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Best CBD for Cats in 2024

The popularity of CBD in the pet sector is skyrocketing which only reflects how influential it has become. As a pet lover, you must have browsed and gone through all sorts of pet discussions where you heard the phrase- CBD for cats or CBD for pets.

It’s because nowadays, CBD has extended its usage beyond human use. It is also making a new path in the pet business to help people take better care of their pets.

Pet owners who treat their dogs or cats like family members spend a lot of time and money making sure they are healthy and happy. So, if you care about your cat’s health, you might want to find out more about how CBD can help cats.

In this scenario, trusting a reliable brand that offers CBD for pets should be your first step. And for that, we at Procana will be someone who you can trust for your pet’s well being Porcana provides a range of CBD products for pets that offer incredible health benefits.

We’re here to cover all the essential information about top-notch CBD products for cats. That’s why cat lovers out there should pay close attention to our blog and find out ways to support their beloved pets.

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Natural Peanut Butter Flavor

Procana (Mini Breed) VET Formula™ offers CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats, designed for weight specific range up to 12 pounds.

Research has shown that animals, like humans have an endocannabinoid system- and similarly benefit with CBD.  Offering superior quality, Procana VET Formula is suitable for both Human and Animal consumption.

Droppers are flavored with Organic Peanut Butter.


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CBD has become increasingly popular as a remedy for many individuals. It helps with a wide range of issues like pain, stress, digestive problems, sleeping problems, etc. Guess what? CBD for cats is becoming more common because it might calm down hyperactive cats and help with some behavior problems.

Even though the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) says more study needs to be done on how well CBD works for pets, pet owners are raving about the good effects they’re seeing. Procana is proud to offer high-quality CBD treats that can greatly improve your pet’s quality of life. We try very hard to make products that offer relief and happiness. 

Procana is highly recommended by many as the top choice for CBD oil for pets. Pet parents are praising Procana and its health-boosting properties, without causing any intoxicating effects.

Its cat-friendly formula proves a little goes a long way in supporting your cat’s well-being. Here, in this blog, we will go deep into the best CBD products for cats and we are ready to give you the scoop on everything you need to know.

CBD For Dogs & Cats (Mini Breed) Tincture

Cats are also just like us and have an endocannabinoid system in their bodies. Similarly, like dogs, their systems also work like us humans. It’s a plus for pet owners because this makes things easier for them to figure out in case their little feline friend is not feeling good.

A proper ECS will put your cat in a good mood and behave accordingly. So, in case you are going through a rough patch with your cat, it must be the time for you to consider Porcana’s (Mini Breed) Vet formula for your cat.

If your cat isn’t feeling well and showing some symptoms, you should consult a vet and then consider a reputable brand like us. The symptoms could be like-

  • Less appetite
  • Being aggressive
  • Stress
  • Energy loss
  • Sleep disorder
  • Inflammation
CBD Mini Breed

What’s really cool about Procana is it has everything your cat needs to live a better life. Imagine that your cat is healthy and always in a happy mood, running around, playing, and bringing smiles to everyone’s faces. That’s what Procana can do for you in the long run.

The CBD tincture we’re talking about is very safe and it won’t make your cat feel strange or high. If you’re looking for a natural way to deal with your cat’s health issues, Procana’s CBD is a perfect choice for you.

We strive in this matter as all of our CBD for pets items are designed for pet owners who want a beneficial way to look after their feline friends.

You can easily find out a proper dosage limit because every bottle has a label that has all the ingredients listed with the dosage. Our CBD oils have peanut butter flavor which is why customers love us as they don’t need to struggle anymore while making their pets have our tincture.

People love what Procana brings to the table and that’s why Procana’s name is always growing and it seems to have made a new territory in the pet industry as well. Our hard work is paying off, and the high quality of our products is proof of that.

