CBD and Fertility - How Long Does CBD Affect Sperm Count?

Does CBD Affect Sperm Count?

CBD is touted for its beneficial properties in managing many health issues. Research has shown that CBD may impact fertility in both genders. It can affect the sperm count, additionally, it can affect ovulation and sometimes pregnancy. Let’s see what research says about how CBD affects fertility in men and women.

What Does The Research Say?

Sperms have unique shapes and sizes; this is called the morphology of a sperm cell. The sperm, which includes a round head and a tail, enables it to travel to the egg and dissolve in the egg to fertilize it. Sometimes sperms have an abnormal shape and size, which makes their travel difficult to the egg and also make it difficult for pregnancy to take place.

  • This study was conducted on more than four hundred young male patients. It is an infertility evaluation, and researchers found that a certain part of the cannabis compound, such as CBD, had an affinity to bind to receptors on the sperm’s structure. When CBD binds, it can alter the shape, formation, and functions of these sperms. All these factors affect the fertility of men. According to this study, if you have been using cannabis in the past but left it late, it can still negatively impact sperm functions.
  • More studies have suggested that cannabis use can increase sperm count.  
  • A study conducted in 2015 and found that looked at Danish people between eighteen and twenty years old.
  • Due to the use of cannabis. It also found that regular cannabis smoking was associated with twenty-eight percent lower sperm concentrations and a twenty-nine percent lower total sperm count. So cannabis smokers can have lower sperm count. Those men who used cannabis more than once a week with other recreational substances had fifty-two percent lower sperm concentrations and fifty-five percent lower total sperm count.
  • A research review examined the forty-eight different studies relating to cannabis and fertility. Some studies are on humans, while some are on animals. All these studies suggested that cannabis can cause abnormal morphology in sperm, and as a result, it can affect fertility in men.
  • However, another study is also there, which was published in 2019. This study showed contrasting results. Six hundred sixty-two people attended a fertility center.
  • According to this study, people who had smoked cannabis in the past had higher sperm concentrations than those who had never smoked cannabis. This study has some limitations, such as a small sample size, and it is biased due to the general population being included in the study. There is also the possibility that during self-reporting, some participants may lie regarding cannabis use. Genetic makeup is another factor that was ignored by all the researchers on cannabis and its effects on sperms. So there is a need for in-depth studies to know the true facts.

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Does CBD Affect Sperm Motility?

As you all know, sperm has a tadpole-like shape, and it helps it to swim and reach the egg. The sperm’s ability to swim is called motility. So you can understand that eggs only get fertilized when sperm reach them.

A review found that there’s an “extensive body of evidence” that suggests cannabis harms sperm motility. In simple words, you can say that cannabis affects the morphology and the motility of the sperm. It reduces the sperm’s ability to reach the eggs. But still, there are many factors that should be considered; first, these findings need to be tested in humans as we are more interested in human fertility. Genetic makeup also plays an important role in sperm morphology and motility, so researchers also examine these things by keeping this point in mind. There aren’t enough studies to verify that CBD specifically has an impact on sperms and count.

Does CBD Affect Overall Fertility In Men?

Fertility in men is linked with healthy sperm and their motility. Overall, the research indicates that using cannabis often can decrease fertility. There are several studies and reviews. As the review points out, further research is needed to know the facts in more depth regarding CBD and fertility.

How To Promote Sperm Health?

If you are an avid cannabis user and would like to promote sperm health, there are a few things you can do. First of all, limit the use of cannabis but if you are using it for some medical reasons, then make some lifestyle changes. This includes:

If you have fertility issues, then talk to a fertility expert healthcare provider for more specific information. There are several fertility issues, both in men and women, that can be treated with medicines. If you and your spouse are struggling to conceive, it’s a good idea to talk to a fertility expert. If you are a frequent cannabis user and have fertility issues, then seek medical assistance immediately.

The Bottom Line

Still, there are more studies on cannabis and its effects on sperm instead of specific studies focusing on CBD and its effects on sperm. Furthermore, there are more animal studies instead of human studies, so the picture is not very clear. Still, there is a review in which researchers analyzed different studies and concluded that cannabis doesn’t affect sperm health. Although these studies have some limitations, they opened a new door for researchers to explore another positive side of cannabis.

Researchers should focus on more human research on CBD and its effects on fertility in both genders. Continuous clinical trials can help researchers to find the truth behind the use of cannabis/CBD and their effects on fertility. For now, people or couples who are concerned about their fertility should consider cutting back on cannabis or the use of CBD products. If you have been an avid user of CBD products or cannabis in the past, then consult your fertility expert to avoid any future inconvenience.