CBD Oil Massage Benefits: Is CBD Oil Good for Massage?

Is CBD Oil Good for Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is an excellent way to relax and relieve tension. For centuries people have been using this therapy to relax muscles and relieve pain. Different oils are used to massage the different body parts. Usually, essential oils are the first choice for a massage therapy as every oil offers unique benefits and contributes to wellness.

Every day you may hear about CBD and its potential health benefits. CBD is infused in almost every product, and even you can have CBD-infused massage oils also. Massaging from CBD oil has been getting popular in the last few years. CBD is one of the thousands of cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. It is well known for its therapeutic properties, and most importantly, it does not produce head-high effects like THC. THC is also a cannabinoid and is abundantly present in marijuana. THC is notorious for its head-high effects.

CBD Oil for Massage Therapy

People use CBD oil orally or sublingually to reap its health benefits, but still, there are some folks who believe that massaging CBD oil is also fruitful.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Using CBD Oils Involves Applying CBD Directly To The Skin, Which Could Provide The Following Benefits:

  • People use CBD massage oil to soften the skin and the muscles. CBD oil is also known for reducing swelling around the joints. If you apply it around the swollen joint, then it may lead to relaxation by reducing the swelling. Many people suffering from chronic joint pains shared positive reviews regarding massaging of CBD oil on the knee joint.
  • A study supports that CBD has antioxidant properties which reduce free radicals so massaging CBD oil reduces the sign of aging.
  • If you are feeling a bit tired or you spent the whole day leaning on your laptop, then CBD oil may help you. Massaging your shoulder and neck with CBD-infused oil will help you to relax.
  • This is because CBD helps to relieve your ache and relax your tight muscles. As the cannabinoids enter your endocannabinoid system through the skin, it starts working on your receptors. CBD doesn’t make you high, so you can relax without feeling high and reaping the benefits of CBD.
  • If you have dry patchy and flaky skin, then massaging therapy can help you because both CBD and hemp have moisturizing properties. Your skin feels more hydrated and supple after massaging with CBD oil. Many people suffering from drug-resistant skin issues can benefit from it. Its soothing properties reduce the redness and flare-ups. If you are more into home remedies for skin, then CBD oil massaging will help relax and nourish your skin due to its micronutrients.
  • Many people like to smoke cannabis or vape to boost their mood but let me tell you that massaging your head with CBD oil not only improves your hair growth but also improves your mood. it calms your nerves by affecting endocannabinoid system
  • Many people like to massage their head and shoulders before sleeping to improve sleep quality. Many people use CBD oil sublingually to improve the sleep cycle or resolve sleep issues but massaging the scalp with CBD also improves sleep.

Types Of CBD Massage Oil?

Different brands are offering CBD oil specially designed for massaging. Such oils may include additional ingredients, such as arnica or lavender, to promote calmness and pain relief. You can also get specific topical CBD oil-infused creams and lotion for massaging. Such products are designed to dress any specific skin issue. Mostly such CBD-infused creams and lotions have other added ingredients like arnica, menthol, eucalyptus extract, etc.

Full-spectrum CBD oil for massaging therapy is a great option. It contains all cannabinoids, micronutrients, and the goodness of the hemp plant. So all good ingredients absorb into the bloodstream through the skin and perform their functions. Full-spectrum CBD oil can have THC but less than 0.3 percent. Broad-spectrum CBD oil doesn’t have any THC but also contains all other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

How To Choose The CBD Oil for Massaging?

If you are confused and unable to decide which CBD oil should be used for massaging therapy, then the following tips will help you to choose the best CBD oil for massaging. There are several brands offering CBD products, including CBD oil for massage therapy. So it’s really hard to choose the best CBD oil for massage; the following are some tips that will help you.

  • First of all, you must know your concern for what purpose you want to get a massage, for muscle relaxation, for better sleep, to reduce swelling, etc.
  • Always do market research regarding the CBD massage oil and then shortlist the few options according to your concern.
  • The company must provide the latest certificate of analysis. This certificate must include the testing for contaminants like residual solvents, heavy metals, and other harmful ingredients.
  • Always read the product reviews. If product reviews are positive and users share their personal experiences regarding the product, then you can go for it. If there are negative reviews, then it is a red flag.
  • Read the label for ingredients, expiry date, and dose. CBD dose for massage oil is a little bit tricky. Start with a lower dose and keep checking for allergic reactions.

How To Use CBD Oil for Massage?

You can use CBD oil for massage like any other ordinary massage oil. You can gently rub the massage oil on the affected area until it is absorbed completely. Massaging CBD oil enhances the blood flow towards the tried muscles, and you feel relaxed.

Wrapping Up The Things

No doubt CBD massaging therapy provides a relaxing effect. A CBD oil massage therapy provides you not only all the benefits of a regular massage but also the added benefits of CBD. CBD oil and its massaging benefits are still under research, and all you found is based on users’ personal experiences. All research that you find is related to CBD’s oral administration, so there is a need for more human trials and studies to explore its massaging potential. There is a need to know the exact mechanism of CBD through the skin.