The special attributes of Procana (Mini Breed) VET Formula™ are:

  • 100% natural and locally grown
  • Third-party tested
  • Vegan
  • Offers a peanut butter flavor
  • Best for cats

Procana’s special oil, the Mini Breed VET Formula™, is made just for small pets up to 12 pounds. When your little buddy seems off or acts weird, you should talk to a vet and think about trying a brand like ours for CBD intake.

This special CBD tincture from Procana is designed to support your cat’s endocannabinoid system in several ways.

It’s all about making sure your feline friend feels their best. Our formula is fully customized to benefit the pets. Prcana’s CBD oil helps them to stay balanced and happy. So, if your little pet needs a boost, our Mini Breed VET Formula™ could be just the right solution for you. It’s a simple way to care for your pet’s health and happiness, and it’s made with love from Procana.

CBD for Cats and Small Dogs

The List of Ingredients:

  • Cannabidiol (CBD),
  • Natural Peanut Butter Flavor, and
  • MCT Oil

With each serving, your cat will get around 3 mg CBD, and per bottle, there will be 90 mg CBD in total. So, you can consider having a bottle for your cat and after a month, we are sure you will see the change and order for more.

You get the bottle for only $16.99. Also, get 10% discounts by subscribing to Procana.

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Customers Feedback

Currently, you can find our CBD items in over 2900 stores across the country.

There are many pet parents who have been using our best CBD for cats products have found help for their feline friends.

You can always check our customer feedback section in this matter because we are always transperant about our products and everything else because we want our customers to trust us.

For example:

“‘As a pet owner, I’ve seen a remarkable improvement in my little buddy’s health thanks to Procana’s CBD for pets. Before, my dog struggled with restlessness and mood swings, but ever since we started using the Mini Breed VET Formula™, there’s been a noticeable change. He sleeps through the night and is much happier during the day. It’s such a relief to see him thriving and enjoying life again. I’m truly grateful for Procana’s CBD products; they’ve made a world of difference. It’s clear that a lot of thought and care goes into their products, and as a pet parent, that means everything to me.’”

– Verified User

Side Effects

We’ve got nothing but positive feedback on our CBD products for pets. Our Procana Mini Breed VET Formula™ hardly has any side effects. But, if your dog does have a small problem after using the oil, it’s important to chat with a vet about it.

Best CBD for Cats Buying Guide in 2024

Our best CBD for cats items can really help your little friend feel better, and to see him/her happy you’ll be happy too. Choosing a brand that gives real results is key. With so many CBD brands around, not all are honest about their product quality. The source of the product is important for your pet’s health. That’s where we come in to help you pick a CBD tincture that’s effective for your pets and keeps you away from wasting your money. 

For true benefits, go for a brand that gets its CBD from organic hemp. We at Procana are honest and open about our production methods. Also, our site has all the customer feedback which will show you how trusted we are and why you should pick us for your pet’s wellness.

Also, before choosing a particular CBD oil, you should know what makes one CBD oil better than another and consider your pet’s weight as well. Then rely on trusted sources like us for transparency.

CBD Tincture For Cats

What is CBD for Cats?

We can find CBD in hemp plants and according to studies, it has no psychoactive properties in it. CBD isn’t like THC which can make a person and in this case, your pets feel high.

In recent times, we all have seen and heard how CBD is growing which is why so many new brands are rising from the ashes. The reason behind this immense popularity is because of CBD’s many health benefits. Besides humans, now pets are also being able to experience these advantages.

Remember that CBD will interact with your cat’s endocannabinoid system. Among many advantages, one of them is that it keeps your cat’s bodily functions in check. You will see changes in various aspects, like- your cat’s mood, appetite, pain tolerance, inflammation, sleeping, etc.

According to many cat owners’ reports, they have seen positive effects of CBD in their cats. For example- reduced stress, better mobility and appetite, and improved overall well-being.

Now, to get the most out of CBD for cats, you have to make sure that your chosen items are third-party tested and of high quality. It’s important to consider the dosage as well. You can start with a lower dose and then if you still feel unsure, make sure to seek guidance from a veterinarian.

