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CBD Balance®

-Daily Maintenance

CBD Balance® offers pure Isolated CBD derived from Hemp. Available as a Daily Maintenance dose to help regulate and balance the Endocannabinoid system. Each Softgel and Dropper serving contains 8 mg of CBD (240 mg per bottle)

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Darlene G.

I have two back surgeries and I was in a lot of pain and my sister had stopped at HSU to pick up some Tumeric and I saw a sign in the window advertising CBD oil. A friend from Michigan had told me it was supposed to be good for pain. I purchased a sample pack of the 8 and 20 mg. After taking the 8mg the pain went away. I purchased all the bottles one of the stores had, because they said they were making them remove them from the shelves. I was very upset to hear that, but I’m happy to know I can purchase them online. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want us to find alternative pain relief medicines. I’m a Procana CBD oil customer for life. I have a sister and niece that take them also.

Eric D.

Chris .

Amazing Product. I was skeptical but after two weeks my pain decreased is better than any pharmaceutical pain medication this and stretching and had saved my life!! THANK YOU PROCANNA!!! 5+

Laura F.

I had been in hospital with diverticulitis and they sent me home with only antibiotics and I was still in a lot of pain. It's what actually took away my pain and I could finally get out of bed. It works amazing for pain and I highly recommend...

Adam S.

A family friend got me this product when I was in a very dark place. I was feeling suicidal and depressed every day and it was hard to get out of bed. When she got me this a lot of my issues started to go away I started to calm down and not stress as much. It helps me fall asleep at night too. All in all this product definitely deserves my rating.

James K.

Since taking Procana I have experienced a notable decrease in my lower back pain.

Jody R.

I find when I take my cbd oil my arthritis doesn’t bother me and I’ve had clean cancer checkups since I started taking it.

Kevin W.

It really helps my sleep I have lupus

Ashley H.

I have been taking CBD Balance and Complete for a few months and it has been a lifesaver. I suffer from anxiety, depression and inflammation, my doctor actually suggested that I try CBD oil and keep a journal of my findings. I have found that the days that I ingested the oil the my anxiety was almost nonexistent and inflammation was under control. I went for a week of not investing any oil and had 3 anxiety attacks with inflammation in my hands, face and back. I have suggested this to many of my friends that suffer from anxiety. My doctor also said she is going to start suggesting it to other patients.

Jose V.

I had three Herniated discs in my lower back... with Procana I am able to lead active lifestyle and enjoy life. Thank you Thank you Thank you

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CBD Balance

30 softgels / bottle

CBD Balance Dropper

1 fluid oz

CBD Complete®

-Extra Strength

CBD Complete® offers pure Isolated CBD derived from Hemp. Available as an Extra Strength dose to help regulate and balance the Endocannabinoid system. Each Softgel and Dropper serving contains 20 mg of CBD (600 mg per bottle)

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Wendy .

I've been using Procana CBD 600 mg for two months now & I'm so grateful for the relief I've received from it. I highly recommend the use of it.

Patrick R.

Taken this 4 months and easing my symptoms from Dysdonia to anxiety. Love it!

Katlynn S.

It helped calm me down within 5 minutes of using it while I was in a panic attack. I would recommend to anyone with serve anxiety!

Patty G.

I have been using this product on my german shepherd for 6 months, she has severe hip dysplasia. It allows her to walk about freely without pain. She gets 1 capsule twice daily.

Tricia .

I love this product. My main usage of this product, is for my back pain. After a long day out in the yard or stripping and painting walls, the first thing I reach for is one of these softgels. Instant relief!

Kelly R.

The first time I tried this product I was amazed at the difference it made in my pain. My shoulders relaxed, my face relaxed and my back muscles relaxed enough for my spine to pop in several places. With chronic pain you sometimes don’t know how much pain you’re in until it’s relieved. Have referred family members & friends who are also now using your products.

Joseph R.

Following Total Knee Replacement surgery I had swelling of my knee and leg that would not go away. After 6 months of trying steroids and compression sleeves and you name it, my physician told me that it was "either going to get better or it wasn't".My son suggested that I try CBD Oil and a Massage Therapist friend recommended Procana. The swelling went down in a matter of days. I thought this might be a coincidence but when I stopped taking it for several days the swelling came right back.I only take five drops under my tongue each morning while I'm shaving and it has worked great!

