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CBD Balance®

-Daily Maintenance

CBD Balance® offers pure Isolated CBD derived from Hemp. Available as a Daily Maintenance dose to help regulate and balance the Endocannabinoid system. Each Softgel and Dropper serving contains 8 mg of CBD (240 mg per bottle)

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Ashley H. for Anxiety, Depression, Inflammation

I have been taking CBD Balance and Complete for a few months and it has been a lifesaver. I suffer from anxiety, depression and inflammation, my doctor actually suggested that I try CBD oil and keep a journal of my findings. I have found that the days that I ingested the oil the my anxiety was almost nonexistent and inflammation was under control. I went for a week of not investing any oil and had 3 anxiety attacks with inflammation in my hands, face and back. I have suggested this to many of my friends that suffer from anxiety. My doctor also said she is going to start suggesting it to other patients.

Jose V. for Pain, Herneated disc

I had three Herniated discs in my lower back... with Procana I am able to lead active lifestyle and enjoy life. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Paul S. for Pain

Works best for my 94 year old mother with constant back pain

Shannon P. for Anxiety, Depression, Pain

I truly cannot believe the difference it has made in my mental status, ie, depression, thoughts of suicide, have all subsided. It is a MIRACLE! My Dr. prescribed for me. (DR. LOIS Lambrecht, Bloomington, In 4740l)

John T. for Depression, Pain

Im 63 had a head on car accident in 86 helps me so much cant get my day started without it

Jody R. for Cancer, Pain

After fighting melanoma for the past 7 years and having 11 surgeries my physician recommended CBD Oil, specifically Procana, as she felt it would help fight the cancer as an anti-inflammatory agent. To date, I have not have a recurrence for the past three months, which is the first time in over two years Im not facing a surgery!!! I also noticed not having pain in my back and knees (I have arthritis) only about 3 or 4 days of starting the CBD oil. Another wonderful benefit. Also, my husband has a neurostimulator in his back for chronic back pain and since starting this product he has not turned on his stimulator in three months!! He is pain free. What a wonderful option to have instead of stimulators and pain pills. I have recommended this product to anyone who will listen. It has changed our lives!

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CBD Balance

30 softgels / bottle

CBD Balance Dropper

1 fluid oz

CBD Complete®

-Extra Strength

CBD Complete® offers pure Isolated CBD derived from Hemp. Available as an Extra Strength dose to help regulate and balance the Endocannabinoid system. Each Softgel and Dropper serving contains 20 mg of CBD (600 mg per bottle)

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Maria L. for Anxiety, Autism

My daughter is stable and the best I have found for her.

Cassandra S. for Pain, Migraines

I had debilitating migraines that were taking over my life and my the lives of my family. In and out of Urgent Care, ER rooms, daily pain shots... Thank you for giving me back my life! I now get to enjoy our 2 year old and 6 month old boys!

Kirk G. for Crohn's Disease

This has been LIFE CHANGING. Since my starting to take Procana CBD complete, my symptoms have been almost wiped out completely, and general overall feeling has been 1000% better. I have had Crohns for 20 years, and only in the last 4 has it been active and debilitating. I have been switched between the different biologic drugs, and recently changed to Stelara, yet I have not felt considerable relief from any of the biologic. I started taking a large dose of Procana CBD as per a recommendation of my nutritionist, and it has made the most considerable difference in my daily life, I am convinced that it was singularly the reason I am able to feel the way I am now. I was 2 seconds away from having major surgery in July, yet I dodged the bullet so to speak and was released from the hospital. I recovered slowly, and was nervous about the prospect of still needing surgery. I changed my diet, and started the CBD, and have NEVER felt better. I will go in for another check up to confirm if I need surgery or not, and I am under the belief that I will NOT need it. I hope that you will contact me in regards to my experience, and look forward to using Procana from this point on. Thank you again for your wonderful product.

Mary T. for Pain

The inflammation in my hands is non existent with CBD use. I am so grateful.!!

Joanne O. for Pain, Hypertension, Other: arthritis, bursitis and torn menis

Procana CBD Complete 20mg has been a godsend. I have cervical and lumbar spinal stenosis, arthritis, bursitis and torn meniscus, not to mention chronic inflammation. This stuff is amazing. 2 capsules and maybe an Advil and Im basically pain-free for 8 hours.

