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How To Check CBG- A Guide To Check CBG at Home

You must be doubting since the effects of CBG is not how you expected. Or, maybe you feel the taste of CBG oil is different from usual. Hold on! You will know if your product has CBG or not. This guide is about how to check CBG, particularly at home.

In the past, cannabis checking was only possible by sending it off to a laboratory. However, times have changed now. Whether you are checking for medical purposes or your safety, you can easily get away with your job. You can learn how to check CBG at home with the use of test kits.

Cannabigerol (CBG) constitutes less than 1% of the cannabinoids in most cannabis plants. It is attracting a lot of attention and limelight from scientists. And, the reason for increasing studies on CBG is that it has some promising benefits in the medicinal world. It is not easy to extract CBG cannabinoids since most of the strains convert into either CBD or THC during plant maturation. Therefore, CBG is known as the mother of all cannabinoids.

CBG Oil Tinctures

How to Extract CBG?

You can extract CBG through a chromatography process by using CO2 or ethanol. The hemp dissolves in the solution drawing the cannabinoids out of the plant. Then, the solution evaporates under a vacuum or heat to remove the air. As a result, pure CBG concentration becomes a residue. Such natural products should be placed at room temperature and away from sun exposure. It will preserve the potency.

Why Do You Need to Check CBG?

CBG is a non-psychoactive substance that would not make you feel high like THC. In the black market, cannabis can have various dangerous synthetics during manufacture. But when you purchase hemp products from dispensaries, it is safe and authentic. Yet, there is always a need to verify and check the cannabinoid content of the specific strains. Cannabinoid potency testing is particularly important for those patients who depend on certain cannabinoid strains for their therapy.

Unfortunately, you can’t say with surety that the advertised CBG oil strength works exactly as written label claims on the outside of the bottle. Companies claim that they have accurate CBG percentage in their products but there is no CBG at all. You don’t need to worry about authenticity anymore since this article aims to provide you with information on how to check CBG.

How To Check CBG?

CBG is tested through potency tests in the same way as other cannabinoids. The CBG potency tests are important for brands to create high CBG strains to market their product. In the laboratory, Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) machinery is available to measure the potency of CBG in flowers, extracts, and edibles. It can test all the samples at room temperature without the need for heat accurately. One of the diagnostic tests for cannabis involves drug tests such as gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy. Urine drug tests also target alcohol, cannabis, and cocaine. Outside the laboratory, breath and saliva tests can also detect cannabis.

But how to check CBG at home? Well, there are certain ways to check the presence of THC or other synthetic ingredients. One of the quickest and easiest methods is using Cannabis Potency test kits.

Cannabis Potency Test Kits

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) test kits are useful in testing many types of drugs. It works actively on plant materials along with CBG oils, edibles, and tinctures. All the cannabinoids separate on TLC plates that reside inside the glandular cells. After the completion of the test, each cannabinoid with bright colored spots separate. The extraction solvent indicates greenish color. If the concentration of CBG is higher, it will give a more intense colored spot.

TLC is an inexpensive kit that can mark the presence of any cannabis like THC, CBG, CBD, or CBN. It allows the users to see a visual representation of what cannabinoids are present in a sample. The kit also enables them to see how much the concentration of each cannabinoid is. Such kits are the best choice if you want to know about the potential effects of CBG strain. You can get them home or work to check CBG testing at any time.

CBG Test Purple

To prove that your CBG oil contains cannabigerol, you should know how to check it. You only need a white background and a CBG product as a sample to test. Use CBG detection kit with testing liquid at home. A unique CBG test purple detection liquid is available in a disposable and one-use glass bottle. It will help you detect how much CBG is present in your product.

You need a blank white paper sheet and a sample to test. The sample can be an oil, cream, or even a CBG topical patch. Place the sample on a simple A4 sheet of toilet paper. Take out the purple detection liquid and add a few drops over the sample by squeezing the pipette. Then, leave it for 20-30 seconds. You will notice that the liquid is turning purple as long as CBG is present. The first color changes happen since the detection liquid is reacting and mixing with the fluid. You can try to mix them and speed up the process since the reaction may take more than 90 seconds to be complete.

CBG Products

Does CBG Appear On The Drug Tests?

CBG comes in three concentrations, namely Full spectrum, broad-spectrum, and Isolate. The full spectrum products have all other cannabinoids present in hemps such as CBG and THC. Broad-spectrum products also have active ingredients except for THC. Lastly, isolated products have only CBG in them.

In drug testing, avoid full-spectrum products since the THC can cause false positives on a drug test.


Not everything you see in the market is authentic. Sometimes, brands claim “the best CBG oil” but do not contain CBG at all. You can test your CBG products to see if it detects CBG or your money has been wasted. In the laboratory, different drug tests diagnose the presence of cannabis strain. Patients should check the potency of medical cannabis to guarantee safety. Common people without a scientific background can use mobile test kits to check CBG at home. Moreover, the CBG detection kit with testing liquid also indicates the presence of CBG by giving off purple color.

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