Cecilia F.

Really helps reduce the intensity of my anxiety. I usually take one in the morning. If I am having a particularly difficult day, I take another and try to sit quietly for about 20 minutes..... major reduction in anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.

Brandon F.

What it does for anxiety is just amazing. One of the only high quality capsules available for a decent price.

Rev H.

My wife was deteriorating to the point that she was bedridden, not eating, diabetes, and few more symptoms, now her condition is stable, her blood sugar level is normal, and she is eating and gained ten pounds. Praise the Lord !!!!!!

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CBD Balance

30 softgels / bottle

CBD Complete Dropper

1 fluid oz

CBD Ultra

-Maximum Strength

CBD Ultra™ offers pure Isolated CBD derived from Hemp. Available as a Maximum Strength dose to help regulate and balance the Endocannabinoid system. Each Softgel and Dropper serving contains 50 mg of CBD (1500 mg per bottle)

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Karen A.

I am so impressed with this CBD line! I'm a pharmacist and just became introduced to Procana at the pharmacy I am working at. I have been taking 50 mg (Procana Ultra) at bedtime for a little over 2 weeks. As a pharmacist, I can't have THC in my system. I completely trust this product. So far, I have seen it help first-hand with pain, inflammation, anxiety, and sleep! I wake up pain free, well rested, and am finding that I am overall happier! I have even cut one of my prescriptions in half and plan to taper off it completely.I am recommending Procana to all my friends, family, and patients who suffer and can't find relief in regular pharmaceuticals.

Mary A.

I have been taking the CBD Ultra for about 2 months now. I recently ran out of the medicine for 3 days without it has been painful, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sciatica and was recently in a car accident and am feeling so much pain the last few days. I will never let my supply run out again. My mood is better I am not irritated with people or have become more agitated or angry so easily. A god send for me for sure.

Kelliann B.

I have tried a lot of different products but this one surpasses them all. Thank you Procana for giving me my life back.

Natalie .

since using the 50 mg CBD a day for 2 weeks now it has been almost to good to be true The seizures have practically stopped and it is normally over 50 seizures a day . my pain has gone from 100% to only 20% if taken at the very onset of the migraines it helped tremendously.

Natalie H.

My husband was having a horrible day hundreds of seizures a day and I gave him the procana 50 mg within 30 minutes his body was calm and no seizures

Taylor A.

I've never fully been happy to have to take pharmaceuticals; just to be "normal" ... Overall, it's not that big of an issue for me; as in- overall I accept that I am chemically imbalanced in some area's and even with medication, my anxiety and my adhd (paired with my CFS / FIBRO - autoimmune illnesses that I've been diagnosed with and are always present but not always flaring up not only cause added symptoms of their own, but I also think they might generally just exasperate the symptoms of the other mental health conditions and make the medicines less efficient than they would be otherwise) and therefore still present actual hurdles to feeling like I'm functioning to my full capacity that I'm capable of; and this is just everyday life. Scheduling out my day, then managing time blocks of activities and not just doing one for too long or starting one and then jumping to something else that catches my attention, which also affects how effective I am at keeping priorities in line, and when confronting any or all of said issues I tend to respond very hard on myself and others - holding both of us to unrealistically high expectations; which are never fully communicated clearly to begin with. And even though I rarely take the blame and ask how I can change things or make better/right the wrong; nor do I ever even seem to consider coming up with my own plan of actions that should ensue that I not only understand how I was wrong, and I clearly have made it known I understand what the expectation of me and others working together moving forward. Yet I don't actually list out a plan of action or steps of change that I plan to undergo or fortake, which usually results in other party feeling I don't fully understand- even when I truly do; and then since I have not written out a plan to achieve desired result, the saying "those who have not set down and made a plan have in fact actually made a plan to fail" becomes true... and being IQ level high enough to comprehend this from an introspective/objective v

Ryan B.

I've tried a lot of different CBD products, but this is the best one I ever had. The price is very reasonable for the amount of CBD. Excellent quality' and long lasting effects. No ups and downs, like I have had with other products.

Tyler B.

I am extremely grateful for this product, as it has finally shown me what it is like to go through every day life without extreme anxiety. The first time I took this cbd oil it truly changed my life in the way that it helped me in literally every aspect. I find myself much calmer while I work, I no longer have the pain in my chest from my anxiety, I fall asleep quicker at night, and it even helps me with the pains that I get from doing assembly line work. I could not recommend this product enough and look forward to my continued use of it for as long as it’s on the market.

