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Can You Freeze CBD Oil?

CBD oil is one of the most popular and most demanded CBD products in the market. A large chunk of people around the globe is using CBD oil to reap its potential benefits. Many CBD enthusiasts who buy CBD oil in bulk seem to worry about its storage. CBD oil usually has a long shelf life, from one to two years, depending upon the other ingredients in the oil. You can extend its shelf life by properly maintaining the storage condition. Still, many people who buy CBD oil in bulk wonder if they can freeze CBD oil; what if CBD oil will ruin by freezing? The following content will help you find answers to such questions and give you some additional information regarding CBD oil storage.

How to Store CBD Oil Properly?

People use CBD oil to reap its maximum health benefits. But you can get maximum health benefits of CBD oil only when you store it properly. Improper storage conditions affect the potency of CBD oil and decrease its shelf life. Usually, it is good to follow the storage instructions written on the label to keep your oil intact and effective.


CBD oil should be stored in a dark and cool place. You can store it easily in your kitchen cabinet. Keep it away from the direct sunlight and heat. Don’t put it near the stove or window where direct sunlight comes. Most CBD oil bottles are in dark color to avoid sunlight. Tight the lid properly after every use; otherwise, pollutants can enter the bottle. In simple words, three environmental factors should be avoided when storing CBD oil: light, heat, and air. All of them can contaminate your CBD oil and degrade it by breaking down the cannabinoids and other compounds.

Can You Put CBD Oil in the Fridge?

Can you put CBD oil in the fridge or not? It is a question that bothered all those who bought CBD oil in bulk. You stock up for a full year and want to make sure that the first unopened bottle remains fresh when it’s time to take off the seal. Otherwise, refrigerating CBD oil may cause it to change consistency, and make it difficult to dose. If you want your CBD oil to come back to its normal state after taking it out of the fridge, let it sit for a few hours at room temperature.

There is another thing that you should keep in mind is that if you put a CBD oil bottle in the fridge and don’t close its lid properly, then there are chances of fungus or bacteria propagation in the oil. Humid and air-tight places are ideal for fungus and bacteria growth. This can happen when your CBD oil’s unsealed bottle stays for a longer period in the fridge. CBD oil in the fridge can change its color and viscosity if it has some other ingredients and carrier oils. Carrier oils like coconut oils can solidify in the fridge, but you don’t need to worry. Bring out the bottle from the fridge and input it on the shelf before an hour to use; CBD oil will regain its consistency.

Can You Freeze CBD Oil?

The simplest answer to this question is that Yes, you can freeze the CBD oil. If you bought the CBD oil bottles with the fear of running out but are now worried about the shelf life. You don’t need to worry about it; you can freeze it to extend its shelf life. Freezing the CBD oil makes it thicker or maybe solidifies it to some extent due to the other ingredients such as preservatives and carrier oils. Temperatures below zero could cause the chemical constituents in CBD oil to behave differently. Oil appears cloudy, but it doesn’t lose its consistency. Never put the frozen CBD oil bottle in the microwave immediately because it will affect the compound in the oil.

Put the frozen oil bottle on the kitchen shelf before use; after a while, it will regain its normal consistency at room temperature. Later put it in the fridge or normal kitchen cabinet. You can repeat the same process for every frozen bottle of CBD oil. Sometimes people get worried that they accidentally put the bottle in the freezer, and they weren’t aware of the proper storage requirements for CBD oil, so friends are relaxed; freezing doesn’t affect the potency of the oil. If you are a regular user of CBD oil, then there is no need to freeze the CBD oil. You can simply put it at room temperature but don’t forget to tighten the lid.

How Long Does CBD Oil Stay Effective After Opening the Bottle?

With proper storage, CBD oil can stay fresh for up to six months. Some CBD oils come with some other ingredients, so they may expire early. Every brand mentions the expiry of CBD oil on the bottle and also the storage instruction. To extend the CBD oil’s life, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you don’t store the CBD oil properly, it will lose its potency or may expire soon.

Some Frequently Asked Question

Q. Can I Microwave the Frozen CBD Oil?
No, it is not a good idea. You should keep the frozen oil on the kitchen shelf at room temperature; it will melt down soon. If you want to melt it early, then you can put the bottle in warm water for a while. Don’t put the bottle directly on fire.


You can put your CBD oil in both the fridge and freezer. Freezing the CBD oil can extend its shelf life, and it’s a good idea to store your bulk purchase of CBD oil. Normally you can put your CBD oil bottle in a kitchen cabinet or drawer to avoid excess light and heat. Avoid improper storage to extend its shelf life; otherwise, it will expire soon. Frozen CBD oil doesn’t lose its potency or effectiveness. Furthermore, you can easily defrost it without any hassle.