How Much CBD to Relax - Best CBD Dosage Explained by Procana

How Much CBD to Relax? A Guide to the Best CBD Dose

CBD short for Cannabidiol is the second most plentiful cannabinoid present in Cannabis Sativa. Its use for health purposes has been growing in recent years. It is mainly because CBD is safe to treat certain conditions without any psychoactive effects. In addition, CBD has the potential to alleviate pain, insomnia, and anxiety, and it possesses positive mental and physical health effects.

CBD comes in a variety of formulations like capsules, oils, topical, and gummies. The amount of CBD in terms of other ingredients present in them can vary depending on full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate type. Now, the matter of concern is how much CBD to relax since you have bought yourself some CBD. Here is a complete guide that will let you know the best CBD dosage.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Before starting, it is important to consider that the potential benefits and right dosage of CBD have not yet been conclusively proven. Even the FDA doesn’t provide a one-size-fits-all dosage for CBD. Studies are still ongoing and more research is needed to determine that how much CBD to relax. There is no universally accepted dose since people respond differently to various doses.

How Much CBD to Relax?

Getting your hands on pure CBD oil will make you wonder how much CBD to relax is beneficial. Well, so far research has suggested an average CBD dosage of about 20-40 mg per dose. It varies for some take a bit less and others a bit more per serving. It is going to be positively effective as long as you don’t exceed the maximum daily intake which is 70mg. You can also increase your dosage in certain conditions and symptoms under the prescription of a doctor. However, your daily intake should be anywhere between 18 and 60mg to be on the safer side.

CBD Dosage for Pain

CBD is well-known for its potential in reducing pain and inflammation. Any kind of pain or uneasiness from sports injuries, muscle and joint pain can be eased by CBD dose. Consume regular doses of 30mg three times a day or apply CBD topical on the area of pain. You can also vape CBD for severe pain levels since this method relatively gives instant and effective results.

CBD Dosage for Sleep

Sleeping disorder is a common mental health problem that can be treated by consuming CBD oil or tablets. CBD promotes improved sleep patterns by reducing stress but it doesn’t alter the mental state. Lower doses are mild stimulants whereas, higher doses can be mild sedatives. Take 80-100mg of a single dose before heading off to bed. Higher doses of CBD induce sleepiness faster without allowing the consumer to experience overthinking.

CBD Dosage for Depression

It is not known whether CBD can eliminate depression or not. However, it can reduce the symptoms of depression and stress since it is an anti-depressant and uplifts mood. If you want to relax from depression then try taking 40-70mg per day depending on the body metabolism and weight. Increase the dosage gradually until you get the desired outcomes.

CBD Capsules & Softgels

How to Find an Effective CBD Dosage?

CBD does not have an official serving size and manufacturers give you their own prescribed dosage. Doing so helps new consumers to get a general point of reference but impossible to describe a specific dosage for them. However, these given considerations will help you estimate the perfect dosage for your needs. Also, consider other medications you are taking currently.

Please Read These Factors to Calculate Your Ideal CBD Dosage:

1. Bioavailability of Product

It shows the percentage of absorbed CBD in your bloodstream. The concentration of CBD is different in topical, capsules and edibles, oil drops, and tinctures. For instance, consuming CBD oil drops provide 4-5 times the amount of CBD that a capsule of the same size can provide to your body. Therefore, the way people consume CBD also affects their dosages.

2. Consult Your Doctor

Please refer to your physician before using CBD in case of serious physical and mental health conditions. It will ensure you that CBD products do not interfere or worsen symptoms with any medication you may be taking.

3. Body Weight

When you are trying to decide how much CBD to relax, consider individual factors like body weight. Your age, gender, weight also matters along with the concentration and formulation of CBD. Normally, people with greater body mass require more time to achieve the same results. Moreover, older people may require less dose.

4. Sensitivity to CBD

The ability of your body to tolerate cannabinoid also determine your daily dosage for CBD. If you are sensitive to hemp products then consume less dose to avoid side effects. But, some people do not find any problem so they require more dose to notice positive effects.

5. Seek Dosage Calculator

Some online dose calculators are available to assist people in finding their correct dose. It may not be accurate but a good spot to start.

6. Severity of Condition

What kind of symptoms you are facing also determines how much CBD to take. The doses are different for pain, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and mental health conditions to get effective results. Some studies show various dosages ranging from 20 to 800mg per day.

7. Start With Small Dose & Increase Gradually

To find out how much CBD you need to relax, you must start with a lower recommended dose than you think you require. Everybody has their own history and tolerance ability towards CBD that may not work wonders for you. In your initial dosage, count the dosage by your body mass such as 1-6mg of CBD per pound. It will help you monitor your body’s interaction with CBD more effectively.

CBD Gummies & Fruit Chews

If you continue low dosage but you don’t notice any better results then increase the dosage as per your need. Observe and notice the difference every time you consume it.


The human body undergoes physiological changes throughout life, likewise, the cannabinoid receptors in the body also seek different CBD dosages. So, there will never be a universal CBD dosage that would work for all. Many factors like the potency of the product, body mechanism, individual characteristics, bioavailability, and severity of disease affect the influence of CBD absorption into the bloodstream. Use the general dosage calculating guidelines to find out how much CBD to relax.