CBD While Pregnant - Can You Take CBD Oil While Pregnant?

Can You Take CBD Oil While Pregnant?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is extracted from Cannabis Plant. It was discovered in 1940. People love to use it for many different purposes these days, such as: for Pain Relief, Anxiety, Suppressing Nausea, and Restful Night Sleep. It is found in Marijuana and Hemp plants too.

It doesn’t contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). So, it doesn’t have the impact like Marijuana. It is extracted and then refined in the presence of ethanol to make it look like an essential oil. It is found in:

  • gels
  • pills
  • cream
  • gummies
  • vale oils
  • oral tincture

With more and more people trusting CBD Oil for physical as well as mental issues, some people think one can take CBD Oil while Pregnant. So, this is the most crucial thing to resolve. Because people believe that it is a normal and natural plant-based substance so one can use it. Is it so?

CBD Oil Tinctures

Let’s have a look at what FDA have to say about it: CBD Oil for Pregnancy:

Before diving deep into the details, you need to know that FDA stands for Food and Drug Association, and it is the topmost trusted association in the whole world. According to the FDA, women should never take CBD Oil while Pregnant or even nursing/breastfeeding.

So, from the statement mentioned above, it is pretty evident that the world’s topmost health and wellness association negates the usage of CBD Oil while Pregnant. Because it can create harmful effects on the fetus or nursing baby. Some people believe that CBD oil does not have the specific ”High” effect as Tetrahydrocannabinol THC does, but still, experts do not recommend it.

Why CBD Oil is not Recommended during Pregnancy/Nursing:

According to research in 2019, it was studied that fetal exposure to Cannabinoids can possibly weaken the immunity system. And thus, the fetal lose the immunity to fight against diseases like cancer. Apart from cancer, fetal can quickly get infected by other diseases also. This research is not mainly about CBD Oil, but rather, it is about Cannabinoids in general.

Now the question arises if CBD Oil is so dangerous, then why do people opt for it!

Some of the reasons women opt for CBD Oil include:

  • Nausea/Vomiting/Morning Sickness
  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Pain

In order to get rid of all the symptoms mentioned above, sometimes people opt for CBD Oil. But Researches prove that if you give it to a pregnant woman, it will have a very harmful effect, primarily upon the male fetus’s reproductive system. Moreover, if a nursing mom opts for THC, ”High” in it can directly affect the brain development of the baby.

Harmful Effects of CBD Oil and Products on Pregnant/Nursing Mums:

Apart from CBD Oil, Products containing CBD are also very hazardous for Pregnant or Nursing Mums. Because FDA has reported that CBD products are contaminated with some dangerous particles, like Heavy Metals, Harmful Pesticides, Bacteria, and Fungus.

And all these components are harmful to the Fetus or Nursing baby. A pregnant woman who uses CBD products containing THC does actual harm to her fetus, as it becomes the reason for Stillbirth or sometimes Premature Birth.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), intake of Marijuana and Products based on Marijuana, like CBD Oil, results in smaller babies with lower birth weight. Therefore, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), (ACOG), and U.S. Surgeons strongly condemn the use of Marijuana during the Pregnancy and Nursing Period.

Intake of CBD Oil can cause a significant risk of Miscarriage:

It has been examined by doing researches on animals that intake of CBD is linked to early miscarriages. So, up till now, not many types of research have been done on human beings. But if you are trying to conceive, you must take proper precautionary measures to have a healthy baby and a smooth pregnancy period.

Harmful Effects on Reproductive Health of Baby:

If you are consuming CBD in any way, then it might be possible that it will destroy your baby’s reproduction health. Especially if you are going to have a baby boy, then it can lead to lower sperm production in that boy, and hence he will suffer a lot.

Makes your Pregnancy a Living Hell:

If you don’t stop yourself from the consumption of Marijuana or CBD Oil, or any other CBD-based product, then it is quite possible that you will suffer a lot. It will make your Pregnancy period more hectic and worse. You will fall ill, become more tired, and sometimes it causes Diarrhea. And the consequent result of Diarrhea is Dehydration (lack of water). Hence, Dehydration is really pathetic for your as well as your baby’s health.CBD Capsules & Softgels

What if You have been consuming CBD before Pregnancy?

If you have been consuming CBD Oil or any other product before getting a positive pregnancy result, then you don’t need to be panicked. According to Macro Mouanness (OB/GYN Fertility Expert in Rejuvenating Fertility Centre in New York City), it is OK that you didn’t know the side effects of CBD consumption and got your Pregnancy Test Positive.

It is totally fine, but you have to leave it as soon as possible to save yourself and your baby from its hazardous effects. He further says that you need to visit your Gynecologist as quickly as possible and let her know that you have been consuming CBD before.

According to Dr. Gersh, your Gynecologist might give you Progesterone to avoid early Miscarriage. “Taking supplemental Progesterone may provide some protection from the effects of CBD exposure early in pregnancy…[as it] sometimes helps prevent Miscarriage.”

The Bottom Line is CBD Oil, Marijuana, THC, and other CBD-based products are of no good for your health at all. All you need is to be more patient if you are in addiction to these products, and you definitely have to leave this habit.

Otherwise, it will cause serious harm to your baby’s growth, sexual development, weight, and brain development. And sometimes, it can cause Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Premature birth. So, there is no way to avoid these issues except avoiding CBD. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle! And Lead Happy Life!

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