Danielle Z. for Anxiety

My teenage daughter has dealt with near debilitating anxiety for several years. We have tried multiple pharmaceutical drugs with minimal relief and freightenimg side effects. As a last ditch effort to find her some relief, we thought we’d give CBD a try. It has been a wonder drug for her! Excellent management of her anxiety with zero side effects. She is able to carry out the daily functions of her college and work load without any issues. Highly recommend CBD!

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CBD Balance

30 softgels / bottle

CBD Complete Dropper

1 fluid oz

CBD Ultra

-Maximum Strength

CBD Ultra™ offers pure Isolated CBD derived from Hemp. Available as a Maximum Strength dose to help regulate and balance the Endocannabinoid system. Each Softgel and Dropper serving contains 50 mg of CBD (1500 mg per bottle)

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Ronald H. for Pain, Migraines, 4 different types of arthritis

I have spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, PMR, and temporal arthritis. I am taking 50mg CBD ultra twice a day. In addition, I am taking prednisone under a doctors care. Your product has worked wonders.

Dan R. for Pain

Prior to trying your CBD ultra pills I had been suffering so badly from the nerve pain in my back many nights I prayed for death. I am already on a high dose of Oxycontin and take self injected Demerol shots for pain along with diazapam. I have electronic pain stimulation at home also. Not one or all of these things has help with the nerve pain from this pinched nerve. In desperation I asked my pharmacist if he could think of anything at all that might possibly help. He suggested your product and knowing the level of my pain suggested I started w/ the 50mg pills 3 times a day to start. About 20 minutes after taking the pain was almost gone and your product has been a godsend. Thanks so very much for making such a great product that allows my to live a reasonably decent and fulfilling life.

Marihelen A. for Pain

I have severe chronic pain due to a fall I took at my job, the only thing that has helped with the neck, hip and leg pain has been the CBD, I take it around 1-3 times a day as needed. Thank you for giving me my life back!!!!

Kathryn L. for Migraines

I'm grateful to have found a way to relieve migraines. At the onset of a migraine I take 100mg of CBD Ultra and within about 90 minutes the migraine is 95% gone. What a Godsend!

Elena B. for Anxiety, PTSD, Insomnia

Taking CBD has changed my life! I have been living with PTSD for over five years and I have struggled with sleep, anxiety, and depression. Incorporating CBD into my supplements has been so easy. I haven't experienced any side effects! Also, I think taking CBD has given my brain and body the space it craved from my ailments to finally heal. I can't stop sharing your products with my family, friends, and with my readers on my website Thank you for the work you are doing! You are changing and saving lives!

Michelle S. for Pain

I took the recommended dose first. It wasn't enough. I then doubled it. I took 30 drops under my tongue and let it sit there for a minute before swallowing with tea. Then I repeated the process. I slept all through the night without waking up in pain! In the morning I did the dishes without pain! Then later, I walked the dog with my husband and we saw a deer! I walked more than 2 blocks! I couldn't do it at all before. I hope this keeps up! I am so happy!

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CBD Ultra Softgels

30 softgels / bottle

CBD Ultra Dropper

1 fluid oz

Hemp Spectrum+

-Whole Plant Hemp Extract

HEMP Spectrum+™ offers Whole Spectrum Hemp plant extract that is rich in valuable Phytocannabinoids and plant Terpenes. Each Softgel and Dropper serving contains 50 mg of Whole Plant Extract (1,500 mg per bottle)

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Crystal L. for Anxiety, Depression, Epilepsy/Seizures‎, Migraines

I was having 7-8 panic attacks with pseudoseizures followed by migraines every month. I have taken Procana Hemp spectrum for a month and a half. I only had to 2-3 attacks this month

Stacey L. for Anxiety

I started taking Procana because I thought it would help with my fear of heights - but I discovered other benefits. I discovered that I had been experiencing some mild anxiety and that really helped ease my anxiety and it also has other benefits, such as really easing some mild low back pain. I'm sure that there are other benefits that I am receiving as well - and it has all been really incredible!!

Pauline M. for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD

This is a great product and I really hope it can become more widely available to help others like it has helped me. I believe that further research and advocacy should be pursued relentlessly, to help people stay away from the dangerous substances that are pushed by pharmaceutical companies. Keep up the good work!

Jeremiah M. for Pain

I love this product so far! My creaky knees and lower back pain is almost non existent. I had a single vertebrae spinal fusion 2 years ago and it still gets painful. This is the best thing I have found to help.

Carla O. for Colitis

Many symptoms appear during a flare up from constipation to diarrhea. Just by taking 1 softgel for 2 days there was significant improvement I could not achieve with diet changes, rest and other factors that I had been trying for months. I currently do not take any medications, and do not care to. I would highly recommend this product to other colitis/IBS symptom sufferers for maximum relief.

