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CBD Ultra® Softgels

CBD Ultra™ softgels offer pure isolated CBD derived from hemp. Available as a MAXIMUM STRENGTH dose to help regulate and balance the Endocannabinoid System. Each softgel contains 50mg of CBD.

  • 1500mg Active CBD (50mg / Softgel)
  • 30 Softgels / Bottle
  • Ingredients: Softgel Capsule (gelatin, glycerin, water), Grapeseed Oil, CBD (Cannabidiol) Isolate

30 softgels / bottle

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Martha M. for Cancer, Arthritis

The CBD Ultra has been a life changer for my 90 yr old mother. She has had arthritis for yrs and after trying many meds just suffered taking 5-6 aspirin a day and using aspercream. The. Last year she was diagnosed with cancer. The meds they gave her to just allow her to have some quality for the time she has left made her arthritis pain a 10. She says she no longer had any quality of life and had to stop all the cancer meds. She was in pain and all she could do was sit in one chair all day long and rotate heat wraps on her joints. She did not want to take any opioids. I asked her drs if it was ok for us to try CBD, they shrugged, said worth a try but they knew nothing on dosing and said I would have to figure it out on my own. Within 4 weeks we had the dose down and my mother is back to living her 90 yr old life. She no longer uses the heat wraps, even though they had a horrible winter. She no longer uses, aspirin, aspercream or aleve. She was out sweeping her garage, can go to Costco and roam around and get her hotdog. Go out and enjoy her garden. Yes she still has some pain but she can handle it. This has been a game changer.

Lindsay H. for Anxiety, Depression, Pain, ADD

I was coming off of Cymbalta which was causing a TON of side effects. I took 2 capsules of this every day and it was SO MUCH BETTER. Sometimes I even took more. It really got me through a hard time and I've been taking it ever since! It helps so much for my anxiety and depression! Thank you for making a quality product.

Martha M. for Cancer, Pain

My mother had lost all quality of life due to her arthritis that had been aggravated by her cancer regiment. She went from sitting all day in one chair to up sweeping out her garage. The CBD was the only thing added. She no longer has to use heat wraps or aspercream throughout the day, nor the 6aspirins she was taking for the pain. Great product.

Jim . for Pain

I take it every other day for relief of pain in my arthritic joints. Usage allows me to continue my exercise program without the use of typical pain drugs like ibuprofen etc.

Dan R. for Pain

Prior to trying your CBD ultra pills I had been suffering so badly from the nerve pain in my back many nights I prayed for death. I am already on a high dose of Oxycontin and take self injected Demerol shots for pain along with diazapam. I have electronic pain stimulation at home also. Not one or all of these things has help with the nerve pain from this pinched nerve. In desperation I asked my pharmacist if he could think of anything at all that might possibly help. He suggested your product and knowing the level of my pain suggested I started w/ the 50mg pills 3 times a day to start. About 20 minutes after taking the pain was almost gone and your product has been a godsend. Thanks so very much for making such a great product that allows my to live a reasonably decent and fulfilling life.

Kathryn L. for Migraines

I'm grateful to have found a way to relieve migraines. At the onset of a migraine I take 100mg of CBD Ultra and within about 90 minutes the migraine is 95% gone. What a Godsend!

Brenda L. for Anxiety, Depression, Cancer, Pain, Hypertension

I have stage 4 cancer. Ive been taking procana cbd oil for 3 years now. And it has helped me a lot.

Kathleen M. for Anxiety, Depression, Pain, PTSD, ADD, Bipolar

Sara M. for Anxiety, PTSD, Sleep/ relaxation purpose.

Marihelen A. for Pain

I have 8-10/10 pain caused by on the job injuries at my job with CDCR, I have pain on a continuous bases, I take it as long as I can, then I hit the CBD, it works in about 30 mins, and I'm good to go!!!! Being an RN, I was afraid to take marijuana, but I was told by the pharmacist that CBD is different, that the crazy was taken out of it!! so I tried it, IT WORKS, I am SOOOOO happy that I found something I can take to relieve my pain, without making me goofy!!!!! All thanks to a compounding Pharmacist, I will NEVER be without the CBD!

Edward J. for Pain

This product seems to help with the pain in my foot makes it a lot easier for me to walk on it more comfortably than if I didn’t have it thank you

Coleen C. for Anxiety, Pain

Procana does help with anxiety and pain. Having had 4 spinal surgeries & 3 brain surgeries, my pain level is intense. I am grateful that Procana helps; but I would be happier if Procana was more effective at providing pain relief.

Jackie G. for Pain

help pain ..joints...

