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What Happens When You Mix CBD and Alcohol?

CBD oil and its benefits are the talk of the town. Manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon and trying to infuse CBD into every product. Alcohol manufacturers are not far behind, and they are also producing CBD-infused shots, cocktails, and other alcoholic beverages. However, CBD is still a substance, and its many aspects are under research. Many questions need answers, such as “what happens when you mix CBD and alcohol”, or “can I take CBD after or before drinking alcohol”.

CBD and Alcohol

CBD is one of the cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. It is famous for its health and therapeutic benefits, and it doesn’t make you high like THC. THC is also a cannabinoid, but it has psychoactive properties. In recent years CBD oil and other CBD products have gained widespread popularity. According to this research, alcohol promotes feelings of relaxation. It also affects the inhibitory control of the body. CBD can have similar effects and also calm the nerves. Taking alcohol and CBD together could intensify these effects, potentially causing symptoms like increased sleepiness and sedation.

What Does Happen When You Mix CBD and Alcohol? 

CBD and alcohol do not interact with one another, so it is not harmful to take CBD while drinking alcohol. But both can intensify each other’s effects and result in changed behavior and mood. Some people feel sleepy and lose control over their actions. According to experimental studies, taking alcohol with CBD can cause significant impairments in motor functions. It also affects the perception of time. These effects can vary from person to person depending upon their tolerance and many other factors.

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The Potential Benefits Of Combining Alcohol and CBD

Combining both CBD and alcohol can show positive effects for many reasons.

– Cure Hangover
Consuming alcohol in large quantities can cause hangovers. CBD has calming effects on nerves, and this is particularly useful in combating hangovers. There’s some evidence that suggests that CBD actually ‘reduces the alcohol level in your bloodstream’, which means you get less drunk, and therefore in simple words, you can say that you feel fewer side effects of alcohol by combining it with CBD. 

– Less Oxidative Damage
According to a study, drinking alcohol in large quantities induces steatosis, which can cause liver damage. In this animal study, (rodents) were given CBD thirty minutes before ingesting alcohol. Rodents were given CBD before alcohol experienced less oxidative damage in the liver than those who didn’t have the CBD.

– You Can’t Over Consume Alcohol When Taking CBD
Some people have strong self-control, and they don’t drink more than one serving, and then some have one too many. According to a study, CBD might reduce the desire for overconsumption of alcohol. This is usually due to the relaxing nature of the CBD. CBD also helps reduce several symptoms of alcohol addiction and withdrawal. 

– It Protects Against Alcohol-Induced Fatty Liver
Drinking alcohol in large quantities over a long period can cause fat buildup in your liver. This condition is known as alcohol-induced fatty liver. If it is left untreated, it can lead to serious damage to the liver.

CBD might help protect against alcohol-induced fatty liver by increasing autophagy. Autophagy is a process that encourages new cell turnover and protects against fatty liver. Some studies lead us to believe that CBD and alcohol make a good combination. CBD oil is helpful in reducing some of the negative consequences of alcohol, making it ideal.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. Can Taking CBD Oil with Alcohol Disturb My Sleep?
Taking alcohol with CBD can disturb your sleep. There is a mixed bag of reviews. Some people say that they experience a more calming effect and are sound asleep when combining the two. At the same time, some say that initially, they fall asleep but later (in the second half of the night) they have disturbed sleep. 

Q. Do CBD Oils Affect The Taste Of Cocktails?
CBD oil has an earthy taste, but it can be a great addition to many cocktails. It also depends upon the personal preference and quantity of CBD oil. Nowadays CBD infused alcohols are a trend.

Q. Can I Over Consume Alcohol When Taking CBD?
Nowadays, CBD-infused cocktails are in fashion. But not every popular trend is good for you. You should be cautious with alcohol consumption, especially in large quantities. Alcohol consumption in large quantities is not appreciated by your body. You should drink alcohol in moderation, whether you combine it with CBD or not.

Q. What Is A Safe Dose of CBD and Alcohol?
If you are new to CBD and have never consumed alcohol before, it is better not to combine them. It is better to increase your tolerance level by trying them alone. You may tolerate CBD but are unable to tolerate alcohol or vice versa. There are also chances that your body experiences side effects of CBD, so there is no recommendation of a safe dose or quantity for combining CBD and alcohol.

Wrapping Up

According to some studies, CBD and alcohol combined can amplify the effects of sedation. Some studies support that CBD reduces alcohol’s negative effects. CBD is also helpful in treating alcohol addiction and withdrawal symptoms. You have to remember that research on CBD and alcohol is still at an early stage. There is a need for more human studies and clinical trials. Human clinical trials can unveil the true potential of CBD. The last thing to remember is that anything in excess is bad. So the consumption of alcohol in large quantities is not a good idea. Always be safe when drinking alcohol and do it moderately.

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