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CBD Cocktails & Mocktails

by | Dec 10, 2022 | Recipes

Every year there is a new trend on the beverage scene. Remember turmeric lattes? This year is no different, though something tells me the trend is here to stay.

Restaurants are adding CBD (Cannabidiol) to cocktails or ditching the alcohol altogether to create fun mocktails. What is this miracle molecule, CBD, you ask? It’s derived from the cannabis plant but doesn’t cause a “high” feeling like THC.

CBD Oil Tinctures

So if it doesn’t cause a buzz, then why add it to your drink? CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerful antioxidant. Humans (and some animals) have an Endocannabinoid system in our bodies. CBD interacts with this system to help us achieve balance. The research is rolling in and the verdict is… there is a lot to be gained from this molecule.

People often report feeling more relaxed, less stressed or anxious, and get relief from aches and pains after using CBD. Some people claim that CBD decreases the severity of their hangover when consumed with alcohol or that it gives them a “grounded” feeling. When consumed without alcohol, people experience the relaxation that booze can provide after a long day at work, without the added sugar or negative side effects accompanied by alcohol. Of course, everyone is different, so individual results may vary. But the great news is that CBD seems to be a very safe molecule to consume, more similar to a superfood than a pharmaceutical drug. It just so happens to have a great effect on mood and well-being.

Questions you might have while preparing your CBD cocktail or mocktail:

What does it taste like? The full spectrum products have an herbal taste. The CBD isolate products can taste slightly bitter as you go up in mg count.

How much should you add? Well, there’s no perfect dosage for CBD. We always say, start low and work your way up if needed.

What type of drink should I add CBD too? Well, that brings me to the best part, recipes!

Tonic, honey, a sprig of thyme (add gin)
Seltzer, Lemon, lime (add vodka)
Ginger ale, lime (add whiskey)
Pimm’s Cup
pear juice, full-spectrum oil, a sprig of thyme (terpenes play well together)

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