How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System? Everything You Need to Know

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

Nowadays, CBD and its products have become legal in many states. People are using them to treat many medical conditions. This non-intoxicating compound (CBD) also has potential benefits in stress and pain management. Although people are using CBD with great confidence, at the same time, they are also worried about the presence of CBD in their system during drug tests. How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System? It is a thought-provoking question for all CBD users. Let’s dive into depth to find the answer.

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

The answer to this question is not as simple as we think. Numerous factors affect that CBD’s stay in your system.

Dosage of CBD

Like any other medicine, the dosage of CBD plays an important role. If you are taking a high dosage, then it can stay longer in your system. Small dosage stays for a shorter period.

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Your Metabolism

If your metabolism is fast, then CBD may flush out from your system easily as compared to those who have a slow metabolism.

Form of CBD and Intake Method

In which form you are taking, CBD is another critical factor. CBD for or type affects its stay in your system. Are you taking it in the form of a pill, oil or tincture, or vaping. For example, Vaping CBD stays shorter in the system as compared to ingestion. Vaped CBD goes into the lungs and shows its effect, while ingesting CBD or its derivative may take time to show desired effects.


How frequently are you taking CBD? What is the gap between the two dosages of CBD? These also affect its stay in your system. If you are a frequent user, then it can stay longer in your system. If you are taking CBD first time in any form, then it can leave your system fast. Frequent use causes buildups in your system, so it stays longer in your system.

Your Activity Level

Your activity level and lifestyle can also make impact its excretion from your body. If you are active and spend a good time in physical activity, then CBD can easily excrete from your system. On the other hand, a sedentary lifestyle can make it stay longer in your system.

Your Food Intake

Yes, food intake has a significant impact on CBD stay in your system. If you eat CBD with food, then the food may slow its metabolism. It can stay longer in your system with food. On the other hand, an empty stomach shows quick effects and fat excretion from the system.

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System – Some Research Evidence

There are only a few studies that tell us about the stay of CBD in our system.

  • According to this study CBD in oil form can stay between two to five days in your system when taken regularly. Other delivery methods of CBD show varied half-lives. We can say that CBD can stay in our systems for as long as five days on this research evidence.
  • In an older study, they performed the experiment on a blood sample. Users took a high dose of CBD for six weeks and then took rest for one week (CBD-free week). Then their blood samples were examined, and CBD was present in nanograms(an undetectable amount). Above mentioned studies show the presence of CBD in a blood sample.
  • There is another study that shows that CBD is detectable in urine samples too. There were fifteen participants. These participants consumed CBD oil, capsules, and flowers. Their urine sample was taken after two hours of administration. The sample was positive for CBD. A follow-up examination after 24 hours for one patient showed a negative test for CBD. So CBD is not detectable in urine after twenty-four hours.

Existing shreds of evidence show that CBD is detectable in your system for a certain period of time. If you go for the test right after CBD consumption, it may appear in any test. Usually, drug authorities are looking for THC in blood samples. Moreover, CBD stays in your system longer than five days doesn’t mean its effects also last longer. Sometimes the presence of CBD in the system gives false-positive results for THC.

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Understand the Difference Between THC and CBD

Let’s dive into depth to understand the difference between THC and CBD. Many people confuse CBD with THC, or many people consider both compounds the same. The cannabis plant has two major species; one is industrial hemp, while the other is marijuana. Although CBD and THC are similar in molecular structure, both are different in their effects. CBD comes from commercial hemp, while THC comes from marijuana. Hemp has a high amount of CBD, while marijuana is high in THC.

All CBD and its products come from industrial hemp. Moreover, CBD doesn’t make you high like THC. That is why CBD and its products are in great demand due to their non-psychoactive properties. But still, many people believe old stigmas are linked with CBD. Medical studies show that the half-life of CBD is just one to two days when you take it orally. Half-life means that particular time required by a substance to decrease its quantity in half. So its complete elimination from the body will take five to six days.

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Hemp-derived products are legal in every state of the USA, but there is an extreme need to research more about CBD or its derivative’s interaction with the human body and food substances.

Final Words

I hope now you have a better answer to the question How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System? Many factors affect its presence in the system. Furthermore, there is a need for more research and experiments to know How Long Does CBD Stays in Your System. More research and experimental studies can clear the picture of which form of CBD stays longer in the system.

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