Does CBG Oil Have Any Side Effects? Procana

Does CBG Oil Have Any Side Effects?

Following the massive success of its elder brother, the CBD oil, Cannabigerol popularly known as CBG oil is becoming the most bought cannabinoid.

If you don’t know, CBD used to be the most popular cannabinoid before people found out about the benefits of using CBG oil. There are several benefits of using this oil which is why we decided to articulate this piece.

If you are thinking about adding CBG to your daily routine, then that’s a great start. But you should also know that CBG oil can have a few side effects if it isn’t used correctly by the right people. In this article, we are solely going to focus on the side effects of using a CBG oil so if you want to know more, continue reading.

Before adding CBG to your routine, in fact, before beginning any wellness routine, you need to do your research and cover all the basics. Meaning, you need to be sure that there aren’t any side effects of the routine that you’re going to use and in case there are, what are they and how you can prevent them from happening in a severe notion.

CBG Oil Tinctures


If you know about the side effects of any substance beforehand, you will be able to manage your routine more effectively and be proactive about what is to come.


The most common side-effect of using a CBG oil is diarrhea. This is mainly because your digestive system is telling your body that it doesn’t need such high amounts of this substance to sustain. This is why your digestive system may or may not react to the intake.

It is also seen that whenever you start consuming a new edible, your stomach may react unexpectedly. So, what you can do to prevent this from happening is not to get CBG in contact with your digestive system by avoiding edible forms of CBG oil.

You can use it in other forms that are available and you will be able to not let yourself get dehydrated in the process.


It shouldn’t surprise you. Tiredness and fatigue is another common cause of CBG oil almost 9 out of 12 people have experienced it who used this oil.

CBG oil is a form of hemp and the reason why we take it is either because we are suffering from insomnia or aren’t getting enough sleep. So, some users called fatigue a welcoming side effect because it meant the cannabinoid was working.

However, avoid taking an extensive amount of CBG because that may cause grogginess and fatigue that may become unavoidable and will cost you your productivity. We would suggest that you consume CBG at night, before going to sleep when you know you have nothing to do.

It will allow you to rest if the fatigue strikes and not miss out on your daily tasks.

Appetite May Change

A lot of people have also observed significant changes in their appetite as soon as they started consuming CBG.

This oil is made out of a wide range of compounds. Some of those compounds may boost your appetite and some may repress it. But the effects will vary from person to person.

In simple words, a higher dose of CBG may want you to eat more completely back away from eating at all. However, this phase will surely pass once the cannabinoid is not actively present in your body.

Dry Mouth

A lot of people are familiar with the fact that how dry their mouth becomes once they have consumed cannabis. However, this isn’t dehydration contrary to what so many people believe.

Did you know that there are cannabinoid glands present in the receptors in our mouth? Consuming CBG may affect their ability to produce saliva and cause dryness as a result.

If you have started taking CBG and you are facing the issue of dryness in your mouth, what you can do to tackle is up to your intake of water. You should also wait it out because as soon as the CBG is out of your system, the dryness will finish.

Weight Change

Weight change is also another side effect of taking CBG. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that your metabolism is getting affected.

Cannabinoid causes drastic changes in appetite. You may become too hungry or not hungry at all and that can cause a significant shift in your weight. So there is nothing to be worried about here. You can always manage your appetite accordingly but make sure you don’t overdo it.

What Is the correct way of using CBG oil and how you can prevent these side effects?

Thinking about how you will be able to manage these side effects if you plan on taking CBG oil? Well, as you can see, most of these side effects occur when the CBG oil is taken into high doses. You can effectively prevent it by minimizing the oil doze and not letting it get in contact with your digestive system.

You should consume this oil right according to the instructions mentioned on the label. Use it in the suggested manner and see if it causes any effects. And in case you experience severe side effects, you can always get in touch with a doctor and get professional help.

So, this is everything we had regarding the use of CBG oil and how it can cause side effects. You can always prevent them from happening by sticking to a prescribed plan. Avoid taking it in higher doses and you will be good to go.

If you are a consistent user of this cannabinoid and you have effectively tackled these side effects, we would love to hear your experience. Share your feedback in the comments section below and let us know what is your take on this.

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