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CBD Complete® Droppers

CBD Complete® droppers offer pure isolated CBD derived from hemp. Available as a EXTRA STRENGTH dose to help regulate and balance the Endocannabinoid System. Each serving contains 20mg of CBD. Fast-acting sublingual drops. May also be used as a food additive!

  • 600mg Active CBD / Bottle
  • 1oz Oil Dropper
  • Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, CBD (Cannabidiol) Isolate

1 fluid oz

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Katlynn S.

It helped calm me down within 5 minutes of using it while I was in a panic attack. I would recommend to anyone with serve anxiety!

Joseph R.

Following Total Knee Replacement surgery I had swelling of my knee and leg that would not go away. After 6 months of trying steroids and compression sleeves and you name it, my physician told me that it was "either going to get better or it wasn't".My son suggested that I try CBD Oil and a Massage Therapist friend recommended Procana. The swelling went down in a matter of days. I thought this might be a coincidence but when I stopped taking it for several days the swelling came right back.I only take five drops under my tongue each morning while I'm shaving and it has worked great!

Yazmin A.

On August 2018 we started giving my girl 12 drops of 600 mg CBD,and is not a year yet an my daughter seizures have improved tremendously.

Matt .

This product has worked very well for me. I am really happy with the results. Would recommend to anyone.

Maria L.

My daughter is stable and the best I have found for her.

Cassandra S.

I had debilitating migraines that were taking over my life and my the lives of my family. In and out of Urgent Care, ER rooms, daily pain shots... Thank you for giving me back my life! I now get to enjoy our 2 year old and 6 month old boys!

Kirk G.

This has been LIFE CHANGING. Since my starting to take Procana CBD complete, my symptoms have been almost wiped out completely, and general overall feeling has been 1000% better. I have had Crohns for 20 years, and only in the last 4 has it been active and debilitating. I have been switched between the different biologic drugs, and recently changed to Stelara, yet I have not felt considerable relief from any of the biologic. I started taking a large dose of Procana CBD as per a recommendation of my nutritionist, and it has made the most considerable difference in my daily life, I am convinced that it was singularly the reason I am able to feel the way I am now. I was 2 seconds away from having major surgery in July, yet I dodged the bullet so to speak and was released from the hospital. I recovered slowly, and was nervous about the prospect of still needing surgery. I changed my diet, and started the CBD, and have NEVER felt better. I will go in for another check up to confirm if I need surgery or not, and I am under the belief that I will NOT need it. I hope that you will contact me in regards to my experience, and look forward to using Procana from this point on. Thank you again for your wonderful product.

Haley M.

Procana has effectively eliminated my need for 30mg of Cyclobenzeprine (Flexeril) a muscle relaxer. I had severe back pain while driving a monorail at my job and needed a replacement for my muscle relaxer prescription. Since starting Procana 20mg 2x a day I've eliminated any pain in my lumbar region. It also assists with sleeping at night and I have also replaced a 100mg Trazodone prescription (for sleep) with the CBD. Thanks Procana!

Mary T.

The inflammation in my hands is non existent with CBD use. I am so grateful.!!

Kendall A.

Charlotte C.

"How do I love thee, let me count the ways". my daughter and I are moving about so much better and in much less pain!!!!! We are sleeping better and we are only on our second bottle! Very happy !

Debra R.

I am very active and have trouble relaxing. Since using CBD I have been able to relax and get some much needed sleepIt helps my back pain so I can remain actve

Kris B.

Works great. Panic attacks are less,and actually sleeping

Richard D.

I have been using this for approximately 4 months to help with falling asleep. I have noticed a real change and have been getting a better nights sleep. Ai have not noticed any other benefits such as pain relief.

Mary M.

Oily consistency, hideous taste and it burns as it goes down my throat.

Mrs. J.


Barbara K.

Sheila R.

I’ve been taking procana complete for about six months to help with arthritis pain. Pharmacist advised me taking before bed to help with sleep. I’m finding now that when I wake up during the night I have trouble getting back to sleep. I will try taking it earlier to see if that helps.

