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Is Hemp Oil Good for Dogs and Cats?

Hemp oil and its therapeutic benefits for humans are well recognized. It helps to manage the sleep cycles, mood, stress, hunger, etc., and it has many health benefits that are supported by research. There is a misconception that hemp oil is not suitable for your pets (cats and dogs). Hemp oil is considered to be great for your pets. Most pet supplements are designed to treat a narrow range of health concerns. On the other hand, hemp oil for pets contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, so its health benefits are numerous and varied. Hemp oil is equally beneficial for cats and dogs.

Hemp Oil Benefits for Pets

No doubt there are countless dietary supplements for your fur baby, but one that’s quickly become the talk of the town and gained the star status is hemp oil. If you didn’t know much about hemp oil and how it helps your fur baby, then don’t worry. We’re here to tell you some exceptional benefits.


– It Is Effective In All Kinds Of Pain

Pain is also common in pets, and sometimes you don’t know the exact reason for the pain and discomfort. Hemp oil is a great alternative to painkillers as it contains different cannabinoids, so it reduces the pain sensation. It is an excellent option to treat all kinds of pain such as joint pain, surgery, toothache, etc. many pet parents consider hemp oil the sole solution to all ailments.

– It Is Great to Reduce the Seizure Frequency

Hemp oil is great for reducing the frequency of seizures. Humans and children are not alone in facing seizures. Pets like cats and dogs also suffer from seizures. It is really painful to see your fur baby in pain. Sometimes seizures are more frequent and followed by many other complications. At that time, you have to seek medical assistance from a vet. Traditional anti seizures medicines also show some side effects. Sometimes seizures are mild, and occasionally, hemp oil may serve you best as it is gentle and natural.

– Reduces Skin Allergies Effectively

Skin allergies are common and more frequent in pets like cats and dogs. Some pets experience occasional while some face seasonal allergies. On the other hand, some pets are more prone to skin infections and allergies. Hemp oil has a component called Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA). It is an essential fatty acid, and deficiency can cause many health issues. According to a study, hemp oil improved the symptoms of dermatitis.

– It Boosts Immune System

Hemp oil has omega fatty acids and phospholipids. You may be aware of the health benefits of phospholipids for humans, but these are equally beneficial for pets too. They help to maintain a healthy internal environment of cells. It supports the immune system in fighting against diseases and illnesses.

– Improves Energy Levels

Hemp oil is great for augmenting the energy level of your pet. Suppose your pet has a low energy level and doesn’t seem active, apparently. GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid) can help you to boost energy levels. Most pets, in general, don’t have sufficient GLA in their bodies. GLA is helpful in boosting the metabolism of elderly dogs. It affects the increased serotonin levels so expect healthier, happier pets with the use of hemp oil.

Things to Keep In Mind

  • Hemp oil is not an alternative to your pet’s healthy and balanced diet.
  • Hemp oil must be from a good and reputable brand. It should be specially designed for your fur babies, so read the labels carefully.
  • Some hemp oil has a specific formulation and is designed to address any particular issue. Before using such hemp oil or hemp oil-based supplement, you must consult your vet.
  • Read expiry carefully and store the hemp oil properly to keep its goodness intact. Store it in a cool and dry place. Don’t place it near a fire or in direct sunlight. Close the lid tightly after every use.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Hemp Oil Better Than Salmon Oil for My Cat?
Yes, hemp oil is better than salmon oil for your cat. Several cat foods and supplements have salmon oil in them. Hemp oil is not just plant-based oil; it is a great combination of different cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and omega fatty acids, so it provides more benefits to your cat. You can observe more energetic and happy cats after using hemp oil on your cat. In simple words, hemp oil for cats is a great alternative to other traditional pet supplements.

Q. What Is the Exact Dose Of Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs and Cats?
When it comes to giving your pet hemp seed oil, you have to be cautious. Different brands of hemp oil have different concentrations and formulations. Moreover, you have to keep in mind your pet’s current weight. Most of the labels don’t tell about the dose of hemp oil according to the weight and age of the pet. You must know the exact weight of your fur baby because if you’re just making a guess about weight, then there are chances that you are giving too much or too little of the product to your pet.

Wrapping up the Things

This article discusses the effectiveness of hemp oil for cats and dogs. Hemp seed oil is equally beneficial for both cats and dogs. It is a natural alternative to many harmful traditional veterinary medicines. It has limited side effects, especially as compared to available pharmaceutical options. There is another side of the picture, i.e., If your pet is suffering from some severe ailment or persistent infection, you must consult an experienced vet. Instead of trying DIY remedies and hemp oil at home, it is high time to take your pet to a vet for a thorough examination. In such situations, hemp oil may worsen the condition of your pet. Furthermore, always be cautious while measuring the Dose of hemp oil for your pet because an overdose can show some side effects.

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