CBD for cats is available in a variety of forms, such as oils, treats, and topicals, which makes it more convenient to find the right option for your pet.

Are CBD safe for your cats? Yes, they are safe for cats, but there might be slight reactions at first which depend on your pet’s weight and other aspects.

You have to closely monitor your cat’s response in a few matters. And then you can make necessary adjustments to the dosage. In this way, you can effectively minimize any potential side effects. For example- drowsiness or an upset stomach.

CBD Cats

CBD vs CBG vs THC for Cats – Which One is Better?

Now, almost everyone around is familiar with CBD and because of the ongoing news about the CBD industry’s growth, THC and CBG are also coming into the picture. When it comes to choosing CBD for your pets, you might hear about THC and CBG tinctures too.

All these have significant advantages and are important for you to know about them. Why should you know about the differences? Will they affect your pet’s health? Will any of it make your pet become high?

All these questions are valid and their answers will help you pick the right decision considering the benefits.

Here, you will see a table where we have put together the significant differences between CBD, CBG, and THC tinctures.

Characteristic CBD (Cannabidiol) CBG (Cannabigerol) THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)
Effect on the Mind Non-psychoactive Non-psychoactive Psychoactive
Legality Generally legal, varies by states Legal status similar to CBD, varies Mostly illegal or strictly for medicinal purposes
Primary Applications Stress relief, discomfort, etc Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, potential for nerve protection Pain management, stimulating appetite, anti-nausea
Cat’s Safety Usually safe with correct dosage Research is promising but still in early stages Advised against due to mind-altering effects
Amount of Research Broad and comprehensive Still in preliminary stages Considerable for humans, less so for pets

How to Choose the Best CBD for Cats?

When you are going to try to find the right CBD for your cat, you have to consider their unique needs and make sure the product is fully safe. You need to check about the quality as well along with other aspects. For example: 

Safety and Quality First

The safety and quality of CBD oil are the two most important things when choosing a product for your cat. Among many options, make sure to go for CBD that is derived from U.S.-grown, organically farmed hemp.

Choose the brand that abides by this and this way you can be certain that there are no harmful chemicals inside the CBD item. A product with less than 0.3% THC is important and must be followed to prevent any psychoactive effects on your cat.

Third-party lab tested

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a third-party lab should be available for each CBD product you consider for your cat. It clearly shows an unbiased report on its CBD and THC content. The report will also confirm that the product is totally free from contaminants.

Cat-Specific Formulations

Cats have specific physiological needs compared to dogs or humans and that’s why it is important for you to choose a CBD oil formulated specifically for your feline friends.

While choosing CBD for cats, make sure to choose a company that specifically designs CBD items for your cats. They must consider the unique health requirements and dietary preferences of cats.

For example, CBD oil for cats may include fish or catnip flavors that are more appealing to them. But at Procana, you will find CBD oil that has a flavor of peanut butter which cats love.

THC-Free Options

For obvious reasons, it is important for you to choose CBD products for pets that have no trace amounts of THC. Because THC items have sensitive compounds in them that may harm your cat’s health.

Choose products that have labels as “THC-free“. It means they have undergone additional processing to remove any trace of THC which will give you peace of mind about your cat’s safety.

Best CBD For Cats
Appropriate Concentration and Dosage

The concentration of CBD in the product you choose should be suitable for your cat’s size and specific health needs. You can start with a low dosage and observe your cat’s reaction to it. Then you can adjust the amount as needed.

Choose a brand whose product packaging shows clear guidelines on dosing and a list of ingredients used in it. Remember, what works for one cat may not work for another, so it may take some time to find the right dosage.

Flavor and Palatability

Your cats could be very picky when it comes to eating, that’s why choosing the right flavor for CBD items should be an important factor. Many CBD oils for cats are available in flavors that are designed for feline tastes.

You can always choose an unflavored option in this case, but if you want, you can choose a flavored one and then you can easily mix that into your cat’s food. This way, you won’t be altering the taste.