Edward O.

i started using cbd for chronic pain anxiety and insomnia.The first night the onset of sleep was less than 15! !.I have not had that happen to me in years.I have not had that happen even with all the sleeping pills I have taken of every type and doses. insomnia is a horrible experience.The CBD oil is a miracle 20mg under my tongue at bedtime and I sleep quickly and stay asleep.The pain is not as well controlled as I hoped for but now I can sleep i can cope with the pain and anxiety. Much better and the pain .The pain meds seem to work better. I tell people that they should just try it and to use Procana .com or buy it from the same pharmacy where I get mine from.They get the best quality products.

Vilma F.

I have 3 herniated discs in neck, that pinch the nerve on my right side. The pain radiates from neck, to shoulders, to whole arm, down to fingers. I also have 4 herniated discs on lower back that produces lower back pain every morning. Sometimes it hits the siatic nerve. I've been in pain for 2017, due to heavy, repeated lifting at work. I've tried everything from accupuncture to shots, and pills, but nothing has ever worked as well as Procana complete, 600mg., to finally give me a break from this cronic pain. And because of this pain and diconfort my depression got worse. Accompanied by anxiety and irriability. I have only started taking this for 3 days now, so I can't believe what a difference it's been making. No Norco or Tremedol, or Gabapectin for me anymore. They are harmful to the system and some fall sort, while others, the side affects are just to bad and add to your misery. I can't believe the marijuana plant would be a miracle plant,. It's mind blowing.

Stephanie D.

I’m not necessarily noticing a difference

Vera G.

I am a 73 year old woman who was in chronic pain from sciatica and shingles to the point that I could hardly move for days.. My doctor would give me nothing for the deep pain except over the counter meds that did nothing to relieve the pain. My brother saw my suffering and brought me a bottle of your Procana CBD Complete supplement, and it was as close to a miracle as I could get. I am now walking 3 miles a day 4 days a week.. It is a shame that so many people are suffering from nerve pain and anxiety when this Procana can make living worth living. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Marina L.

Tia S.

William R.

I have only taken the product for 1 month, and have not been able to identify any particular area of improvement. But I have ordered a second batch. There are no negative side effects.Not related to the CBD oil, but nonetheless relevant is that the company does not communicate well with customers. I recently ordered a replacement and after acknowledging the order, the company has not offered any news regarding shipment.

Chianna S.

Richard D.

I believe after nearly a month of starting CBD oil I’m starting to sleep better. I try to take a 3/4 dropper full 1/2 hour before bed. Falling asleep is much faster and I’m sleeping through the night. I was hoping I could discontinue my amitriptyline but I still need it. My plan is to continue with CBD for another month and to reduce the amitriptyline.

Kathy A.

Exceptional product, with wonderful results. Thank you.

William G.

Ole S.

I have not noticed any difference since I started to use CBD oil.

David C.

Helps a lot with joint pain. Only problem I've had is it has taken 10 days to receive the oil.

Shannon P.

Excellent response!

Kim C.

I take the drops in tea, late afternoons or in the evening. I find my symptoms of fibro-myalgia and muscle spasms from c-4 disk compression become most bothersome in my right arm and back as the day progresses. As a rehab nurse who has seen medication abuse, I refuse to use opioids for myself and have relied on gabapentin, Tylenol and Advil for relief. Sometimes I just have to time out for a couple hours sleep. Procana 600mg seems to take the edge of so the spasms abate and I can rest easier. I feel a sense of calm, like drinking chamomile tea only magnified. I hope the honeymoon continues for a long time..

Micaela T.

David G.

Danielle .

This stuff is great to help my joints and pain I experience. It has a relaxation effect that also aids in my insomnia and anxiety I endure throughout the night. During the day it helps release some serotonin I feel so that is something that aids with my depression. Overall, I love this product and will continue to use it for its positive effects.

William G.

Great product. Very helpful

Joe H.

I loved this product! Made my body feel great. I highly recommend Procana to all the cbd customers that come into our store

Joe H.