Kathleen S. for Other: Arthri

My husband and I have been taking it for arthritis. We dont take it everyday, only when it flares up. It has really helped us.

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Hemp Spectrum

30 softgels / bottle

Hemp Spectrum+ Dropper

1 fluid oz

Hemp Advanced

-Whole Plant Hemp Extract + Active CoQ10

Hemp Advanced™ offers Whole Spectrum Hemp plant extract that is rich in valuable Phytocannabinoids and plant Terpenes, combined with Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10), playing a critical role in the creation of cellular energy needed by important organs such as the heart and brain. It is also the body’s strongest fat soluble antioxidant. Each Softgel and Dropper serving contains 140 mg (4,200 mg per bottle)

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Robert N. for Neuropathy

I have a daughter who is very familiar with your product and I choose to order it and possibly would like to continue in the future. I currently have a pain management doctor but I don't like the side effects especially it's short acting effects. I will order more I'm sure I just want to decide on when I need more.

Gail B. for Recreational Use‎

Patrick P. for Anxiety, Depression

Your products are of excellent quality! However, your customer service has declined from excellent to completely unacceptable. My last two orders took over 2 weeks just to ship!! Guys, this is the 21st century, not 1955. Customer service speaks volumes about your company to a customer, as it has to me. As such, I will not be ordering from Procana again. Sorry.

Kenni P. for Anxiety, Pain, Hypertension, Migraines

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Hemp Advanced Softgels

30 softgels / bottle

Hemp Omega

-Omega Rich Alternative to Fish Oil

Hemp Omega™ offers cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil- a rich source of Omega 3 & 6 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), and is also a source of Super Fatty Acids Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) and Stearidonic Adics (SDA). Cold pressed Hemp Seed oil is a great alternative to Fish Oil. Each Softgel contains 500 mg of Hemp Seed Oil (30,000 mg per bottle)

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David H. for Anxiety, Depression, Autism, Cancer, Epilepsy/Seizures‎, Pain, PTSD, Migraines

I was very happy with the 500 milligram cbd soft jells and would like to try your other products ..I found these beneficial in there calming effects and pain relief

Pauline F. for

Brandon B. for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Hypertension, Migraines, inflammation

I love your products.

Yazmin D. for

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Hemp Advanced Softgels

60 softgels / bottle

VET Formula

-Organic Peanut Butter Flavor

Suitable for both human and animal consumption, VET Formula offers pure Isolated CBD derived from Hemp. Available as a Daily Maintenance dose to help regulate and balance the Endocannabinoid system. Each Softgel and Dropper serving contains 8 mg of CBD (240 mg per bottle)

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David W. for Epilepsy/Seizures‎

My elderly dog was having seizures 3-4 times weekly. I started with the 8 mg dose and his seizures dropped to 1 time per week. After trying the 20 mg size (1before bed daily) his seizures dropped to 1 every 1-2 months.

Courtney M. for Epilepsy/Seizures‎

I'm giving the vet formula to my dog to control her seizures. It's been life changing for her. Thank you!!

Meghan S. for Pain, motility issues, asthma, anxiety, feline herpes

We are using this with our 6 cats for differing medical purposes (ie pain, motility issues, asthma, anxiety, feline herpes pain)

Joyce N. for My lil dog has cancer

So my lil dog Lola was diagnosed with a mass cell tumor cancer in September. The Vet told me it was very aggressive and that I need to have her leg amputated. Funny thing is it cost a lot of money. They gave her steroids and tramadol, it was awful. I thought yep! She's just going to die. Well my Cousin showed up with Procana Vet Formula; we stopped giving her the other meds and here it is December 24, and she runs around like a puppy. a Few of my friends are having fund raisers because she does need to get the cancer removed. Last week she was tested to see if the cancer spread and it has not. Prayers welcome, thank you for your product. I refused to change up.

Caryn G. for Anxiety, Pain

The Vet formula CBD oil has been a miracle for my 15 year old Ilhasa Apso Mix Dog. He acts a few years younger and isn't limping anymore from sore arthritis joints. He sleeps well and we are all so pleased with the outcome!

Kim E. for Anxiety

My little Yorkies that I Rescue from puppy mills and off the streets have really benefited from VET CBD Oil ! They're more relaxed and not as nervous. I will be ordering again.

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Vet Formula Softgels

8 mg Softgels

Vet Formula Dropper

1 fluid oz

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