How to Take CBD - Procana CBD Ideas for Best Effectiveness

How To Take Procana CBD

Dosage – Where To Start

Every person metabolizes their supplements differently, and this is why we have a wide range of options and dosing for you to find that sweet relief you are looking for.

Here are some ideas for you to try to achieve the best effectiveness of your Procana HEMP and CBD:

  • If you’ve started taking your supplement in softgel form, you may try switching to the oil dropper if you want a quicker effect. By taking your supplement sublingually, the molecules are absorbed directly into your bloodstream, allowing minimal waste.
  • Up your dosage. For example, if you’ve been taking CBD Balance 8mg for a month and feel the need for a more potent product, you can always try CBD Complete 20mg and see if that works. We also carry our new CBD Ultra 50mg, a very potent, maximum-strength CBD isolate for our customers with high tolerance.
  • Some patients take their supplements as needed, others take it once, twice, or even 3 times a day. Start low and work your way up if needed.
  • Some patients benefit better from our HEMP products than CBD isolates due to the Whole Plant Extract and Terpenes offered. Whole Plant Extract and Terpenes act hand-in-hand with the Phytocannabinoids to create what is called an “entourage effect“, magnifying Hemp’s therapeutic benefits. One of our Naturopathic Doctor customers suggested HEMP Spectrum+ to his patient to control his stuttering and had positive feedback. Another customer, Jeremiah M., takes HEMP Spectrum+ and he told us “I love this product so far! My creaky knees and lower back pain is almost non-existent. I had a single vertebra spinal fusion 2 years ago and it still gets painful. This is the best thing I have found to help.”
  • Keep in mind that some patients just need a little more time to build up CBD in their endocannabinoid system before they feel the benefits.

If you would like to read testimonials from customers as further research to see which Procana product and dose is right for you, please click here. You may also click here to view studies about CBD and specific ailments.


There are many ways you can consume CBD. While it’s partly a matter of personal preference, it’s important to understand that our bodies process and absorb CBD differently depending on how we consume it.

  • Sublingual: Procana’s measured droppers are Extra Virgin Olive Oil-based. Squeeze the suggested dose of drops under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing.
  • Oral: Procana’s convenient softgels are infused with grapeseed oil. They offer a controlled dosage of CBD and are highly absorbable with no aftertaste. Grapeseed oil is great for digestion and has increased bioavailability.
  • Vaporizer: Procana’s disposable vaporizers are ultra-fast acting, delivering CBD quickly to receptors located in the oral mucosa. Each inhales delivers 1-2mg of CBD. Vaporizers are ideal for easy usage on the go.
  • Pet: Simply put dosage in their food or drop the oil into their mouth.
  • Other ways: Squeeze dose of drops into your food and/or drinks! Check out our blog for ideas like Calming CBD-Lavender Hot Cocoa and Vegan Hemp Pesto!

We would love to receive feedback from you once you have found the perfect dosage for yourself. Please feel free to submit testimonials and let us know if you have any more questions in the comments!

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