I love the way our product makes my body feel. I fully believe in the healing powers of Procanna

Rebecca F.


Debra R.

I think the CBD oil relaxes me. I have been sleeping a little better. But mostly I have had some relief from chronic pain that seems to prevent me from sleeping.

Crystal G.

Matt T.

I extremely enjoyed your product and plan on using it more often.

Brittney S.

I have been suffering with pain in my hip due to a back problem and because of your product I'm finally feelings some relief

Terry L.

I am confused by the exact dosage. I have been doing the 1/3 dropper, twenty drops, once a day but my 600mg bottle has lasted nearly three months now. I chatted on this site with someone who confirmed taking 1/3 dropper once a day but then I wonder why the bottle has lasted three months when the bottle states it contains thirty servings. By the time I finish the bottle I will have about 90 servings. What gives?

Robert T.

I noticed the dulling of the chronic pain right away. I have a nerve pinched in the lumbar area and the pain radiates to the bottom, ball of my left foot.

Dori A.

By the second day, I was sleeping better and deeper than I had in years. I would wake up remembering lots of my dreams.

Stefanie R.

MCT Oil tastes much better than olive oil

Lindsey C.

I tried taking this twice. Each time I got two days into taking it (taken once a day at night) I ended up having the same allergic reaction that I do to many of the airborne allergies I have (ex. Cottonwood, Scotchbroom, Canadian Thistle, Grass). I ended up having 24 hours of congestion, sneezing sinus pressure and headaches. I figure I might just be allergic to hemp? It makes me sad because I've seen so many people (and pets) helped by CBD.

Lindsay F.

This has been a lifesaver! I can function again and I don't have panic attacks at work during client meetings.

Ef D.

I have osteoarthritis, and the overuse of acetaminophen has damaged my liver. My GI doctor told me to stop using all NSAIDS. CBD oil has relieved all but the pain in my SI joints. I'm very glad to have it, and my doctor is glad to know it promotes liver health.

Bruce F.

One side effect I have is more vivid dreams. I do feel that I have more energy when I am taking CBD.

Kristen G.

I am so glad my Naturopath carried Procana in her practice recommended it to me!

Thomas W.

I have been diagnosed at Stanford Medical for dysphonia. I have been treated there with botox injections to the vocal cords. The CBD works equally well with no side effects. With the botox, I lose my voice for 3 weeks to a month each time I have to inject which is normally 2 x per year.

Jicely S.

I have Endometriosis and have had nagging pain and fatigue for as long as I can remember along with stomach issues. I've tried everything possible such as changing my diet and exercising. Everyday was always a struggle for me and I could barely last a couple hours going out and about and I barely had the energy to talk to people. All I wanted to do was sleep all day in bed. My doctor had me try birth control pills which did not help and it made me gain weight within a couple months. I had also tried other alternatives and took pain medicine when I really needed it but nothing made a huge difference and pain medicine only lasted a few hours. I've been taking CBD Complete for 2 weeks now and I can't explain how happy I am it's such a big deal. Within 3 days my body felt lighter and relaxed and I didn't have one sign of pain and I feel more focused. I kept telling my mom "Is this what it's like to feel normal?" I've had more energy than I've ever had in my entire life and I can last all day with out having to nap. I am hooked on it and I am just excited I've finally found something that actually works after years of searching.

Charles C.

I have suffered from severe anxiety and depression my entire life. I have given up on psychiatry and psychology and deal with it on my own, or at least try. I just want to find a way to mitigate my symptoms so I can be a more productive person and father. So far, your product seems to be working quite well, very well to be exact.

David D.

I started taking Procana Complete and about the third day I was not using my inhaler at all when on a normal day I was using my inhaler 4 to 6 times daily and now I use it 1 or 2 a week so I believe it's helping me

Valerie D.

This is the 1st cbd oil I have tried and I love it. It lets me be able to function at very high levels at work with ease. Helps take the stress edge off while keeping me clear headed.

Wendy D.

