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Can You Take CBD Gummies on an Empty Stomach?

Nowadays, many people are taking gummies due to the flavors and convenience. Many people who are newbies in the CBD world may get confused by exploring several CBD gummies options, and a number of questions arise in their minds regarding the dose and best timing to take these gummies. There are several health supplements that you can’t even take on an empty stomach. A similar question people ask for gummies is whether it is ok to take gummies on an empty stomach or not. Before jumping into the answers to this most frequently asked question, it is important to understand what gummies actually are and how these gummies work. You should also know about the ingredients and bioavailability of gummies.

How Do These CBD Gummies Work in Body?

Gummies are one of the most popular edibles around the globe. These gummies are soft, chewy, and infused with. Many people like to take them due to the flavors and taste as flavor masks the original flavor and taste. CBD Oils and tinctures have a bitter taste and earthy aroma; so many people don’t like them. Gummies are pleasantly flavored, so people like to use them.

CBD Gummies

The second thing is to understand what ingredients your gummies have along with. Some gummies are purely based on, while some gummies have other additives, preservatives, and specialized ingredients. Such gummies are formulated to get some specific or desired health goals.

You have to understand another important thing, that is bioavailability and how it impacts the effects on the body. In simple words, bioavailability means a substance’s absorption rate. It means at what rate and extent it reaches your bloodstream in the form of gummies.

Unfortunately, regardless of the form, the maximum absorption of other vitamin and nutraceutical products falls between five to fifteen percent. It means a lot of CBD is wasted in this process. One of the main reasons for the poor bioavailability is the “First Pass Effect,” which occurs when you ingest CBD and other ingredients in oral form. When you use tincture or oil sublingually, its bioavailability is more as compared to gummies. Oils and tinctures are used sublingually, so they reach the bloodstream quickly.

When you ingest gummies, then gummies reach the stomach, and after digestion, ingredients are transported through the hepatic vein into the liver. The liver’s job is to filter and break down ingredients, so right out of the starting gate, you are losing the potency and efficacy of the. From there, the liver returns to the stomach and then into the large and small intestines, where it is broken down even further. By the time CBD enters the bloodstream, you are left with five to fifteen percent of the ingredients. Now we have the reason behind the poor bioavailability in the form of gummies.

Can You Take Gummies on an Empty Stomach?

Although you can take gummies on an empty stomach once in a blue moon, it is not the right way. Usually, health care practitioners do not recommend it. Following are some logical reasons to explain why it is not allowed on an empty stomach.

If you’re taking on an empty stomach, you need a larger dose to feel a therapeutic response than someone with food in their stomach. This is regardless of how you take CBD – oral, topical, etc. works better if a person ingests fatty foods approximately 30 minutes prior to taking it. It is liposoluble, so it absorbs well in the presence of fats.

Foods like avocado, nuts, fish, and cheese can help you increase and improve your absorption rate. Fat lipids help transport cannabinoids into the bloodstream and cell membranes.

This is the reason that tinctures are mixed with MCT oil or some other carrier oil. They are both healthy forms of fat and will help increase the Bioavailability of the body. Many gummies manufacturers also add some carrier oils or fats in gummies to increase their absorption, so you must read the ingredients before buying any gummies. There is also research that a greater concentration was detected in participants’ blood plasma who ate fatty foods before their dose vs. those who take CBD on an empty stomach. Taking any nutraceutical or health supplements and even gummies on an empty stomach can cause some serious side effects. Some people may feel nausea on taking gummies on an empty stomach. It can harm your stomach’s inner wall, and if this practice is continuous, it can cause ulcers in the stomach.

As a Beginner, Which Gummies Should I Try?

It’s a valid question because, as a newbie, you can be confused by seeing so many options, and it’s hard to decide. Remember one thing: Not all gummies are created equal. In fact, the majority of gummies manufacturers don’t have quality control. Mostly low, quality gummies are filled with high fructose artificial dyes, preservatives, and artificial flavors. Gummies should contain CBD as the main ingredient. The ingredients mentioned above are not healthy and should be avoided in gummies. So if you are looking for quality gummies, then choose gummies from Procana. These gummies are well-formulated and vegan. All their products are all third-party lab-tested to back up their efficacy and safety profile. So don’t be tense and enjoy Procana CBD gummies.

Wrapping up the Things

Undoubtedly, gummies can be a discreet and delicious way to get your intake. If you are new to this CBD world, then start with a low dose, no matter how delicious these gummies are. Many people think that they can eat as many gummies as they want, but it is not the right practice. I recommend taking two or three gummies a day for a few weeks to know how your body reacts to it fully. You can always add more if you need to. Always consult your doctor before using any product, including gummies. But don’t take these gummies empty stomach, and don’t exceed the required dose to avoid side effects.