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What Does CBD Oil Taste and Smell Like?

CBD oil is one of the most popular CBD products. People like to use it for its potential health benefits. CBD is one of the cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, and it does not make you intoxicated. Years ago, people were familiar with one cannabinoid, THC, but it has psychoactive properties. The Farm Bill 2018 brought a revolution in the hemp industry, and CBD oil took the world by storm. Many people want to incorporate CBD oil in their health care regime, but they are worried about the taste and smell. They may hear that it tastes bad, bitter, or earthy, but actually, they have never tried CBD oil.

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

There are different CBD oils available in the market. Every oil has a different taste due to additives, such as flavors and some other ingredients, along with the CBD. If you are worried about spending your hard-earned money on something you can’t tolerate, we can relate. The following content will help you understand the actual taste of CBD oil .

Unflavored CBD Oil

You can find unflavored CBD oils easily in the market. Such CBD oils taste earthy. Most such oils don’t have added flavors and colors. Many users described this unflavored oil’s flavor as similar to green and grassy flavor. There is also a segment of people who complain about the taste of natural CBD oil and might call it bitter. If CBD oil is highly concentrated, then you may experience this bitter taste. If you use this oil sublingually, then this taste may disappear within a few seconds. Unflavored CBD oil usually has all the goodness of the cannabis plant. All parts of the plant are used to make pure CBD oil.

CBD Oil TInctures

Less Concentrated CBD Oils

Less concentrated CBD oils are not as bitter in taste. They don’t have a strong nutty aroma and taste. Usually, such oils have CBD mixed with some other carrier oils. The most popular carrier oils are olive oil, coconut oil, and MCT oil. Coconut oil masks the taste and smell of CBD oil, so users don’t experience any bitter taste. MCT oil doesn’t have any taste and smell, but it reduces the concentration of CBD, so CBD oil tastes better. So, you can read the labels to know the carrier oil of your CBD oil. Some manufacturers use hemp oil as the carrier oil, so much CBD oil may have some nutty flavor instead of typical bitterness.

Flavored CBD Oils

You can find many flavored CBD oils in the market, such as mint-flavored, candy-flavored, citrus-flavored, and fruit-flavored. Such CBD oils taste pleasant. Many new users like to use such CBD oils due to the pleasant flavors. You can choose any flavored oil according to your personal choice. Read the labels of such CBD oils carefully for additives, preservatives, and flavors percentage in the oil. If CBD oil is not specially flavored, then other ingredients and additives also play an important role in masking its taste.

What Does CBD Oil Smell Like?

CBD oil has a distinctive (perhaps familiar) scent; the fruity, earthy, and woody smell we associate with cannabis. That’s because the entire cannabis plant is used when creating full-spectrum CBD oil, as the various components work together in harmony. The cannabis plant contains all terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Terpenes are the compounds that are present in many foods, giving them a special aroma. Beta-caryophyllene is terpene and present in cloves and rosemary. Myrcene is found in bay leaves. Pinene is present in many herbs, such as basil and parsley. Myrcene is the most abundant terpene in cannabis, which is where it’s mostly found in nature. In fact, one study showed that myrcene makes up as much as sixty-five percent of the total terpene profile in some strains. Myrcene smell often reminds of earthy notes, resembling cloves and cinnamon. If your CBD oil smells strong, then it means it has the goodness of all cannabis plants. This strong earthy aroma also indicates that CBD oil has good quality. Many people don’t like this earthy smell and taste. They can mask the taste by following ways.

How To Mask the Taste of Concentrated Pure CBD Oil?

Still, if you don’t like the CBD oil taste and want to incorporate it into your health care regime, the following ways will help you greatly.

  • You can combine CBD oil with different food and beverages to mask the taste. You can incorporate CBD in different recipes. There are also some CBD-infused recipes you can find online such as CBD-infused yogurt smoothies, CBD-infused cakes, and biscuits. You can add a few drops of CBD oil to your coffee, so there are thousand creative ways to use CBD oil and mask its nutty flavor.
  • If you don’t have enough time to be creative with some CBD-infused recipes, then you can try CBD gummies and CBD softgels. CBD gummies are a pleasant and flavorful option to take CBD. It is a good option for all those who are reluctant to try CBD oil due to its taste. CBD gummies taste like normal gummies with the goodness of CBD.
  • CBD softgel capsules are another option. You won’t taste any CBD at all since you’re swallowing a pill. These soft gel capsules have CBD oil in them.

Does CBD Oil Smell Like Weed?

No CBD oil doesn’t smell like weed. CBD oil is usually used sublingually, and users don’t do not report the oil tasting like weed or giving them concerning breath. There is another thing that you should keep in mind: low-quality CBD oil can smell or taste like weed.

Wrapping Up The Things

Pure CBD oil has an earthy taste and aroma. Different CBD strains have different terpene profiles, so this taste and aroma may differ slightly from strain to strain. If you are new to CBD oil, then it may be hard for you to tolerate the strong earthy, nutty aroma and taste. So, you can try some flavored CBD oil. If you are confident enough, then you can go for unflavored CBD oil.

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