Is CBD Legal in Texas - What CBD Law 2022 Says?

Is CBD Legal In Texas? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About New Texas Rules

CBD and its derivatives are the latest trends in the world of health supplements due to their potential benefits. CBD and its derivatives help in relieving the symptoms of many different medical conditions and disorders. CBD and its derivatives are legal in almost fifty states, but laws vary from state to state. If some products are legal in some states but the same products are illegal in other states.

Is CBD Legal In Texas?

The straightforward answer to this question is yes. If we look back a few years back, CBD and its products have almost no significant future in Texas. People were that much apprehensive, and they don’t even want to touch CBD and its products. CBD and its products were not available at any retail store.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Now the situation is quite different; as you can see, the market for CBD products is exploding. Spas, retail stores, and other marketplaces are giving CBD and its products on their shelves. To know more about the legal status of CBD, or is CBD legal in Texas? Let’s peep into history. Before 1973 nobody can possess cannabis in Texas. Anyone caught with this substance would go to prison for at least two years at that time.

Thanks to Governor Greg Abbot who makes the CBD legal in Texas. He signed a historic House bill (1325) which became law later. This bill came into effect by 2019. This law made most of the CBD and its products legal in Texas.

It is also important to know Marijuana and Hemp are two diverse cannabis varieties. Marijuana has high THC content, while Hemp cannabis doesn’t contain much THC. Due to high THC content, Marijuana can cause its intoxicating effects, while on the other hand; hemp-derived CBD is an ideal choice for medicinal purposes or therapeutic use. So Hemp-based CBD is legal.

According to Texas law CBD, CBD products and their derivatives should contain less than 0.3 percent of the THC. Most importantly, this law allows the sale of Hemp (extracted CBD) without any prescription from any medical store or practitioner. It is mandatory that CBD and its products should contain less than 0.3 percent THC.

New medicinal marijuana rules went into effect from first September 2021. Texas law introduces medical CBD cards through Texas Compassionate Use Program to regulate medicinal purpose purchases. Still, CBD products from Marijuana containing THC of more than 0.3 percent are illegal and fall in the category of medical cannabis, where the limit is less than 0.5 percent. In simple words, the THC content of more than 0.3 and less than 0.5 percent is permitted for medical use.

Is CBD Legal in Texas- Cultivation of Industrial Hemp

According to new law amendments, Hemp has been excluded from the list of controlled substances such as Marijuana as it does not contain THC.

According to the Texas Agriculture department, the hemp plant is cannabis. The state Department of Health Services and the Department of Agriculture should corporate for its legal cultivation. Moreover, according to law agriculture department should develop further rules and regulations to control the state’s hemp cultivation program. Now hemp farming is legal, but anyone who wants to do farming should obtain a license from this department. Moreover, according to law, cultivation, and use of psychoactive Marijuana.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Texas?

CBD oil is also getting popular day by day due to its potential benefits. Few companies have the license to produce and sell cannabis oil in Texas. These companies have to follow medical cannabis law, and oil must contain less than 0.5 percent THC. CBD oil extracted from Marijuana and containing more than 0.5 percent THC is still illegal in the state. Further, Hemp CBD oil should have 0.3 percent THC.

In 2018 there was a crackdown by Texas DSHS, and they pulled out all CBD oil products from stores by claiming them illegal or not FDA approved. Later Texas DSHS stopped the crackdown due to a massive public uproar.

According to law, you can’t get CBD oil until you have any medical issues like epilepsy. Moreover, if you don’t have a prescription and are getting oil from an unlicensed shop, you may get into trouble.

Texas is one of those states that strictly uses or asks for a prescription for CBD oils.

Is CBD Legal in Texas for every age group?

Every CBD product that contains less than 0.3 percent THC and derivative of industrial Hemp is legal for everyone. CBD vaping is discouraging in Texas due to an abnormal increase in lung diseases. Moreover, children and pregnant women should not use CBD products without a doctor’s prescription.CBD Capsules & Softgels

How to Avoid CBD-Related Troubles?

If you are new to the CBD products world and don’t understand Texas’ new laws, follow the following guidelines.

  • Always buy your CBD product from a reliable and licensed store in Texas. In fact, the difference between a legal and illegal CBD product is the percentage of THC content. A reliable supplier must tell you about the concentration, and you must keep the record to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Don’t buy any CBD product whose label doesn’t tell you about THC content or its concentration.
  • Don’t buy CBD products or CBD derivatives from any supplier that doesn’t share the testing results.
  • Imported CBD products can put you in trouble as every state has different laws. It is also possible that a particular CBD product is legal in a particular manufacturing state but illegal in Texas. So go to licensed and reliable suppliers or stores.

Wrapping Up The Things

I hope now you have a clear picture in mind about CBD, its derivative, and CBD oils legislation. To avoid any inconvenience, you must have a prescription to buy any CBD product which contains more than 0.3 percent. Try to make informed discoing when buying any CBD product in Texas to avoid future trouble. So it is better to do your homework regarding Texas CBD laws.

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