Herbert J. for Pain

I took a 50 mg softgel on an empty stomach for 3 days and felt no relief. On the 4th day I took another soft-gel in the afternoon or early evening to no avail. After completing all softgels in a 30 softgel bottle ($95.00), I came to the conclusion your product is worthless for pain. Would you suggest that if 3 softgels were taken every day, perhaps some pain mitigation for DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease), SLE (Lupus), Sciatica and osteoarthritis might actually occur?As a 100% disabled war veteran, I have had multiple injuries and joints replaced and find your product useless and very expensive.Any more questions?Herbert SmithUS ARMY (retired)804 724 1774

John B. for Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Hypertension

Edwin R. for sleep

It really works. I haven't slept this good in 30 years.

Chris S. for Anxiety, Pain

I have sciatica issues and I tried this product and I received amazing results! I had no more pain! I was soooo Happy! Non-narcotic pain reliever that actually works!

Marihelen A. for Pain

I get pain relief within about 30-45 minutes after taking the CBD 50 mg and it lasts for several hours to the rest of the day depending on the amount of pain I'm having.

Richard G. for Anxiety, Depression, Pain

It appears to work well, at one soft gel per day in the mid morning, after breakfast.

Cyrus O. for Pain

Stephanie C. for Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia

I have slept a full 7 hours' sleep every night since beginning my regime.

Rodney R. for Pain, Hypertension

It works, if you drink, not so much !!!!!!

Ronald H. for Pain, Migraines, 4 different types of arthritis

I have spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, PMR, and temporal arthritis. I am taking 50mg CBD ultra twice a day. In addition, I am taking prednisone under a doctors care. Your product has worked wonders.

Dan R. for Pain, Pinched nerve in spine

I have a pushed over and squashed nerve on the left side of my spine at the L 4/5 level. I have tried all the conventional treatments including painkillers, injected narcotics, cortizone shots in my spine, electrical nerve stimulator, and spinal manipulation. I asked my pharmacist if he had any ideas left at all and he suggested trying the CBD pills. Knowing my health history he suggested I start at 100 mg per day and work up from there. Being disabled I really can't afford the 100 mg. daily, but they work so well I'm amazed how much better the level of my pain is. I'd like to take 150 or 200 mg per day, but that just isn't in the cards. I'm truly thankful for the relief I get from the CBD pills now. there were so many nights I was in such pain I pray not to wake up ever again, and it's never that bad anymore. There are still occassions that my pain is still 9 or 10 out of 10 on the 1 to 10 scaled, but the relief I've received has helped to make up for totally blowing our budget all to hell. Life's about choices, right? I'd rather blow the budget than lie in bed for hours wishing for the lord to come take me. Thanks for making the medicine that lets me live without wishing for death.

Sandra M. for Anxiety, Pain

A friend gave me 5 Procana Ultra gel caps of the 50mg because I was very stressed out and had stomach issues, nausea, belly pain, acid reflux, etc. I took one of the gel caps, the pain subsided as well as the nausea and reflux. So I want to continue to try the product. I also have hypertension which I am medicated for. Would be great if it helped with that as well. I was tempted to purchase the 8mg and take the smallest dose possible rather than the 20 mg. I figured I could double or triple the dose if needed.

Patricia W. for Depression, Pain

i have suffered chronic left shoulder & neck discomfort -no relief on bad days even w/ narcotic pain rx. chiro. massage , heat, cold for over 10yrs. I suffered a brain hemorrhage and paralysis. I rehabilitated to maximum level I physically could. that was in march of 1998, age 44. pain/discomfort I have isn't eliminated with any of the above measures. As this has gone on all these years, and with age, arthritis, etc it has worn me down especialluy when I haven't responded well to procedures done through the years. When I first read and heard of the benefits of Cannabis years ago, I was optimistic it could help me. CBD I took 50mg. gelcaps almost 1month (on bad days I took 2). On Procana I felt much better overall, More comfortable and energy, in better spirits/mood. I can't wait to resume taking it especially at about $50 a bottle less then I paid retail. I know I suffered a relapse of stroke symptoms since January and June because I posture my left side more then I did prior to 2018 my shoulder, arm and hand are stiffer and cause me more discomfort. CBD has improved my overall well-being! thank you so much.

Danielle C. for Anxiety, Pain, Migraines

Wendy L. for Pain, PTSD, ADD, R.A.

My company serves the homeless population in pain who have little/no access to communirty resourses.

Deb M. for Pain, MS

Thi proud has been very helpful.

Joanna N. for Anxiety

Gary S. for Pain

Walter J. for Pain, Hypertension

Taylor R. for Pain

Kayla P. for Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Migraines, Other: Sl

Charlotte B. for Depression, Pain

James E. for Pain, Migraines

Cheryl M. for Pain

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