CBD Oil Side Effects on Liver - Can CBD Harm Liver Health?

Everything Need to Know About How CBD Oil Effects the Liver

The use of CBD oil is booming around the globe, and people are using it for different health purposes. As its use is getting popular, people are more aware of its potential risks along with health benefits. Nowadays, people are more concerned about the side effects when they try any new supplement, and liver damage is one of the greatest concerns. CBD oil and other CBD products are no exception. If you are using CBD oil for pain management and/or sleep issues, you might have some concerns about it’s interaction with liver functions. Let’s see what the research says.

CBD Oil and Its Effects on Liver

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), CBD is safe and well-tolerated for human use. Different researchers have tested the CBD safety profile in humans using doses as high as fifteen hundred milligrams of CBD. This updated study, on the safety and side effects of CBD, reported no dangerous side effects on fifteen-hundred mg of CBD taken for a six-week period.

CBD Oil Tinctures

When it comes to the liver and its functions, some research studies have discovered that excessively high qualities of CBD might affect liver enzymes. Some recent studies showed that high doses of CBD could damage the liver. According to research on hepatotoxicity of the liver, exaggerated doses of two hundred mg of CBD can damage the liver. This study also points out that there is “lack of comprehensive toxicological studies” devoted to CBD safety. Such researchers and studies are useful for further marketing of CBD and CBD products. This study also raises many critical questions.

What Is an Expert Opinion Regarding CBD Oil and Liver Function?

Can CBD oil cause liver damage? Experts have a very detailed answer to this question. Although the findings of some studies, as mentioned above, appear destressing to many doctors, wellness experts state that there is no cause for alarm. The dose given in these experiments are extraordinarily higher than that of a dose of CBD that a normal person uses for therapeutic purposes. Still, there is a lack of evidence that CBD can cause liver damage in humans. Moreover, liver size and body weight also matter in hepatotoxicity of the liver. 

Things to Keep In Mind to Avoid Any Potential Damage to the Liver

CBD oil dosage and potency play an important role in causing side effects. Most people pick CBD products, tinctures, and health supplements over the counter. There is the possibility that the potency indicated on the label of CBD products is not an accurate representation of what is inside the pack or bottle. It is also important to note that The Food and Drug Administration hasn’t issued a recommended measure to regulate the CBD products you buy over the counter.

According to a report by the Bureau of Cannabis Control in California, eighty percent of the CBD products (over the counter) have different potency and content than as indicated on their labels. So there are chances that you may consume more CBD as compared to the recommended dose, and it can harm your liver or you may have some other side effects. There are different CBD products in the market with different potencies. Similarly, CBD oil and tinctures also have different potencies. From lower doses to higher doses, you can get CBD products over the counter. Everyone is different; their systems can react differently to CBD doses. Our tolerance levels are also different, and even small doses can cause side effects for some people. So, it is important to consult your health care practitioner before starting CBD. If you have underlying health issues and want to use CBD oil or any other CBD product, you should get advice from your doctor. Start with a lower dose and seek medical guidance immediately in case of any side effects. Keep tracking your liver functions and enzymes through different tests while taking CBD.

Wrapping up the Things

Like any other health supplement, CBD can have side effects. Most importantly, CBD can cause dose-dependent damage to the liver. It means liver damage is associated with a higher dose. Furthermore, there is a need for more human clinical trials to unveil any serious side effects of CBD on the liver. According to health experts, the majority of people can safely use CBD oil without worrying about side effects on liver function as CBD doesn’t harm any organ in a small dose.