Evaluate the Carrier Oil

The carrier oil used in CBD products for cats should be considered for its health benefits and ease of digestion. Oils like hemp seed oil or MCT (coconut) oil are commonly used and are known for their nutritional value and ability to aid in the absorption of CBD.

Make sure the carrier oil of your chosen brand’s CBD items is of high quality and suitable for pets. It will directly contribute to the overall effectiveness of the CBD oil.

Now, if you can successfully follow these tips we have suggested, it will be very easy for you to select a CBD product that is not only safe and effective for your cat but also one that they will willingly accept.

Benefits of Our CBD for Cats

You can find a natural way to support your cat’s health and happiness with our CBD products. Here are the benefits you can expect from Procana’s CBD for cats.

Stress Reduction

Our CBD helps calm your cat and makes it easier for them to adapt to new environments and they will be less stressed. It’s perfect to ease tension in houses that have multiple cats or before vet visits.

Travel Comfort

We have seen that sometimes cats have difficulties while they are on trips and it can be unsettling for cats. Our CBD offers a soothing effect that makes car rides or vet visits more bearable without the need for any kind of sedative.

Pain Management

For cats suffering from arthritis or old age-related discomfort, our CBD acts as a natural pain reliever. It improves their mobility and quality of life.

CBD For Cats Guide

Skin Health

If your cat struggles with allergies or itchy skin issues, our CBD can provide relief by reducing skin inflammation. It will also help your cats to have a healthier coat.


Our CBD can help manage your cat’s mood swings and hyperactivity issues as well. Choose our CBD oil to have a more relaxed and happy life, especially if your cat is stressed or becomes hyper regarding mood swings.

Each benefit given here is to improve your cat’s well-being naturally. We always try to offer a gentle solution to common pet health issues.

Risk of Using CBD Cat Products

Studies show that CBD oil is generally safe for pets, with both dogs and cats responding well to it. CBD doesn’t cause a high, so its effects are subtle, focusing more on reducing symptoms like stress and mood swings rather than creating a noticeable change.

If the brand you pick adheres to the 2018 Farm Bill Act, its products are likely to be safe for your pet.

In research where six dogs and eight cats were given a dose of 2mg per kg of CBD oil over three months, no adverse effects from using CBD were observed.

What Research Says About CBD Usages for Cats?

The use of CBD is becoming more popular in both human and animal healthcare. Some recent changes in federal law have happened that allow the sale of hemp products. And it is known that they have less than 0.3% THC, which can be harmful to animals.

CBD is always appreciated, and right now, even getting lots of praise for its potential to help with stress, hyperactivity, and pain in both dogs and cats. Yet, the FDA advises against using it for these pets because there’s not enough information on safe doses. Especially we don’t know the effects of using it over a long period and how the body processes it, whether taken once or multiple times.

A recent informal study published in the journal Animals showed that hemp-based CBD products might be safe for dogs in small amounts, but it also found issues like slow absorption and quick removal in cats.

More studies are needed to truly understand how CBD affects dogs and cats, ensuring it’s safe and effective for them.

How to Use CBD for Cats?

It could be a bit difficult to start giving CBD to your pets. But as a pet parent, you can’t ignore the benefits your pet will experience through the CBD intake. Here’s how you can easily give CBD to your pets and utilize the advantages:

  • Direct from the Dropper: Give CBD oil directly to your pet by placing it on their gums. This method helps by making your pet absorb it quickly in the bloodstream. It will bypass the digestive system for immediate effect.
  • Mix with Food: If your pet is hesitant about direct dosing, mix the CBD oil with their food. Try to keep an eye on them and see that they eat the whole meal to get the full dose.
  • CBD-Infused Treats: Tons of pets love treats which makes CBD-infused treats a great way to intake CBD. These are especially useful for pets who need encouragement to take their supplements.
  • Apply to Ears: For pets not keen on oral methods, you can rub CBD oil on the inside of their ears. This particular way is quite effective and allows CBD to be absorbed through the skin. However, it may not be as efficient as direct oral administration.
  • Use in Toys: You can apply one more trick by increasing your pet’s playtime and adding CBD oil to their favorite toy or a treat-dispensing toy. This method makes taking CBD fun and rewarding.