Martha M.

The CBD Ultra has been a life changer for my 90 yr old mother. She has had arthritis for yrs and after trying many meds just suffered taking 5-6 aspirin a day and using aspercream. The. Last year she was diagnosed with cancer. The meds they gave her to just allow her to have some quality for the time she has left made her arthritis pain a 10. She says she no longer had any quality of life and had to stop all the cancer meds. She was in pain and all she could do was sit in one chair all day long and rotate heat wraps on her joints. She did not want to take any opioids. I asked her drs if it was ok for us to try CBD, they shrugged, said worth a try but they knew nothing on dosing and said I would have to figure it out on my own. Within 4 weeks we had the dose down and my mother is back to living her 90 yr old life. She no longer uses the heat wraps, even though they had a horrible winter. She no longer uses, aspirin, aspercream or aleve. She was out sweeping her garage, can go to Costco and roam around and get her hotdog. Go out and enjoy her garden. Yes she still has some pain but she can handle it. This has been a game changer.

Brenda L.

I have stage 4 cancer. Ive been taking procana cbd oil for 3 years now. And it has helped me a lot.

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CBD Ultra Softgels

30 softgels / bottle

CBD Ultra Dropper

1 fluid oz

Hemp Spectrum+

-Whole Plant Hemp Extract

Hemp Spectrum+ contains 50 mg of whole plant Hemp extract with 6mg of CBD (per serving), and rich in other phytocannabinoids and terpenes infused with Hemp Seed oil. Each bottle contains 1500 mg.

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Richard B.

I wish I had found this product years ago! I has really helped reduce the pain In my hip. Going from complete pain to where it is now is a blessing. I also recommended it to my mother for her hand pain and it has really helped. I have spread the word an now have many of my friends using these products. Thank you for developing this product!

Liz .

I have taken many Procana products and this one seems to do the best for me! Whenever I am feeling extra anxious and stressed, I drop 1 dose under my tongue and I feel it within 10 minutes. My mind quiets down and I am able to focus in the mornings at the gym or right before work. For my chronic aches and pains I am able to still work out with no bother. I do take 2-3 doses a day since it wears off after maybe 4hrs for me. I will probably switch to the Hemp Excel+ since its stronger and I might be good with 1 dose a day.

Christine M.

I have found combining the Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, with the Extra Strength CBD Isolate, gives me the most relief from my symptoms, of PMS, Chronic Pain, PTSD, and Anxiety/Depression. The blending of the two formulas, provides comprehensive, relief, and is a great adjunct to balance THC remedies, as well.

Kat F.

This is one of the few brands that our Psyche Dr. will endorse. She will not prescribe other meds with the use of other brands of CBD. Why? Because yours is hemp based and has research to demonstrate it’s purity.

Cindy B.

Using this product has decreased the amount of inflammation in my joints from arthritis. Is there a stronger product?

Nyna .

Procana helps with anxiety, depression, pain, and restless leg. These are my reasons for using it. I have been very impressed with this supplement. I give 5 stars.

Sharon M.

When my vendor was out of my CBD caps he suggested your product Hemp spectrum +. Oh my, almost all of my pain disappeared. I am so thankful to have found your product.

Alex R.

I used different CBD products from Procana over the last year. But the "Spectrum dropper" deems to be the mosthelpful so far.I appreciate also the fast delivery and easy order system.

Anonymous E.

Helps me sleep through the night, reduces aches and pains that come with advancing age.

Crystal L.

I was having 7-8 panic attacks with pseudoseizures followed by migraines every month. I have taken Procana Hemp spectrum for a month and a half. I only had to 2-3 attacks this month

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Hemp Spectrum

30 softgels / bottle

Hemp Spectrum+ Dropper

1 fluid oz

Hemp Excel+

-Extract Strength Whole Plant Hemp Extract

Hemp Excel+ contains 100 mg of whole plant Hemp extract with 12mg of CBD (per serving), and rich in other phytocannabinoids and terpenes infused with Hemp Seed oil. Each bottle contains 3000 mg.

