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CBD Complete® Softgels

CBD Complete® softgels offer pure isolated CBD derived from hemp. Available as a EXTRA STRENGTH dose to help regulate and balance the Endocannabinoid System. Each softgel contains 20mg of CBD.

  • 600mg Active CBD (20mg / Softgel
  • 30 Softgels / Bottle
  • Ingredients: Softgel Capsule (gelatin, glycerin, water), Grapeseed Oil, CBD (Cannabidiol) Isolate

30 softgels / bottle

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Joanne O. for Pain, Hypertension, Other: arthritis, bursitis and torn menis

Procana CBD Complete 20mg has been a godsend. I have cervical and lumbar spinal stenosis, arthritis, bursitis and torn meniscus, not to mention chronic inflammation. This stuff is amazing. 2 capsules and maybe an Advil and Im basically pain-free for 8 hours.

Danielle Z. for Anxiety

My teenage daughter has dealt with near debilitating anxiety for several years. We have tried multiple pharmaceutical drugs with minimal relief and freightenimg side effects. As a last ditch effort to find her some relief, we thought we’d give CBD a try. It has been a wonder drug for her! Excellent management of her anxiety with zero side effects. She is able to carry out the daily functions of her college and work load without any issues. Highly recommend CBD!

Marcelina L. for Anxiety, Pain, PTSD, Hypertension, Migraines, Other: Endometrio

This was recommended to me by my Naturopathic doctor for medical reasons stated above. It has helped me and my husband tremendously. It put his ulcerative colitis into remission. Ive been able to wean myself off of several medications that arent good long term. I wish more people had access to these products. Ive been telling friends and family.

Cecilia F. for Anxiety

Really helps reduce the intensity of my anxiety. I usually take one in the morning. If I am having a particularly difficult day, I take another and try to sit quietly for about 20 minutes..... major reduction in anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.

Brandon F. for Anxiety, Depression

What it does for anxiety is just amazing. One of the only high quality capsules available for a decent price.

Angie G. for Anxiety

I purchased this because of the great reviews. I suffer from anxiety/panic attacks on a daily basis. When the 20 mg didn’t work I tried the 50 mg and they didn’t work at all either. I’ve tried both the 20 mg and 50 mg and neither one of them done anything at all for me. Very disappointed in these products. I wouldn’t recommend these.

Barbara B. for Pain

have used the 20 mg pill once or twice a day depending on pain level,95% of the time it works great. The other 5% it works as good as any other pain pillI have taken. It has been a fantastic product for me

Christine C. for Anxiety, Depression, Sleep, Inflammation

I have tried other brands and this product is exceptional. There is great relief of symptoms without ant side effects.

Rev H. for Alzheimer ‘s Disease

My wife was deteriorating to the point that she was bedridden, not eating, diabetes, and few more symptoms, now her condition is stable, her blood sugar level is normal, and she is eating and gained ten pounds. Praise the Lord !!!!!!

Victoria Z. for Anxiety, Depression, Cancer

Virginia A. for Pain, Migraines

Loved these..they really worked..i also orded cbd oil..love that to..but ,interested in vape pen..hopefully i will get info from procana soon..alot of people love their vape pens..

Henry G. for Radiculopathy

A disc in my back has been pinching off the nerve in my leg for several years. It is not painful, but it made walking difficult, and running is impossible. Walking or standing up would cause my back to become more irritated, my leg would become weak and my limp would be more pronounced, and I would have to lie down. I didn't want to get surgery because I know two people who tried surgery and wound up with permanent nerve damage and drop foot.After suffering for two years, I found Procana CBD. I take one a day, and the inflammation has been steadily going down. I can walk normally now, and after walking I don't have to go lie down. I am going to continue to take this until I get 100% cured.I like CBD because there are zero side effects and it does not lose its efficacy from long term use.

Alyce M. for Pain, Badly arthritic

The 20mg. hasn’t helped me very much, only my thumbs. I’ve used it for two months but was disappointed. I just ordered the higher dosage and hope that will bring some relief. It’s very expensive for a Senior on a very small fixed income. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I was on NSAIDS for years but had to stop due to diverticulitis and gastrointestinal bleed risk, so this was my last resort.

Jennifer C. for Anxiety, digestive issues

This product has been amazing for me. I have only been taking it for two weeks, but oh what a product. It has decreased all my anxiety. No panic attacks. And as a byproduct my bowel movements have been the best i can ever remember. I am so happy to have this product. I take one 20mg pill in the morning and one in the evening. I would totally recommend this product to anyone and everyone. I am happy to be a spokeperson for this wonderful pill. Thanks so much!!!!

David W. for Epilepsy/Seizures‎

My elderly dog was having seizures 3-4 times weekly. I started with the 8 mg dose and his seizures dropped to 1 time per week. After trying the 20 mg size (1before bed daily) his seizures dropped to 1 every 1-2 months.

