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CBD Balance® Droppers

CBD Balance® droppers offer pure isolated CBD derived from hemp. Available as a DAILY MAINTENANCE dose to help regulate and balance the Endocannabinoid System. Each serving contains 8mg of CBD. Fast-acting sublingual drops. May also be used as a food additive!

  • 240mg Active CBD / Bottle
  • 1oz Oil Dropper
  • Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, CBD (Cannabidiol) Isolate

1 fluid oz

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Eric D.

Chris .

Amazing Product. I was skeptical but after two weeks my pain decreased is better than any pharmaceutical pain medication this and stretching and had saved my life!! THANK YOU PROCANNA!!! 5+

Laura F.

I had been in hospital with diverticulitis and they sent me home with only antibiotics and I was still in a lot of pain. It's what actually took away my pain and I could finally get out of bed. It works amazing for pain and I highly recommend...

Adam S.

A family friend got me this product when I was in a very dark place. I was feeling suicidal and depressed every day and it was hard to get out of bed. When she got me this a lot of my issues started to go away I started to calm down and not stress as much. It helps me fall asleep at night too. All in all this product definitely deserves my rating.

James K.

Since taking Procana I have experienced a notable decrease in my lower back pain.

Kevin W.

It really helps my sleep I have lupus

Ashley H.

I have been taking CBD Balance and Complete for a few months and it has been a lifesaver. I suffer from anxiety, depression and inflammation, my doctor actually suggested that I try CBD oil and keep a journal of my findings. I have found that the days that I ingested the oil the my anxiety was almost nonexistent and inflammation was under control. I went for a week of not investing any oil and had 3 anxiety attacks with inflammation in my hands, face and back. I have suggested this to many of my friends that suffer from anxiety. My doctor also said she is going to start suggesting it to other patients.

Jose V.

I had three Herniated discs in my lower back... with Procana I am able to lead active lifestyle and enjoy life. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Helen M.

I have trouble sleeping. I’ve tried melatonin , sleepy time teas, you name it. I took 4 drops of this and anxiety was cone and within 30 mins I was fast asleep. I slept from 9pm to 3am when I needed to use the restroom then went back to sleep till 7am. Great night.

Jody R.

After fighting melanoma for the past 7 years and having 11 surgeries my physician recommended CBD Oil, specifically Procana, as she felt it would help fight the cancer as an anti-inflammatory agent. To date, I have not have a recurrence for the past three months, which is the first time in over two years Im not facing a surgery!!! I also noticed not having pain in my back and knees (I have arthritis) only about 3 or 4 days of starting the CBD oil. Another wonderful benefit. Also, my husband has a neurostimulator in his back for chronic back pain and since starting this product he has not turned on his stimulator in three months!! He is pain free. What a wonderful option to have instead of stimulators and pain pills. I have recommended this product to anyone who will listen. It has changed our lives!

Phuong C.

I've had 4 bouts of IBS in the last 20 years and when the IBS clinic told me to try CBD, I decided to try it. In the first day, it helped reduce my symptoms and help me sleep through the night. Previously it was almost every night where I would wake up with intestinal cramps and it would keep me up the majority of the night. Procana Hemp CBD is helping me overcome my IBS symptoms.

Richard A.


Eric D.

Bought at my local vape shop to try and help sleep and relax. Works great and the flavors are good.

Carmelo A.

Paula C.

This seemed to work ok for the day time along with a little of the 1500 in bottle i also take...on bad days....i have bone/bone back..cannot lift very painful at times...this works and is very reasonable...i also ordered the 50mg gel capsuls for the nite time....ive used others in the past and have had good results....but orocana is more realistic on pocket book than others....

Alicia D.

I love this product its helped a lot with my anxiety and it helps with my sleeping at night

Ken D.

I may rate 5 stars when I get more used to using the product and the proper dosage for me. At the age of 79, I feel more like doing heavy work that I had neglected for a couple of years. Scooching and getting up from a kneeling position kills my thighs, and that's when I use Procana the most. I am not sure I like the side effect of being tired. That may not be a bad thing, either because I can always use more sleep. We'll see..

Barbara W.

Vicky R.

