CBD and Breastfeeding: Can You Take CBD While Breastfeeding?

CBD Oil and Breastfeeding: Is It Safe to Use?

Everybody is familiar with cannabidiol, or CBD. You can find it everywhere, from tinctures to health supplements. It is easily available in stores and even online. CBD oil and other CBD products are being touted by everyone as a panacea to almost every health issue. Companies and manufacturers call CBD products a magical solution to pain, sleep deprivation, and many other health problems.

A large number of people use CBD oil as a solution to regulate their sleep cycles and some people use CBD products such as gummies and soft gels to alleviate their mood and boost their energy. Breastfeeding moms are usually sleep-deprived and feel energetically depleted. As an alternative solution, the hype of CBD oil might compel some breastfeeding moms to use CBD oil for better sleep. According to the WHO, World Health Organization, CBD oil is safe to use in humans, but pregnancy and lactations are both considered special conditions. Is it safe to use CBD oil for any purpose during breastfeeding? Let’s investigate.

CBD Oil and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding provides unparalleled benefits to both mother and baby. The nutritional and immunological properties of breast milk provides health advantages to a nursing infant. Breastfeeding babies are less likely to have asthma, obesity, diabetes, allergies and respiratory infections, and some other disease. Similarly, breastfeeding moms also have enormous health benefits through this process. 

Motherhood and breastfeeding bring many mental and physical challenges to new moms. CBD oil may seem like a godsend and natural solution to all these issues and might offer an instant feeling of calm. Even though CBD oil is natural, there is not much research on how the use of CBD oil affects breast milk and babies.

CBD Oil Tinctures

How Does CBD Affect a Developing Baby?

Most of the studies available are based on the use of marijuana. During some studies, THC was found in breast milk even after six days of ingestion of cannabis by the mother. THC is a psychoactive compound known for its head-high effects. That’s why researchers and doctors advise staying away from all cannabis products during lactation and pregnancy. FDA approved the use of CBD oil and other CBD products only for medicinal purposes. That’s why the use of CBD oil for breastfeeding moms is in the grey area.

The Risk Associated With the Use of CBD Oil in Breastfeeding Moms

Undoubtedly, CBD oil has great therapeutic benefits, but you should avoid it as a lactating mom. According to doctors and researchers, the list of potential risks associated with CBD is long. Research on these effects is in their infancy. Babies who are exposed to cannabis are often lethargic. There are chances that the babies can develop blood sugar abnormalities and other complications later in their life.

FDA strongly advises against the use of cannabis, THC, and CBD during pregnancy and lactation. According to the FDA, higher THC levels can affect a baby’s brain development. Such babies can have poor cognitive function and other long-term conditions later in their life.

FDA is collecting data and rigorously studying the possible harmful effects of CBD during pregnancy and lactation. Some previous studies show significant cause for concern. There is the possibility that certain amounts of CBD can pass through breast milk and affect babies. High doses of CBD in pregnant test animals have caused problems with the reproductive system of developing male fetuses. That’s why CBD is also a cause of concern. There is also concern that high dose of cannabinoids could harm developing neurons.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is There Any Safe Level of CBD While Breastfeeding?
There is no safe dose of CBD while breastfeeding. You cant take CBD even in small doses when you are a nursing mom. You are advised to stay away from ingesting CBD oil and any other CBD product for the safety of your baby.

Q. Can I Use Topical CBD Creams on My Skin While Breastfeeding?
Topical CBD creams and lotions are a bit safer to use because these are not directly entering the bloodstream. But it can vary from product to product as different CBD products have different formulations. We advise you to consult your doctor or obstetrician before using any CBD product.

Q. What Should I Use to Combat Postpartum Mood Swings While Breastfeeding?
Postpartum sadness and mood swings are real. Breastfeeding moms face a tough time as they are also struggling with disturbed sleep cycles due to breastfeeding at night. To manage your sleep and mood swings, you should consult your primary care physician, psychiatrist, or obstetrician to discuss different options, including therapies. Also, some me-time and self-care can bring positive changes to the situation. Regular exercise and seeking support from your family members can also help you in this challenging time.

Wrapping up the Things

Breastfeeding has a lot of perks, both for baby and mother. Babies are so delicate that their systems are continuously developing, so anything that can affect their development should be avoided. CBD and its effects on breastfeeding babies are under research and have a long road ahead. As CBD affects the endocannabinoid systems, many potential risks are associated with it in infants.

Doctors will advise you to stay away from any CBD product during lactation. If you struggle with mood swings, disturbed sleep, and any other issue, then seek advice from a primary care physician. Your obstetrician can also help you in this matter. You can go for therapies and consulting sessions according to your issues. Conclusively, CBD oil and CBD products are not meant for pregnant or nursing moms.