All of these methods help make sure your pet gets the benefits of CBD in a way that suits them best. Remember to start with a low dose and gradually adjust based on your pet’s response.

Best CBD for Cats – Things to Consider Before Buying

Recently, CBD for pets has received a lot of positive buzz from the pet parent community. If you are familiar with CBD, you might have seen how the industry is growing and that’s why we can see many online and local shops are now selling CBD items for pets. 

Our tip for you is not to stress out over the many brands you see. It’s really important to choose CBD products for your pets that you believe are safe, work well, and are good for your pet’s health.

Now, to find the best CBD items, you’ll need to look at a few important things. For example- whether they’ve been third-party tested like Procana’s CBD items, how good the hemp is, and how they get the CBD out of the plant.

CBD Hemp For Cats
Listen to our suggestions to find the best one that could really help improve your health and happiness.

Do CBD Products Make Your Cats High?

If you are worried that CBD might make your pet feel a bit high like the rumor says, no need to worry because that is not the case here. Our customized CBD for your beloved pets won’t get them high.

All our CBD products are made from the cannabis plant, but they’re nothing like THC, which is what usually causes the high. These items are carefully made to only include the good stuff from cannabis. The best thing about CBD oil or tincture is they have hardly any THC in them, usually less than 0.3%.

So, your little feline friend won’t get any high feeling from CBD tinctures.

When you pick a trustworthy CBD brand like Procana for your pet, you can go ahead and buy their products without stress. You can check out our pet items and give them to your cat every day, and they’ll get all the good benefits of cannabis without any of the trippy side effects.

Are CBD Cat Products Legal?

As a result of CBD’s proven value, particularly in the pet industry, the United States has substantially relaxed its rules on the substance.

Under the nation’s law, the production and distribution of CBD are now permissible across many states, provided they stick to the guidelines of the 2018 Farm Bill Act. This legislation stipulates that CBD items must contain no more than 0.3% THC.

The health and wellness industry is experiencing a surge in demand for CBD goods. Professionals think that the US CBD market will grow very quickly and reach $13 billion by 2029!

Behind this huge expansion, the CBD law’s levay has played a big part. This sort of ease has sparked widespread curiosity and eagerness among consumers to explore the benefits CBD has to offer.

Ingredients Used in Our CBD for Cats Products?

Our beloved cats deserve nothing but the best quality. At Procana, we are committed to creating high-quality CBD products for pets using the best ingredients available.

We offer a process that starts with hemp that is cultivated using organic methods. It guarantees its purity and maximizes its natural advantages.

To extract CBD oil, we use the CO2 extraction method which is known for its ability to pull out the purest CBD safely and effectively. This technique allows us to produce top-tier CBD products.

Our CBD pet products are quite popular among pet parents. The items have CBD in their most refined form which is called CBD isolate. This guarantees that your pet can enjoy all the benefits of CBD without any unnecessary additives that may be present in the hemp plant.

At Procana, our mission is centered around ensuring safety and maintaining honesty. We always make it a priority to use hemp that is free from pesticides and perform thorough third-party tests. Our products are of the highest quality standards.

We, at Procana, offer a wide selection of products. Among them, we provide six CBD for pets items that focus on the health and happiness of your cherished pet.

The list of main ingredients we use in the best CBD for cats products are

  • Cannabidiol (CBD),
  • Natural Peanut Butter Flavor,
  • MCT Oil.

Side Effects of CBD for Cats?

There is currently no conclusive evidence that cannabidiol (CBD) oil has any negative effects on canines. But, as to humans, dogs may have side effects, most often from overdosing.

To prevent any unwanted side effects, be sure to take the medication exactly as prescribed. Some dogs may experience a decrease in saliva production, which can lead to a dry mouth and increased thirst. This is a common side effect.

