for everyone. We incorporate years of research and knowledge to make effective products. All the ingredients are produced within the United States in an organic environment. We make sure there is no toxic or foreign material in the formula.

Thousands of customers use Procana’s products nationwide. We have received encouraging feedback from all the customers. We comply with the regulations such as Farm Bill Act 2018. Moreover, we have a certificate of analysis from independent labs for transparency of the potency and safety of products. Customers can see it on the website. Feel free to contact our customer service if you have questions about the right product.

Do Procana’s CBD for Pain Contain THC?

When it comes to relieving pain, there are studies suggesting that CBD combined with an amount of THC  might be more effective. The combination of cannabinoids and other compounds in the plant is believed to work and enhance the pain-relieving properties. THC is the compound that makes people high. However, when you limit its concentration to a certain point, it is safe to use.

Procana offers both full-spectrum and CBD isolate in some products. Full-spectrum CBD products do contain THC 0.3%, which is the legal limit of THC for medication purposes. On the other hand, CBD isolate doesn’t have any THC.

Thousands of customers have used our products and shown their positive experience with us. We don’t market our products without a certificate of analysis. Furthermore, our products comply with the regulatory requirements. All these factors make our products very effective for pain relief.

CBD for Pain – Which One is the Best for You?

People have used CBD for pain relief for a long time, and have amazing health benefits. Even our ancestors have used this compound to get quick pain relief.  You can choose vape, gummy, capsule, lotion, spray, and tincture according to your preference.

CBD vape and tinctures offer quick effects. It is because they don’t pass through the digestive system. The only problem is that they don’t have a long-lasting effect. This is the reason why you have to keep using the vapes throughout the day.

CBD gummies and capsules or softgels offer long-lasting effects. You can experience their effects for almost 8 hours. However, their absorption is time-consuming because they pass through digestion. After that, these substances join the bloodstream to show effects. It may take 30 minutes to an hour for them to show effects.

CBD topicals, on the other hand, are applied to the skin. They also offer immediate relief, but it depends on the severity of the wound or infection.

Another thing you should notice is the THC content. We recommend full-spectrum CBD for pain relief. While in CBD tincture, it is better to choose CBD isolate in some conditions. It is the purest form of CBD. You can also consult your doctor for a better understanding of the right CBD product for you.

Why Shop CBD for Pain Relief Products from Procana?

Procana offers high-quality, research-backed, and organic CBD for pain. We are one of the most trusted CBD producers in the USA with high-quality CO2-extracted Cannabidiol. At Procana, you can purchase CBD products without a second thought; whether you are already on CBD medication or planning to start, we are here for you with the most reliable and safe CBD products. With years of experience in the CBD industry, Procana is always committed to offering the best CBD to its customers nationwide.

Does CBD Really Help Relieve Pain?

Many animal and human-based studies have revealed that it is best to choose CBD for pain relief. People in the past have also used if for pain relief. CBD cures various types of pain. Thousands of customers in the US are using it for chronic pain and have shared their incredible experiences with the product. Keep in mind that the FDA doesn’t regulate these products. More research is needed on the effectiveness of CBD for pain relief.

Which Form of CBD Is Best for Pain?

CBD for pain relief is available in various forms like capsules, gummies, oils, tinctures, and balms. The only deciding factor here will be the particular target of pain. For instance, for joint pain or arthritis inflammation, topical CBD is recommended, along with a low dosage of oral CBD if required. CBD vape and oil are effective when you need instant pain relief. CBD gummies and capsules are known to provide long-lasting effects. Some people dislike CBD oil because of its taste and flavor and like CBD gummies for the best taste.

Is CBD Better Than Ibuprofen for Pain?

Ibuprofen is an NSAID for pain and inflammation management, which works by targeting different sets of pain receptors and offers fast pain relief. However, long-term usage of Ibuprofen is linked with severe side effects such as stomach ulcers. That’s why CBD is a better option for dealing with chronic pain issues without any severe side effects. Moreover, the effects of CBD are natural and long-lasting. That’s why more and more people are going for CBD for pain relief.

Is CBD Better Than Pain Killer Pills?

CBD has a totally different mechanism of action as compared to OTC painkillers. Generally, painkillers have more effective mechanisms and provide good results for short-term pain management. On the other hand, CBD’s mechanism provides stable pain management along with other benefits like reducing anxiety. Both pain management options have certain side effects, but CBD for pain relief is lower on the scale when it comes to chronic pain relief.

Can Muslims Use CBD for Pain Relief?

Yes, CBD is safe and halal for Muslims around the world. It is confirmed that CBD for pain relief is vegan, meaning they don’t have pork in them. They’re also non-psychoactive and non-alcoholic. However, some CBD products do contain alcohol in them. It is better to read the ingredients on the label before buying CBD for pain relief.

Want to find out if Procana products are for you, don’t take our word for it. Thousands of customers have left reviews that may help you decide which products are right for you.