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Does CBG Show Up In A Drug Test?

With the arising knowledge of the CBD products and their advantage, the public has started to take these products as a source of improving health. Cannabinoids if taken in a proper dose can be really helpful for improving not only physical but also mental health.

Now as the knowledge for Cannabinoids grows more and more a lot of the Cannabinoids variants are being introduced in the market apart from the popular THC and CBD. Another very important variant that is in use these days is the CBG. About which we will talk in more detail below.

But nowadays the main concern of the people taking Cannabinoids products, especially the CBG has a question in mind: Will CBG show up in drug tests?

This is a very important question especially when it comes to the sectors like sports, employment, parole, etc. Well, it depends upon its formulation but to give you a detailed rundown on the CBG, what it is and whether it is a drug test positive or negative.

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Cannabigerol: A Brief Introduction

CBG stands for Cannabigerol. This is another variant of the cannabinoids that represent around 120 varieties of cannabis. This can also be termed as the mother of cannabis as the most famous cannabis product also called CBD is also extracted from it. But the thing is that this strain is found in a very minute amount than the CBD. That is why it is also quite expensive compared to the other products.

Moreover, the CBG is still in its preclinical stage. But due to its non-toxic and massive advantages, this has been grabbing the attention of a lot of customers and marijuana enthusiasts. CBG is said to be very effective for treating cancer, depression, and other infectious diseases.

Another good thing about the CBG is that it can be cultivated so if you want to cultivate the CBG you can also go for that.

How Is CBG Different From CBD?

Following are the points to be noticed when it comes to a comparison between the CBG and CBD:

Structural Changes: CBD and CBG both are from the same class but of course, there are quite noticeable differences when it comes to the structure. Cannabinoids are made up of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen atoms. These are the essentially present molecules but of course, there is quite a different layout when it comes to the CBG and CBD.

And due to these structural changes, these have quite different physical and chemical properties. Moreover, the benefits and side effects that these provides are also quite different.

Pharmacological Effects: So, as we mentioned above that they differ quite a lot in structure which means these also differ a lot in their pharmacological properties. Both act on different receptors in the body hence producing varying effects. For example, CBD Is more of an antiemetic product it prevents nausea and vomiting. But for CBG is a total receptor blocker. So, this explains that these may be from the same class by till they differ a lot in their properties.

Hunger Stimulation: CBG products are said to be quite a good hunger stimulator. A study conducted by the scientist with the aim to check whether the CBG is a good hunger stimulator or not revealed that they are a very good appetite stimulator when compared to the CBD. When they conducted these studies on the animal, they found that the animals that have taken CBG eat a lot more than the animals that have taken CBD.

Is CBG A Psychoactive Drug?

The answer to this question is a big NO. Yes, the CBG products are non-psychoactive drugs so the chances of you getting high due to these products are quite less. But that does not mean that it will not have THC in it. We all are well aware that THC Is the product that can get you high. And cannabinoids do have some quantity of THC in them.

But is the usage and the proper dose that identify whether you will get high from taking cannabinoids or not? The Right usage and proper dosage are the keys to unlocking the therapeutic effects of the CBG. If you are not following the proper guidelines of your doctor and taking a high amount of CBG or any other CBD-related product then there are high chances that you will have a large amount of THC in your blood.

Will CBG Show Up In A Drug Test?

Here comes the main question that has been concerning a lot of the people out there: Does CBG show up positive on a drug test?

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Well, there is not a proper answer present there but the thing is that it depends upon how much you take. Cannabigerol itself does not show up on the drug test but the THC content of this is the main concern. How much you take and what is your daily routine in taking these drugs is the main thing that will determine whether it will be a drug test positive or not.

A lot of the drug screening programs are quite strict when it comes to the screening of cannabinoids or screening after THC. And you can get into a big problem even if a small amount of THC is detected in your blood. If you are using full-spectrum cannabinoids then these types of variants do have THC in them so be careful of the dosage when using them. The recommended intake is about 300 milligrams but not more than that. But consulting with your doctor is a must.

Following Are The Factors That You Should Keep In Mind When Taking CBG:

  • Track your health and check whether taking CBG is improving your health or not. In this way, you can determine whether you should keep on taking the CBG or not.
  • Even if you are sure, you cannot get addicted, that does not mean that you stop following the recommended guidelines. Too much of anything can be bad.
  • While taking cannabinoids whether it is CBG or any other products be mindful of the screening program of your company or state.


Cannabigerol is still ins study to determine more therapeutic effects and how it can help mankind in improving health. CBG is a really good option to go for if you are looking for a non-psychoactive option and non-toxic effects. Using CBG for improving our mental and physical well-being is a good option. But along with that you also need to be mindful of how you are using it.

Addiction is a bad thing and there is a risk of getting addicted to CBG. So before incorporating CBG in your lifestyle be sure that you will be able to use it responsibly and of course keeping in touch with your doctor is also a must thing to do.

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