Cheryl A. for Anxiety, Depression

The best CBD out there. Calms me fight away and lasts longer than other brands

Jose G. for Anxiety

I have been on Ativan for over 30 years. My daughter gave me these pills to try after my Dr took me off mypills and it has been a been a miracle for me. I am no longer having anxiety attacks and have more energy. I no longer feel like a Zombie. Thank you so much Procana for giving me my piece of mind back and for helping me be free of the poisons i was killing my body with. This truly is a miracle product.

Cheryl A. for Anxiety, Depression

This product helped me wean myself off of my anti-depressants meds. Excellant product

Kelly . for Pain

I have multiple chronic autoimmune disorders and have relied on Tramadol and other pain meds. Even with these I have pain that just isn't controlled. I tried your product when another customer gave me a few to try. Can't believe the relief it gave me! I told my doctor about using this product and he being a DO is fine with me using it. I've told others about the relief with no noticeable side effects and referred them to your site to purchase. There are lots of vendors out there but I feel confident staying with yours.Please advocate for law changes to allow people in all states to enjoy the benefits of these products! People are so ignorant of the difference between CBD and actual "pot"

James B. for Testing it out

New user

Michael Z. for Pain

Suffering from an ear infection with intense pain and it relieved me completely from all pain. Also helped me with my joint pain. I'm really happy to finally find some relief.

Jill W. for Anxiety, Depression, Multiple sclerosis

This has been a very great product for me. The CBD 20mg I take every night and it helps with nerve pain and spasms at night. The Vaporizers helps me during the day for relief of nerve pain. Also I have noticed the vaporizer has helped me with anxiety and relief from tension in my body. I greatly appreciate this product. Thank you!!

Victoria Z. for Anxiety, Cancer

So far I'm very happy with Procana softgels 20 mg CBD & am about to try the 50mg & the omega formula. I am 31 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer June, 2018. I am using alternative / natural treatment, no chemo.

Vera K. for Pain

I had knee replacement surgery and am on oxycodone for pain every 4 hours, it I take it with a CBD cap I can go 6 hours between doses of oxycodone.

Jan R. for Pain

This product is amazing. It takes away pain in about an hour and I can sleep through the night without tossing and turning with pain. I have to take 2-20 mg softgels in order for it to work for me and I take it about an hour before I go to bed.

Stuart T. for Anxiety, Depression, Humerus Fracture

My 97 year old mother fell in May 2018 and was rushed to emergency room. She was diagnosed with a fracture of humerus bone in left arm and a sling was prescribed along with 1000 mg. Tylenol and 600mg of Motrin. I refused to give this to my mom because she only weighs 95 lbs and has a history of Barretts disease and will get an upset stomach and sicker from taking this crap. I bought some 20mg gels of CBD oil in pharmacy and it worked well in controlling my mothers anxiety, slight depression, especially after the fall. I definitely would recommend this product to anyone suffering pain, anxiety, having difficulty sleeping especially after injury. My mom also takes generic Norvasc to control blood pressure, synthroid for thyroid, and lovestatin for cholesterol. Using CBD oil did not react with any of my mothers regularly prescribed medication because CBD oil had no side effects of any kind. I AM A SATISFIED CUSTOMER.

Shelby N. for Anxiety, Pain, Migraines

I have a hard time finding your products. I like Procana better than any other product. I like the capsules the best, I do not get stomach upset as with some other products due to using various other oils like olive oil, some products taste strong also. I prefer capsule to tinctures as I get a measured dose.

Jacob D. for Anxiety

I have severe anxiety disability to the point i have had it since 17 and i'm 29. your 20mg capsules worked ok but had to take 4 to 8 a day to relieve the anxiety i would love to try the 50mg softgels

Chris F. for Multiple sclerosis

This product was really helpful with calming my body down. It also helps with my muscle spasms. I smoke weed but never took CBD I’m impressed. Looking forward to purchasing more. I also can’t wait to take after I take an injection that is therapy for my M.S. That therapy causes pain and a lot of discomfort. I would rather take these softgels than opioids.

Sara V. for Pain, Sleep

I found this product at my local pharmacy once cbd and the products were available for sale in California. It worked so well for my pain and insomnia that I gave samples to some of my friends who also have pain and other related issues. The next time I went to the pharmacy to buy more because I was almost out of the pills, they were all sold out (I blame all my friends who went and bought the pills after they tried my samples)! I just bought a bottle of the tincture since it is also available at the pharmacy. I have had good results with herbal and medical marijuana tinctures in the past and think this product will also work for me.

Bill S. for Cancer

Bill W. for Recreational Use, Anxiety, Pain

Nice to be able to shop for your CBD capsules at my local natural foods store, Trillium, here in Lincoln City, OR.

Debbie M. for Pain

Rachel W. for Pain

Elizabeth B. for Pain, Hypertension

Kayla P. for Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Migraines, Other: Sl

Shaun H. for Recreational Use, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Migraines

anything to make backpain stop

Michelle D. for Cancer

Deb B. for Pain

Nikol T. for Pain

Tanner H. for Recreational Use, Anxiety, Depression, Pain

Kiyoko C. for Pain, Migraines

Robert R. for Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Migraines

Lorene U. for Pain

I am impressed with the pain management. I have arthritis in my right hip that made stairs hard to navigate. Now, stairs are not a problem. Hoping it might help with tinnitus as now its pretty loud and would be so thankful if it would at least tone it down. Thank you for this product.