Procana 240mg helps my anixety and depression and others listed above I feel that I need a higher mg.. my Dr. will not increase because of other medications I am currently taking.. Hopefully my M.D. will increase my Procana athe a later date .. after other test are completed concerning colon cancer. THANK YOU, Vicky Ross

Sarahi .

Debra R.

Steve M.

As far as the company, I had nothing but positive experiences with them both on chat and email. This was my first time giving CBD a try. I did what research I could and felt very confident when I made my purchase from them.I knew going in that not everyone gets results from CBD but I needed to try it. Unfortunately It didn't do me any good at all. I started with one gel cap a day then two then four. Nothing. The five stars are for the company. They did great by me but I give five stars for exceptional above-and-beyond service. I didn't think it was fair to give fewer stars just because it didn't work for me.Good Luck to others.

Lo P.

Still finding the correct dose - but definitely Procana is a big benefit. Hope the government does not interfere anytime soon.

Barbara K.

Taking CBD oil for several months my overall health appears to be good for me being 77 in July. Looking back, my pain in my joints are less sever. The pain in my joints are less sever compared as before. I have not taken any meds for pain. I'm stiff when I first get up in the morning, as I move around it gets easier to move around with no issues of discomfort. As I had 2 total knee replacements, I get up and down out of my chair with ease. No pain when I use my stationary bike for 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week. My outlook on life seems to be with peace and joy. Nothing seems to bother me, maybe, I I don't over think things on my mind. Nothing seems to bother me anymore. I'm losing weight, my eating habits has changed, I'm just not hungry. All is good as my life should be. I'm happy with good outlook in all things

Jerome T.

y diagnosis has been documented by a lot of doctors over since 1980. It is schizo-effective disorder/ chronic chemical depency substance abucee cannabis. After trying procanaa I found there is no other relief than what it offered. I mmediately felt it bring to life my dormant brain behind my earsw as we have long look for something that would work with no side effects congratulations. as more people who will try it as adietary supplement your hard work will be rewarded knowing you helped ease the tension so many of us are looking for thank you and good bye

Jerome T.

drug rehabilitation aid

Bob .

Joyce S.

Michelle F.

Michelle F.

William C.

Tu N.

Beautiful product! Works amazing and tastes great! NO weird after-taste of hay or grass at all! Plus it lasts me a long time compared to other ones I have tried. Bravo Procana!

Isaac R.

Rev H.

My wife was bedridden, diabetic, no appetite and a few more ailments; since she is taking CBD, she gets up, eats better, sugar levels low, and ALZ stable. Praise The Lord!!!

Sergio M.

Moky R.

Gabriel F.

I've tried myriad supplements over the last 5 years for what is believed to be a mood disorder or a cortisol imbalance/burnout syndrome. It could be coincidence or placebo effect but so far, this product helps me sleep and feel much calmer. So far it seems to be helping with no perceptible adverse effects.

Floyd R.

The wife and I are taking CBD Balance240 mg Dropper. Going to try the stronger strength of this and Q10 product. The both of us are doing and feeling a lot better.

Linda M.

I love your products!

Eric B.

Tried your product at the recommendation of my pain specialist at UCLA Medical Center. Your CBD oil has given me considerable relief. I look forward to the day when it can be prescribed!

Elliot S.

I feel no difference since taking this

Wendy K.

I got the oil from our Herb store and I noticed a huge improvement in pain within 20 minutes. I now use it every morning and every night before bed and I do not have the pain I used to have in my hips and joints.

Samantha H.

When I'm anxious and over thinking the logical part of my brain is powerless to stop it, but the CBD allows the logical part of my brain to take control most of the time if I use the oil at the onset of my anxiety acting up.

Gordon G.

I had some reduction in pain from my sciatica, but I still had pain.

Michael S.

Your product works well for me and has helped considerably.

Yazmin D.

I would like to oder Procana cbd oil directly to my address because is hard to buy at the store Krystinas in Fresno, they are just limited. I need to have in stock for my child. Can you have this in consideration thank you.

Connie K.

Linda G.

Delighted it is available.

Gordon G.

I have severe sciatic pain. Procana has helped relieve some of that pain. I have not been able to find any product that removes the pain. I have tried Norco, Gabapentin, Tramadol, etc.

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