Delta 8 THC Dosage - How Much Delta 8 You Should Take?

Delta-8 THC Dosage Guide: How Much You Should Take?

Delta-8 THC is one of the cannabinoids that is rapidly evolving in the cannabis market. Nowadays, delta-8 THC is popular among researchers, therapists, cannabis users, and enthusiasts due to its various health benefits. Delta-8 THC is analogous to delta-9 but has some minor variance at the microscopic level. This minor variance makes delta-8 quite significant in its effects.

Delta-9 THC is responsible for making you high and jittery to some extent, while delta-8 gives a manageable high. Moreover, it does not cause you any short-term unwanted side effects. So delta-8 THC can serve both recreational and medicinal purposes.

Many people are reluctant to use delta-8 THC due to its resemblance with delta-9 THC. They also don’t know much about the effective dose. Many beginners also want to know what exact and effective delta-8 dosage will work for them.


Delta 8 THC Dosage: How Much You Should Take

Everybody is different, so the delta-8 THC requirement for everybody will also be different. Usually, the delta-8 dosage is calculated according to body weight, but the following factors also affect the delta-8 dosing.

Purpose Of Taking Delta-8 THC
This is the most important and deciding factor for the delta-8 THC dosage because the dose will vary for recreational and therapeutic uses.

Age and Gender
Your age and gender are also deciding factors when you calculate the delta-8 dosages. If you are a beginner, then start with a small dose.

Tolerance and Metabolism
If you are not new to cannabinoids or already using CBD or any other hemp product, then you may take some higher dosage. Some people have a fast metabolism, so delta-8 does not stay longer in their bodies. Moreover, you may have more tolerance for delta-8 THC compared to a new user.

Remember to keep your weight and body mass in mind when dosing delta-8 THC. The lower your weight, the lower your initial dose should be, then increase slowly until you reach the desired effect. 

Product Type
Product type also matters in deciding the exact dose of delta-8 THC. Tinctures and oils show their effects sooner when compared to tablets, gummies, and other edibles. A low dose of tinctures and oils can work while you may need a higher dose of gummies and softgels, etc. Sublingual use takes fifteen to thirty minutes to kick in while Ingestibles can take an hour to kick in.

Medication Interactions

Delta-8 THC may interact with other medicines, so you have to be vigilant while taking delta-8 THC. Consult your medical practitioner prior to supplementing with delta-8.

General Guidance Tips

  • If you are a beginner, then always start with a small dose to know the tolerance level.
  • A small dose can help you to know how your body reacts to delta-8 THC. Usually, five to fifteen mg is enough at the beginner level. You may increase the dose when your body gets used to it. Moreover, you can vary or raise the dose to get it exact, according to your tolerance.
  • To get the best effects, an experienced user might be able to help you find the perfect blend of delta-8 THC and other cannabinoids/terpenes.
  • Knowing your preferences will also help you in deciding the dose. Do you want to relax? Or do you want to jump in a euphoric mood? So think about the purpose of taking delta-8 THC.
  • Whatever delta-8 product you are going to use, try to choose it from a reputable brand. Established and experienced brands don’t compromise on quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do My Delta-8 Dose Similar To My CBD Dose?
Not at all; both are cannabinoids, but their doses can vary. Both have different effects on the mind. CBD has relaxing and calming effects, while Delta-8 THC can give you a little bit of buzz, so their dosages are different. You may need CBD in a higher dose as compared to delta-8 THC.

Q. Can I Overdose On Delta-8 THC?
No. There are no official records of overdoses from delta-8 THC. Just like with other cannabinoids from hemp and marijuana, it’s physically impossible to overdose on delta-8 THC. Although both delta-8 and delta-9 THC can get you high in large amounts, the dose needed to be incredibly high to cause serious harm.

Q. Can I Take Delta-8 with Alcohol?
It is better to avoid delta-8 while taking alcohol. Don’t mix it with alcohol. If you take anti-depression or any other medicines, don’t take delta-8 to stay on the safer side.

Q. What Is the Fastest Way To Kick Start with Delta-8 THC?
Vaping or smoking Delta-8 THC is the fastest way for it to kick in. Usually, it takes only ten to fifteen minutes to kick in when you smoke delta-8 THC.

Q. How To Choose The Right Delta-8 THC Product?
Read the label of the product and manufacture guidelines. Read the other ingredients and potency in milligrams so you may have a better idea about the product. Moreover, reading the purpose of the product according to the manufacturer’s company can help you choose the right product.

Wrapping Up

Everybody is different, so their tolerance level and metabolism will also be different. It is pretty hard to give an exact starting dose for everyone. Furthermore, focus on the purpose for taking delta-8 THC.

Keep in mind the above-mentioned guidelines before dosing with delta-8 so that you may get better results. Moreover, you can seek guidance from an experienced user who can guide you better in dosing delta-8 THC.