Amanda R. for Anxiety, Depression, Pain, PTSD, Migraines

I have the advantage of using this product and then stopping for several months to really put to test. I can see first hand the benefits. I have several chronic conditions, for which I take Humira injections twice a month, and use a sleep apnea machine as well as three other medications for pain and fatigue related symptoms. During the two months that I used the ProCana 20 Complete dose, I was able to suspend my Humira injections for a total of three months without return of symptoms or pain. Also, anxiety and PTSD symptoms were nearly eliminated. To really put to test, I stopped ProCana use and within a month, all medications were once again required to just maintain a functionable life. I am now going back to ProCana, if one daily dose can eliminate four prescriptions (including the unwanted side effects and dangers associated with each), Ill gladly take it! I am so pleased with the speed which it works, and the lack of side effects or any jittery, chemical reaction (as with Rxs). I also love that the product is natural, I feel like I am not only eliminating pain and anxiety, but am actually doing something GOOD for my body. Prescriptions are only taken because they absolutely must, but in the end, I believe they do more harm to the body than good. This product, Im not afraid to take, and it makes me happy to know Im giving my body something natural, not disruptive. Thanks for all the work you do in developing these products!- Amanda ***For future product innovation suggestion, Id like to have a vapable oil - Ive read that it is absorbed into the body better and bypasses the liver (Im not a scientist or doctor, dont know if that is true, but it sounds like something I would definitely try!)

Tracy B. for Pain

Diane C. for Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Hypertension, Other: 3 kinds of arthritis .

Cory S. for Anxiety, Depression, Pain

Please email me as I am interested in the medical studies and do not answer phone calls from numbers I don&rsquot know. Thank you

Andrea L. for Anxiety, Pain, Migraines

This has been absolutely amazing. I took this originally for for my Carpel Tunnel. I was at the point where if felt like all my fingers were broken. Excruciating pain. Within 20 minutes of taking all pain was gone. It also has helped with my anxiety and migraines. So excited to have found this product.

Henoch G. for Other: Sl

Nadine F. for Pain, Migraines

Ryan M. for Anxiety, Pain

I think its too early to tell the effects (less than a week) but Im encouraged by the success stories of others using your products.

Nick J. for Anxiety, Depression, Pain

Thank you guys for providing these wonderful products!

Melissa C. for Anxiety, Pain

Ilana M. for Anxiety, Depression

I started using your product while looking for a supplement that could get me weened off of Ativan which I took nightly for sleep. I have a very overactive brain and cant seem to shut it off at night. I had previously been taking some type of sleeping pill for over 8 years. M y partner and I were trying to have a baby and I knew I could no longer take the Ativan for sleep due to risk to fetal development. I asked my fertility specialist if they had any concerns with me taking a CBD product to aid in my sleep and they gave me the green light considering this product did not contain THC. I have had very good results with your product and no longer take prescription medication for sleeping. Every now and again I still have the occasional bad night, but I think that is normal for most people. My anxiety has lessened and I have more balanced moods as well!

David G. for Pain, Other: Sleep assista

The Procana CBD product is helping me to avoid prescription medication with harmful side effects. The Procana CBD product is helping to relief my chronic pain and providing relief to help me sleep at night so I do not wake up multiple times throughout the night. The combination of Procana CBD 20mg and the Procana THC 15mg once a day at bedtime is what works best for me to help me sleep through the night.

Anthony G. for Anxiety, Cancer, Pain, PTSD, Hypertension

Mary R. for Cancer, Other: glauc

Karen L. for Anxiety, Depression, Pain

Since taking CBD, I have been able to stop my pain pills. Still taking anxiety meds but I feel more in control.

Tammy A. for Anxiety, Depression, Pain

Brenda L. for Cancer, Pain

What i like is i dont get the side effects like most patients that are on chemo drugs. I can function very well. My pain is bearable when taking cbd. My cancer is stable and i believe that its due to cbd. I have a good appetite and im able to eat normal food.

Karen L. for Anxiety, Pain

June M. for Pain

Reduced my dependency on flexeril

Nadine F. for Pain

The cbd complete pills work wonderful for my back pain! They work better than pain pills because I dont get the nauseous feeling like I get with pain pills.

Gordon G. for Pain

I had some reduction in pain from my sciatica, but I still had pain.

Yung K. for Recreational Use, Anxiety

Carolyn B. for Pain, Other: insom

The CBD complete is helpful for chronic pain but amazing for sleep. I have had insomnia gor 12 years related to fibromyalgis and recently have become alergic to prescription meds for sleep. The CBD plus amino scids allows me to get better slerp than I have had in years. I am very grsteful for your product.

Nicholas O. for Pain, Other: inflammat

Amanda R. for Recreational Use, Anxiety, Hypertension, Migraines

Brenda L. for Cancer

Sandy B. for Anxiety, Depression

Seems to be working on my teen for his anxiety.

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