Hemp Seed Oil Benefits for Hair - Is Hemp Oil Good for Hair?

Is Hemp Oil Good for Hair?

Everybody longs for healthy and beautiful hair. For this purpose, they apply different remedies to their hair and scalp, including different types of oils. Hemp oil has become a star product in hair care regimes due to its beneficial properties. Its application makes hair smooth, shiny, and healthy. For centuries hemp oil has been used for hair care.

If you long for beautiful, healthy hair, hemp oil can help you. If you went to the market to buy hemp oil, you might find labels saying hemp oil and hemp seed oil. Apparently, they may appear the same, but both are different in properties. Hemp oil and hemp seed oil are not the same. Both oils come from the same plant (cannabis) but different parts of the plant. Hemp oil is extracted from the leaves and the stalk. Meanwhile, the hemp seed oil is derived from seeds and is usually cold-pressed.


Hemp oil has the goodness of all Cannabinoids, like THC, and CBD, while hemp seed oil doesn’t have any of these cannabinoids. Hemp seed oil is rich in antioxidants, and omega-fatty acids. That’s why it is a hair-care staple for centuries. It has moisturizing properties, so hair appears smooth and silky.

Hemp oil contains anti-irritant and topical anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s rich in amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants which provide nourishing and soothing benefits for the scalp. In short, both hemp oil and hemp seed oil have nourishing properties and are beneficial for hair.

Benefits of Hemp Oil for Hair

Your hair health and growth depend upon many factors like genes, age, gender, what you eat, and what you apply to it. Using either hemp oil or hemp seed oil for hair care is beneficial. Following are some benefits that you can get by massaging your hair with hemp oil.

– Strengthen Your Hair

Applying or mashing your hair and scalp with hemp oil can help you a lot if you have hair breakage. Massaging increases the blood flow towards the hair follicles. Moreover, it locks the moisture in hair strands, so you experience less breakage, and our hair appears strong and healthy. Amino acids and cannabinoids both nourish the enriched strands to enhance their strength.

– Good Nourishment for Hair

It is a fact that hair health and appearance also depend upon what we eat and apply to the hair. Nowadays, a hectic routine and busy lifestyle doesn’t allow us to take care of our hair. Our diet is also not healthy and provides insufficient nourishment to hair. Hemp oil and hemp seed oil both can provide great nourishment to your hair. Both oil-rich in antioxidants and omega-fatty acids. The hemp oil has cannabinoids and flavonoids; both are good for hair health. Good nourishment leads to healthy and shiny hair.

– Improves Hair Growth

Hair growth is a common issue in both genders. Some people have healthy hair, but their hair doesn’t grow longer. Similarly, many people, especially girls, dream of long hair. The good news is that hemp oil helps in hair growth. It stimulates the hair follicles, and as a result, your hair starts to grow. Massage your scalp and hair strands with oil and leave it for one to two hours. Later wash your hair with any sulfate-free shampoo. Follow this regime twice a week, and within a month, you will feel a visible difference in hair appearance and length.

– Reduce Hair Loss and Prevents Breakage

Hair loss and hair breakage both are the biggest hair issues. You can find plenty of products in the market with magical claims regarding hair loss. When you try these expensive products, usually the results are not satisfactory. Use of hemp oil and hemp seed oil is an effective way to reduce hair loss. It locks the moisture in hair strands so that you can have less breakage. Most hair breakage is the result of dryness. Hemp seed oil activates the defense mechanism and acts as a barrier against the pollutant that causes hair fall. Regular massaging with hemp oil nourishes your scalp and keeps its PH balance, so you experience less hair loss.

– Prevents Itchy Scalp

Many people experience an itchy scalp. Some may have mild dandruff. Both dandruff and itchy scalp cause irritation and hair loss. Many people share their positive experiences with the use of hemp oil. According to the users, hemp oil helps them to get rid of itchy scalp due to their anti. Inflammatory properties. Hemp oil has a blend of different cannabinoids, and cannabinoids have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Things to Remember

Many people share positive experiences with the use of hemp seed oil and hemp oil. But you have to remember a few things. There are several reasons for hair fall and other hair issues. Sometimes medicines and some therapies can cause excessive hair loss, and sometimes it’s your genetics that plays foul games. Applying hemp oil may not bring back all your locks in such a situation.

So it is important to know the root cause of your excessive hair loss and poor hair. Sometimes changing lifestyles and adopting healthy eating habits bring fruitful results. Sometimes hair loss and coarse hairs are due to scalp issues. So you can see a dermatologist to know the root cause of your hair issues. Massaging hemp seed oil can help you to get better hair by treating the root cause of hair loss or any other issues.

Wrapping up the Things

Hemp oil and hemp seed oil both are good for hair. Both oils have nourishing properties that help you to achieve smooth and manageable hair. Both oils have different properties because they come from different parts of the plant. So choose oil according to your hair concern. If you want to grow your hair longer, then both oils can help you. If you have an itchy scalp, then hemp oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help you to get rid of it. So if you want to turn your hair game positively, then massage your hair with hemp oil.