What Is Myrcene? What Are The Health Benefits Of Myrcene?

What Are The Benefits Of Myrcene?

There are numerous benefits of myrcene. We can all recognize the very distinguishable aroma of the cannabis plant. Whether it be in CBD oils or legally produced and consumed marijuana, the fragrance of cannabis is hard to miss. But have you ever wondered what gives the plant its distinct smell? It’s the terpenes. And the most prominent and effective terpene found in the plant is Myrcene. And it gives the cannabis plant not just its smell but also enhances its other properties. Here’s how:

Myrcene is a terpene that is not only found in cannabis but also in other foods like mangoes, hops, wild thyme, and even beer. Myrcene has quite a recognizable, sweet fruity smell and is named after a Brazilian shrub. It is a monoterpene which means it is used as a base for many other terpenes. Myrcene is particularly interesting for those who have an interest in cannabis or cannabis products. Its distinctive smell is something that highlights its presence in different organic and processed products, we well as cannabis strains.Procana CBD Gummies

Top Benefits Of Myrcene

Over time, researchers have identified various benefits associated with the use of Myrcene including therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Let’s take a closer look at these.

  1. Increase in the entourage effect

Myrcene is one of the terpenes in the cannabis plant that can improve the effects of many of its compounds. One of these effects is the “high” that is associated with the use of cannabis products. Research has shown that myrcene works in its own way to increase the speed with which cannabis compounds enter the brain via the bloodstream. Thus, increasing their relaxing effects on the brain. However, this does not mean that you can achieve the entourage effect by consuming any fruit that contains myrcene. Its effectiveness as a relaxant is limited to the amount of it consumed and is additionally dependent on the harvest. Myrcene levels vary in different cannabis plants as well.

  1. Sleep-aid

What is one thing that relaxing drugs are generally used for? Sleep aid. Myrcene is one of the most effective organic solutions to sleeping disorders. A study showed improvements in the sleeping duration of the sample population by as much as 2.5%. While the results are sufficient to class Myrcene as a helpful relaxant, doctors are still hesitant when prescribing the use of the terpene. This is because myrcene works differently in every person’s body and too much of it could cause health risks.

  1. Pain Relief

Similar to how CBD works, Myrcene itself is a powerful tool when it comes to pain relief. Indigenous people have been long known to use fruits like mango and hops for pain relief which is what proves this property of myrcene. The consumption of these fruits is only effective because they contain high levels of myrcene. Research and evidence over the years have shown that the myrcene is a safer alternative to hard drugs for pain relief and it can also help reduce inflammation of the joints and muscles.

  1. Antimutagenic Property

One thing not many people might know about some products like sunscreen which have been a part of our everyday lives for decades is that they are used to prevent mutation in our bodies. This is because ultraviolet light actually changes our DNA. Similarly, myrcene is an organic substance that can and is used to prevent mutations in the internal side of our body. This is a property known as an antimutagenic property. This is a highly effective preventive measure that you can take in order to protect your body from unknown toxins that might be harming it.

What Are Some Potential Side Effects Of Myrcene?

So far, there has been no solid evidence for myrcene having any side effects. However, one study based on mice did reveal some damage to the liver and kidneys but it was not considered something major by experts. Moreover, myrcene’s anti-inflammatory properties have not yet been tested on humans which means there might still be room for error in that aspect. However, animal studies are used in a wide variety of situations to estimate the human body reaction so that makes the myrcene promise acceptable.

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All in all, myrcene is one of the most popular and useful terpenes for a reason and one of these reasons is that it is readily available to us through the most organic and natural sources like fruits. Lemongrass tea is also one source from which you can get high amounts of myrcene.

What Is The Future Of The Myrcene Terpene?

While research over the years has established the health benefits of myrcene and has regarding it as one of the important elements of our diet, scientists and researchers are still not sure about the amount of myrcene we can or do consume on a daily basis. Many studies have shown that myrcene is only effective in large amounts and many of the fruits and other items that make up an average adult’s daily diet do not contain enough of it. Therefore, doctors and physicians who do advocate myrcene advise their patients to use CBD strains or myrcene isolates. However, these should be administered under supervision and only through the prescription of the doctor.

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Final Word

Nothing in this world is guaranteed. Similarly, the positive effects of myrcene are also not guaranteed. However, studies have shown the potential of myrcene’s properties and how it can help patients improve their immune systems, achieve pain relief and get better sleep. You can pair your myrcene isolates with any cannabis product to further enhance their relaxing effect. Moreover, research about terpene is still ongoing but the results so far have been nothing less than promising. More and more researchers are now shifting their focus from just CBD isolates to the study of terpenes and their analgesic effects. This opens doors for big industry and for many people to further benefit from the use of myrcene in their diets as well as in the form of isolates.

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