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Can CBD Oil Cause Headaches?

CBD has multiple benefits for the human body. These are backed by scientific research and data. CBD is available in many products such as gummies, softgels, tinctures, and oil. CBD oil is a well-known and most used CBD product and rising in popularity as a treatment for sleep issues, chronic pain, neurological and mood disorders. However, some users get headaches when using CBD oil. Is there a scientific basis for their claim or not? Let’s see, can CBD really cause headaches?

CBD Oil and Headache

Headache is a neurological disorder that can be triggered by different things, such as alcohol consumption, poor diet, lack of fluids, or even without cause. Any substance that you consume has both positive and negative effects; the same goes for CBD oil. Although CBD oil is safe to use for humans according to the world health organization, it can cause unwanted side effects as well. The common side effects of CBD oil are cottonmouth, changes in appetite, drowsiness, and diarrhea. Most of these recorded side effects are mild in nature and go away with the passage of time. These side effects vary from person to person, depending upon the tolerance level.


Despite extensive research, researchers have found no evidence to support the idea that CBD oil causes headaches or related conditions. Some users may consider dizziness a headache, but it is rare. Therefore, it is possible that the real cause of headaches may not be CBD oil itself but some other factors. Research supports that, to some extent, CBD helps to reduce headaches and helps in managing its real conditions. CBD is a medicinal cannabis compound extracted from hemp plants. It is well known for its health benefits, and more importantly, it doesn’t make its users high like THC. It works in the body by regulating and protecting the endocannabinoid system, which regulates pain, sleep, hunger, and many more body functions.

Following are some studies and research reviews regarding the use of CBD or cannabis for headaches and related conditions. Let’s see what the researchers say.

  • According to a research review of 2017, cannabis helps to manage headaches and their related symptoms to some extent.
  • Similarly, one more study supports that medical cannabis is helpful in treating headaches. It is also helpful in reducing migraine-related headaches.
  • Likewise, another review has found that CBD can help relieve chronic pain and improve sleep by producing calming effects.
  • Similarly, a review published in 2018 also supports that cannabis seems promising to relieve pain, including migraine pain.
  • A study was conducted back in 2018 which did not find any link between the use of cannabis and the reduction of pain. So, there are mixed bags of reviews and studies regarding how CBD helps in reducing headaches. 
  • Similarly, one more review supports that CBD and another compound in the hemp plant are helpful in managing chronic pain, including headache. So, there are not any single studies that represent headache as a side effect of CBD oil.
  • The abovementioned studies are related to medical cannabis, not specifically CBD or CBD oil.
  • Still, CBD oil may have different effects, and no research specifically has shown that CBD oil can cause headaches. Overall, more studies and human clinical trials are necessary. But still, there are many people who shared positive experiences regarding the use of CBD oil for headaches. The CBD oil helps them reduce the intensity of headaches and feel more relaxed.

Some Probable Reasons for Headache

There is a long list of factors that can cause headaches, such as stress, caffeine, lifestyle, work-life balance, and any underlying health condition. There are few users complaining about headaches with the use of CBD oil. Although there is not any scientific data to prove it but following are some factors that can trigger the headache while taking CBD oil.

  • First of all, CBD oil quality matters a lot. If you are using any poor or low-quality CBD oil, then you may have a headache. Different other ingredients are part of such CBD oils, and it is possible that you are allergic to any ingredient which leads to headaches.
  • The CBD market is still emerging, and some less-reputable brands may sell CBD oil produced from inferior hemp strains or synthetic ingredients. Such CBD products may cost less but can lead to severe side effects, including respiratory issues, vomiting, and headaches.
  • There should not be any unnecessary solvents, carrier oils, or preservatives. Or fillers added to increase the concentration of CBD oil. Ideally, the hemp from which the CBD oil is extracted should be sustainably grown on an organic farm without pesticides. 
  • If you take an improper dose of CBD oil, then it may cause you headaches. It is recommended that beginners start with a low dose of CBD oil, which has less than 0.3 percent THC. If your CBD oil has more THC content than 0.3 percent, then it may affect your endocannabinoid system so differently. You may feel more dizziness or headache. So, follow the guideline written on the product label to avoid any kind of side effects. Do not exceed the recommended dose and don’t compromise over quality product. Seek medical assistance from a health care practitioner, and if you feel any severe and persistent effects, then immediately seek medical help.

Wrapping up the Things

CBD oil is safe for human use. It doesn’t show side effects such as headaches. According to some research evidence, it has helped in managing chronic pains and headaches in some cases also. People shared positive reviews regarding the use of CBD oil for headaches. There are rare cases in which users have side effects like headaches with the use of CBD. No doubt, time of consumption and dosage have a lot to do with the undesirable side effects that people may experience while using CBD. But these effects don’t include headaches. Furthermore, every individual is different, and their tolerability is different toward the CBD. So, follow the instructions while using CBD oil.