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10 Steps To Help Balance Your Life

by | Dec 10, 2022 | Daily Wellness

In our lives, we have to juggle so many things— family, friends, work, activities, relaxation…to name only a few. Keeping our lives well-balanced is essential to our health and well-being, and can help us maintain productivity and manage our stress.

Here Are 10 Steps To Help Balance Your Life:

  1. Exercise Daily. If you don’t like yoga or going to the gym, take a 30-minute walk outside instead.
  2. Detox. Remove all sugary and processed food from your house. Limit your red meat intake.
  3. Eat Organic. Make sure the food you buy is responsibly sourced and pesticide-free. Opt for hormone-free proteins and pasture-raised farm eggs.
  4. Take Daily Vitamins. Purchase an all-natural multi-vitamin supplement from your local health store or make your own vitamin boost at home! For an immunity boost, try mixing organic raw honey, fresh-grated ginger, lemon juice, turmeric powder, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. Take 1 teaspoon or stir it into hot water, once a day.
  5. Set Small Goals. Don’t overwhelm yourself with one big goal. Instead, break it down into smaller, more easily attainable goals. Write them down and start crossing them out as you achieve them. This will fuel your motivation and give you a sense of accomplishment.
  6. Limit Social Media Use. In this technology and social media-driven era, we have gotten used to grabbing our phones and opening our social media apps without even thinking twice. Give yourself a daily time limit for scrolling your newsfeeds and remember: don’t let yourself be upset, irritated, or even jealous of other people’s posts! If you start feeling negativity from social media, TURN IT OFF right away.
  7. Develop a Sleep Routine. An hour before bedtime, turn off your TV and put your electronics away. Dim the lights. Prepare everything you need for the following day, such as your lunch and outfit. Wash your face and brush your teeth. Spritz your pillow with lavender mist (In a small spray bottle, mix 2 tbsp of vodka, 6 tbsp of water, 10-20 drops of lavender essential oil).
  8. Deep Breathe. You can do this before getting out of bed in the morning and when you get into bed at night. Breathe out all the stale air from your lungs, then take in a slow, profound 5-second breath through your nose. Fill your lungs and hold for 2 seconds. Breathe it all out through your mouth for 5 seconds. Do this for 5 minutes.
  9. Write down your thoughts. It doesn’t matter what you write. Once a day, just jot down whatever comes to mind. You don’t have to read what you wrote—in fact, you may throw away what you write or keep it in a journal. The purpose of writing down your thoughts is to allow your mind to slow down.
  10. Eat Hemp seeds, drink Hemp milk, and take Procana Hemp Omega and CBD supplements. The cannabinoids will regulate your endocannabinoid system, bringing your body back to its natural state of “homeostasis”, or in a non-scientific term, “balance”.

Implement these 10 steps into your life for a minimum of 14 days to create healthy habits, then let us know how you feel in the comments!

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