What Are Terpenes and Why Are They So Important? Procana

What Are Terpenes and Why Are They So Important?

When you smell a flower or peel an orange, it’s the terpenes that stimulate your senses! Terpenes are a diverse group of organic compounds found in plants, giving them their unique scents. They are one of the main attributes of herbal medicine and aromatherapy. Like cannabinoids, terpenes are known to enhance your well-being with therapeutic benefits, as they also have a medical and psychological influence. In fact, the relationship between cannabinoids and terpenes, known as the “entourage effect,” is what makes whole-plant hemp extract so effective! Each terpene has a range of unique healing and medicinal properties while supporting cannabinoids by increasing their therapeutic value. Terpenes are produced by plants as a defense mechanism and for immunity, so it makes sense that these properties benefit humans and animals!

Below are a few terpenes you may already have heard of. These are found in Procana HEMP products and vaporizers!

Linalool is the terpene that gives lavender that very popular aroma. Linalool is also found in jasmine, thyme, and basil plants. It is a calming terpene, offering anti-stress and mood-lifting properties. This is what makes Hemp Spectrum+ such a popular option for customers looking for better sleep.

Pinene is a very common terpene and is found in pine trees and other coniferous plants. Pinene gives the plants a “piney” scent and is known to help with focus and energy. This terpene can be found in our award-winning Classic OG vaporizer!

Limonene is a common terpene found in the skins of citrus fruits as well as peppermint and rosemary. Limonene can be anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Find this terpene in Procana’s Tangie vaporizer!

Myrcene is the most prominent terpene found in cannabis, as well as in menthol, lemongrass, and verbena. It may offer anti-microbial properties and muscle-relaxing effects. Find this terpene in Procana’s vaporizers!

B-Caryophyllene is one of the major terpenes found in cannabis, as well as cloves, basil, black pepper, rosemary, and other “spicy” scents. B-Caryophyllene may offer analgesic and gastro-protective properties. This is what makes Hemp Spectrum+ a popular option for customers looking to improve their digestive health.

a-Humulene, found in plants like cannabis, hops, sage, and ginseng, is what gives beer that refreshing, hoppy taste! This terpene is a natural pesticide, anti-fungal, and may act as an appetite suppressant. It is found in Hemp Spectrum+ as well.

Good-to-Know Fact:
When cannabis is dried and cured, terpene atoms are oxidized, and the “terpene” becomes a “terpenoid”.


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