Health Benefits of CBD For Cats
It might sometimes lower your dog’s blood pressure for a short time, which could make him feel dizzy. Even though some people give their dogs CBD to help them sleep, it’s possible that a greater dosage can make them feel a little drowsy.

Thankfully, these adverse effects usually disappear after a while or when the dosage is changed.

CBD Cat Dosage – A Guide to Consume CBD for Cats

Procana has developed a special lineup of CBD products to help pets of all sizes. We make sure to personalize products so your cat gets the appropriate amount for its size.

For your treasured feline companion, our Mini Breed formula would be the best fit. We have specially designed this one for pets up to 12 pounds. Our team of skilled and experienced staff have worked their best to create the most safe and beneficial CBD products for your pets.

Our CBD tinctures for pets have an organic peanut butter flavor that cats find appealing.

Procana provides a range of CBD tinctures along with other products that are suitable for pets with specific weight categories. The Small Breed option is perfect for pets weighing between 12 to 25 pounds. And you can choose our Medium Breed tincture because it is perfect for pets that are around 25 and 50 pounds.

If you have a large pet that is around 50 to 100 pounds, choose our Large Breed tincture. The Extra Large Breed option is perfect for pets that are over 100 pounds. With this product, your pet will receive the appropriate amount of CBD.

Our products have been carefully produced to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience of CBD for your pet, no matter their size.

Difference Between CBD Cat Oils and Other CBD Treats for Cats

If you are thinking about giving your cat CBD, you should know the difference between various CBD items. There are plenty of CBD products for pets like- oil, gummies, topicals, treats, etc. Here, we will talk about the basic differences between CBD cat oils and CBD treats for cats.

Here’s what sets them apart:

Absorption Speed

The absorption process of CBD oils is quick enough when placed directly in your pet’s mouth. In this way, your cat will get a faster relief. Treats, on the other hand, must go through the digestive system, delaying the onset of effects.

Ease of Use

CBD Treats are straightforward and mess-free, perfect for cats that resist direct feeding. You may find it harder to give your pets CBD oil, but you have more choices about how much to give them.

Taste Appeal

Cats usually like treats more because they have tasty ingredients in them. Because some of them might not like the taste of oils as much as others.

Dose Flexibility

CBD oil will allow you to give precise dosage adjustments to your cat thanks to the dropper. On the other hand, CBD treats provide a fixed dose, which might not suit every cat’s needs.

Potency and Composition

CBD oil typically offers a higher concentration of CBD and can include a broader spectrum of cannabinoids for many benefits. And CBD treats might have lower potency and a narrower range of compounds.

Convenience for On-the-Go

Treats are ideal for travel or outdoor activities, easily fitting into daily routines. Oils might require more preparation and care when administered outside the home.

Understanding these differences can help you choose the best CBD option for your pet’s health and lifestyle.

Try Procana for the Best CBD for Cats in the USA

Procana is doing great and excelling against other brands in the market as a CBD brand in the US. Since we started our journey in 2013, we have tried to do our best and create the best CBD products for humans and pets

Our products are top-notch and 100% locally grown products are gaining so much attention and positive reviews. Why? Because we always prefer quality over quantity and our customers know that. You want the best CBD items for your pet’s health, and our premium CBD tinctures offer pure CBD to help your tiny little friends.

Now, you can find our best CBD for cats in over 2,900 shops nationwide, as we continue to expand to fulfill our customers’ needs. We have many options for example- CBD and CBG products like soft gels, gummies, oil, and capsules. All of them are created to improve your pet’s daily life.

Our mission at Procana is to support people and their beloved pets in managing health issues such as mood fluctuations, stress, sleep disorders, and chronic pain. The positive transformations in our customers’ lives are what we after and show our efforts as well.

Research from Cornell University’s Veterinary College shows that CBD oil can significantly decrease pain in dogs by up to 80%. We invite you to visit our website and read the wonderful feedback from our customers.

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