Procana CBD Complete has made a huge difference in my knee pain, allowing me to be more active again. It also seems to be reducing the severity of my restless leg syndrome. The combination of pain relief and lessened need to be constantly moving my legs, is helping me to get better sleep. I've been taking 20 mg at bedtime for 18 days.

Shana K.

I've had 4 spinal fusions & need at least 2 more. I have incomplete paralysis with numbness & tingling in arms & from waist down, & regularly experience spasms due to my injuries -it sucks! I know medical marijuana would benefit me greatly, but the laws in Florida are incredibly restrictive currently, so I'm hoping CBD alone will be sufficient to make me more comfortable (in conjunction w my regular meds), until medical marijuana is finally less restrictive here. Thank you so much for providing such a high quality alternative & at a more affordable price than many places!

Lorelei P.

I injured my shoulder approximately 20 years ago. I developed pain and numbness in my hand which was alleviated by moving my shoulder in the right position and not using it.The problem progressively worsened. It was unbearable and I had very little use of my hand when I started taking Procana. It has greatly lessened the problem and I have much more use of my hand and shoulder.

James B.

Hello, I really like your product. Having taken multiple brands of CBDs in the pill/soft gel form and shatter I can honestly say this gives me the relief I need to focus and get this done. I have degenerative disc disease and unfortunately sit all day (web developer). This product helps me so much. Thank you! James

Lee B.

I started taking this product, which I purchased from my local Vitamin Depot, in hopes of curbing my anxiety. I have been taking this product for over half a month now and it really seems to be helping. My general everyday anxiety level is far less than it used to be. I have had one bad anxiety flare up, but that was during the first week, since then I have felt much better and am able to enjoy life more. Thanks so much!

Catherine S.

I am a 58 years old woman. CBD Complete 20 mg was prescribed by my naturopath to palliate the relentless pain in my cervical due to disk degeneration. During the two years prior to taking Procana, I had been seen by physical therapists, osteopaths, acupuncturist, all to no avail. Procana 20 mg rendered me pain free within 2 or 3 weeks. I take it daily and it has allowed me to return to a soft yoga regime while also swimming. I should say that it has also had other benefits such as calming effect and thought focus.

Michael S.

I feel CBD does an excellent job with pain and has continued to do so for months.

Timothy J.

great product

Bill W.

Nice to be able to shop for your CBD capsules at my local natural foods store, Trillium, here in Lincoln City, OR.

Kayla P.

Shaun H.

anything to make backpain stop

Nikol T.

Trisha C.

R I.

Amanda R.

Tracy B.

Nadine F.

Ilana M.

I started using your product while looking for a supplement that could get me weened off of Ativan which I took nightly for sleep. I have a very overactive brain and cant seem to shut it off at night. I had previously been taking some type of sleeping pill for over 8 years. M y partner and I were trying to have a baby and I knew I could no longer take the Ativan for sleep due to risk to fetal development. I asked my fertility specialist if they had any concerns with me taking a CBD product to aid in my sleep and they gave me the green light considering this product did not contain THC. I have had very good results with your product and no longer take prescription medication for sleeping. Every now and again I still have the occasional bad night, but I think that is normal for most people. My anxiety has lessened and I have more balanced moods as well!

Danielle Z.

So glad we found this option!

Anthony G.

Richard S.

Please add this to the survey I just sent in. I didnt put all the items of yours Im currently using

Gordon G.

I have severe sciatic pain. Procana has helped relieve some of that pain. I have not been able to find any product that removes the pain. I have tried Norco, Gabapentin, Tramadol, etc.

Brenda L.

What i like is i dont get the side effects like most patients that are on chemo drugs. I can function very well. My pain is bearable when taking cbd. My cancer is stable and i believe that its due to cbd. I have a good appetite and im able to eat normal food.

Michael V.

Also providing this to my son for AHDH and working very well.. does not take him as long to recover after a meltdown or if he is wound up. school is noticing a positive change as well

Marylin B.

I cant tell that anything changes for the better or worse when taking it....

Brenda L.

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