How to Take CBG Oil - Methods to Get CBG Oil Best Results

How Do I Take CBG Oil?

CBG Oil can be taken in many different forms and delivery methods. There are usually benefits to each form of delivery, some providing faster absorption into the body than others.

Below we will offer tips for each delivery method and some of the benefits you may find:

CBG Capsules

CBG Capsules in Softgel form offers a concise dosage that is preset in a contained casing. Procana offers CBG Softgels, providing a premium casing to hold oil and for longer-term stability and absorption. CBG Softgels offer a controlled dosing application, and since encapsulation provides an “Air-tight” environment, CBG Oil will have a longer shelf life as the exposure to oxidation is lower. Ingestion of our CBG Softgels may take a little longer for effects to be achieved due to the time it takes to pass the digestive tract and dissolve into the body.CBG Capsules & Softgels

CBG Tinctures – CBG Oil Droppers

CBG Tinctures also known as CBG Oil Droppers offer more flexibility in dosing and other applications. Taking CBG orally by mouth (Sublingually) usually provides faster results than compared to Capsules. This is because sublingual ingestion offers higher bioavailability- having exposure to the Mucosa membrane in the mouth. CBG Tinctures also offers the ability to use the CBG Oil in other applications such as additives into Food or Beverages.

CBG Oil Tinctures

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