Types of Hemp Oil and Benefits and Risks of Using Them

What Is Pure Hemp Oil? Everything You Need to Know

You all know that hemp oil is also gaining popularity like CBD oil. People like to use hemp oil and some other hemp-infused products like soaps, bath bombs, health supplements, etc. still; many people like to use pure hemp oil to reap the benefits. If you go to the market and check the shelves for pure hemp oil, then you may get confused by reading the labels. One label says it is full spectrum hemp oil, while other labels say it is broad-spectrum hemp oil. On the other hand, some labels say it is hemp seed oil. So what is exactly pure hemp oil? Fact, you can get different types of hemp oils in the market, and as a new hemp user, you can get confused about which you should buy. The following content will help you to know all things about pure hemp oil.

Types of Hemp Oil

– Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil

Broad spectrum hemp oil contains all the compounds present in the hemp plant, including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other nutrients. It doesn’t contain any THC. THC is a psychoactive compound, and many hemp users want to avoid it altogether, so they go for broad spectrum hemp oil.

– Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Full spectrum hemp oil is extracted from all the parts of the plant, including the leaves, stems, and flowers. It contains all cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Most importantly, it contains THC. THC content is no more than 0.3 percent, so it does not cause any head-high effects. Many people like to use full spectrum hemp oil because it contains all the goodness of the hemp plant. All compounds present in it work in synergy and show better results. But be warned, slight traces of THC can show on a drug test. If this is a concern, use broad spectrum hemp instead.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

– Hemp Seed Oil

This oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant through a cold press. Unrefined hemp seed oil is green-colored oil and has a nutty flavor. Hemp seed oil is not enriched with cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN CBG, and THC, but it contains many other bioactive compounds. It contains a balanced ratio of fatty acids, vitamin B, and D. It is enriched with micronutrients which play an important role in boosting the immune system. It also has many other health benefits, especially for skin-related issues. Refined hemp seed oil is also used for culinary purposes as it is enriched in unsaturated fats.

Both broad and full spectrum hemp oil is beneficial and has many potential health benefits. Both oils have excellent moisturizing power; so many cosmetic companies like to add them to different products. They are great for reducing swelling, especially around the knee joints. Many people like to use full spectrum hemp oil to reduce chronic pains. These oils affect the human endocannabinoid system and affect the receptors which are linked with pain perception. Both full spectrum and broad spectrum hemp oils can be used sublingually and topically on the skin to reap the benefits. Many people use them to regulate their sleep cycle or fall asleep easily. In short, broad spectrum and full spectrum hemp oils are extremely beneficial, but still, research and clinical trials are needed to support these claims.

Difference Between Pure CBD Oil and Pure Hemp Oil

Many people consider CBD oil and hemp oil the same. Both oils are different and affect the human body differently due to their varying percentages of chemical compounds.CBD oil is extracted from the CBD-rich strains of the cannabis plant. All parts of plants are used to extract CBD-rich oil. Sometimes carrier oils are mixed with CBD oil to get the proper consistency.

CBD oil may or may not contain THC. If it contains THC, then the THC level should be less than 0.3 percent in the final product. On the other hand, hemp oil is extracted from all parts of the industrial hemp plant, mostly from stalks. It may contain a moderate percentage of all cannabinoids, including CBD. THC level does not exceed 0.3 percent. So CBD oil and hemp oil are not the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. From Where I Can Get Pure Hemp Oil Online?
When it comes to online hemp oil shopping, the quality issue arises. But if you are looking for quality CBD or hemp oil, then you can get them easily from Procana. They are synonyms for quality hemp and CBD products. All their products are backed by extensive research and trials, so you can trust them blindly. They have a great team of researchers and medical professionals to make their products up to the mark.

Q. What Is the Legal Status of Pure Hemp Oil?
Hemp oil is legal almost in all American states. Farm Bill 2018 made all hemp-derived products that contain 0.3 percent THC legal. So hemp oil that contains 0.3 percent THC is legal federally. Furthermore, you can go through state laws to stay on the safer side because state laws vary from federal laws.

Q. Is Pure Hemp Oil FDA Approved?
FDA does approve any hemp and CBD products. If a company claims that their hemp oil or hemp-based products are FDA-approved, then they are just trying to trap you in marketing gimmicks. So don’t trust such brands or companies and make false claims. Still, getting FDA approval for hemp products is a long way to go

Wrapping Up

Pure hemp oil is extracted from different parts of the hemp plant, and it contains all the goodness of the hemp plant. It usually doesn’t contain any contaminants and has certificates of analysis by a third party. So all types of hemp oil can serve as pure hemp oil, and what you choose totally depends upon your personal choice and health concern. If you want to use hemp oil for culinary purposes, then go with hemp seed oil. If you want to relieve tension and enjoy good sleep at night, then full spectrum pure hemp oil can help you.