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Should CBD Oil Be Stored In the Refrigerator?

CBD oil has great potential to treat many health issues. Many people use it as a remedy to regulate their sleep cycle, boost energy, and alleviate their mood. Due to the legalization of CBD oil, it is easily available in superstores, dispensaries, and even at grocery stores nationwide. You may observe that some dispensaries store CBD oil in the fridge while some sell it without being refrigerated. Now the question is whether CBD oil should be stored in the refrigerator? Is it a good practice or not? What is the right method to store CBD Oil? The following content will help you to get the answer to all these questions.

Should CBD Oil Be Stored In a Refrigerator?

If you want to enjoy all the goodness of CBD oil, then it must be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place. Storage plays an important role in increasing the shelf life of CBD oil. Proper storage saves CBD oil and its other components from degrading. The label of CBD oil says to store it in a cool and dry place; so many people think that a refrigerator is a good option. Yes, you can put it in the refrigerator and there’s nothing wrong with that. But putting it in a pantry cupboard that stays cool is more convenient. Extremely cold temperatures can make the oil murky, especially if the carrier oil is coconut oil. Cold CBD oil looks foggy and dense.

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Many people don’t know much about the storage conditions of CBD oil and put it in the refrigerator. Later, they put it in the microwave to make it slightly warm when they want to use it. That is not the best practice. If you accidentally put it in the refrigerator, then before use, just put it on the countertop at room temperature instead of putting it into the microwave.

One more thing to add is that it can be beneficial for many users. Many people who ingest CBD oil don’t like its taste or flavor as they find it bitter. So if you store the CBD oil in a cooler place, it will mute its flavor or taste. So storing CBD oil in the fridge is great for all of those who don’t like its earthy botanical flavor. So if you were struggling with the particular flavor of CBD oil, putting CBD oil in the fridge will work for you, and you will not skip a single dose just because of taste.

How to Store the CBD Oil Properly?

To keep the CBD oil’s potency intact, proper storage is crucial. Light, air, and heat are three major culprits of CBD oil. Ultraviolet rays can degrade the oils component quickly, and your oil will expire sooner. On the other hand, heat also does the same. Similarly, the air has oxygen and other contaminants, so exposure to air can oxidize the ingredients too.

Here Are Some Tips That Help You to Store CBD Oil Properly:

  • Always try to buy CBD oil packaged in dark-colored bottles.
  • Don’t keep a CBD oil bottle near the stove, any other heat source, or near the window facing the direct sunlight.
  • Don’t keep your CBD oil in your car or any other vehicle. It may encounter sunlight and heat. Sunlight and heat both can affect CBD oil and its effectiveness.
  • Many people don’t put the lid or dropper properly on the bottle after use. CBD oil can be contaminated, or its components can get oxidized. So it is important to tighten the lid after every use.
  • If you want to store CBD oil in two different bottles for any reason, both bottles must be of a dark color with tight lids to keep the goodness of the oil intact.
  • Always store CBD oil in a safe and high-level shelf away from the reach of children and pets to ensure they don’t access it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Freeze CBD Oil?
Many people think storing it in the freezer can increase the longevity of CBD oil. This is not a good idea. It is good to store CBD oil in a cool and dark place to increase its longevity, but the freezer is not the right place. Freezing the CBD oil can impact its consistency in the presence of carrier oils. The compounds can react differently at freezing temperatures. Once you freeze the CBD oil, then you have to defrost it before every use, so freezing and unfreezing, again and again, is not a good idea.

Q. How Long Does CBD Oil Last?
Usually, CBD oil lasts from one to two years, but many factors affect its shelf life, such as quality, ingredients, additives, extraction, and storage conditions. If your CBD oil is in a transparent bottle and exposed to heat and light, then its components will degrade soon. Similarly, if ingredients and other additives are sub-standard, then your CBD oil will expire quicker.

Q. Can I Microwave Frozen CBD Oil?
It is better not to freeze the CBD oil. If you have frozen it due to any reason, then put it on the countertop for a few hours; it will meltdown on its own. Putting it in the microwave is not a good idea. To speed the defrosting, you can take warm water in the bowel and put the CBD oil bottle in it.

Wrapping Up

To reap the benefits of CBD oil, you have to store it properly. It is better to store CBD oil in the pantry or kitchen drawer. You may also store it in the refrigerator, just beware of thicker, cloudy results. You can increase the shelf life a little bit by putting it in the fridge and allowing it to reach room temperature on the counter top before use to make its temperature normal. Moreover, cool CBD oil has a muted flavor or taste, so it is a good idea for those who are reluctant to take CBD oil just because of its taste. Furthermore, follow the tips mentioned above to increase your CBD oil shelf life.

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