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Hemp Excel+

30 softgels / bottle

Hemp Excel+ Dropper

1 fluid oz

Hemp Advanced

-Whole Plant Hemp Extract + Active CoQ10

Hemp Advanced™ offers Whole Spectrum Hemp plant extract that is rich in valuable Phytocannabinoids and plant Terpenes, combined with Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10), playing a critical role in the creation of cellular energy needed by important organs such as the heart and brain. It is also the body’s strongest fat soluble antioxidant. Each Softgel and Dropper serving contains 140 mg (4,200 mg per bottle)

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John O.

I have been on more than a dozen "anti depression/anxiety presrciption medicines" for almost 40 years. CBD oil has proven to me that none of them ever really worked. I have never felt so physically and mentally calm in my life of 70 years now. Rather than cause Depression and anxiety - my negative thoughts just drift away!! I take a daily capsule and suplement with 50mg drops if I ever start to feel at all edgy. I not only take the CBD, I invest in the companies that create it. CBD will be used by countless millions in the future! John L OBrien, PHD (Business)

Marsha A.

Sam S.

This is a great supplement I feel focused and calm and I like that it has ubiqionol for cell energy

Natalie S.

I love that I get my dose of hemp extract as well as coq10 all in one softgel. Easy! I take 1 gel at night; the hemp extract helps me sleep (I have insomnia).

Angela C.

Used for3mths now major changes in over all health love the products

Cathy .

It helps my anxiety and depression so much! I also have been able to stop taking all of my prescription anti inflammatory medicines since starting cbd products!

Margaret F.

Kenni P.

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Hemp Advanced Softgels

30 softgels / bottle

Hemp Omega

-Omega Rich Alternative to Fish Oil

Hemp Omega™ offers cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil- a rich source of Omega 3 & 6 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), and is also a source of Super Fatty Acids Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) and Stearidonic Adics (SDA). Cold pressed Hemp Seed oil is a great alternative to Fish Oil. Each Softgel contains 500 mg of Hemp Seed Oil (30,000 mg per bottle)

Learn More: Softgel 6 VERIFIED REVIEWS
David H.

I was very happy with the 500 milligram cbd soft jells and would like to try your other products ..I found these beneficial in there calming effects and pain relief

Pauline F.

Brandon B.

I love your products.

Yazmin D.

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Hemp Advanced Softgels

60 softgels / bottle

VET Formula

-Organic Peanut Butter Flavor

Suitable for both human and animal consumption, VET Formula offers pure Isolated CBD derived from Hemp. Available as a Daily Maintenance dose to help regulate and balance the Endocannabinoid system. Each Softgel and Dropper serving contains 8 mg of CBD (240 mg per bottle)

Learn More: Softgel Dropper 19 VERIFIED REVIEWS
Larry, T.

Larry, has gotten off medication for anxiety via your Vet formula CBD!!

Sonja M.

My dog has hip problems and by evening has a hard time getting up. He has improved drastically with this product and gets up and down a lot easier!

Tu N.

I couldn’t have been more happy to find such a great and cost efficient product for my son. I have a rescue and he has always been timid and too overprotective at times. This product not only has helped with those things but it also helped me get rid of a benign tumor on my dogs wrist. With the combination of cbd and castor oil an expensive procedure was avoided. Wheew! Thanks Procana!

Kim M.

My fur kids I give daily CBD oil to help with many independent reasons such as sezuires , colitis and collapse trachea with upper respiratory allergies... I’ve seen a improvement in all areas thanks to vet formula CBD oil drops

David W.

My elderly dog was having seizures 3-4 times weekly. I started with the 8 mg dose and his seizures dropped to 1 time per week. After trying the 20 mg size (1before bed daily) his seizures dropped to 1 every 1-2 months.

Courtney M.

I'm giving the vet formula to my dog to control her seizures. It's been life changing for her. Thank you!!

Meghan S.

We are using this with our 6 cats for differing medical purposes (ie pain, motility issues, asthma, anxiety, feline herpes pain)

Martha B.

We have an 11 year old large dog with severe arthritis. Was taking Gabepentin and Derramax from vet. They helped, but she was still falling at times and not wanting to move. Added in the vet formula and after a couple weeks, she is great! Not taking 4 miles walks anymore, but she will go on small walks with us and is no longer falling.

Joyce N.

So my lil dog Lola was diagnosed with a mass cell tumor cancer in September. The Vet told me it was very aggressive and that I need to have her leg amputated. Funny thing is it cost a lot of money. They gave her steroids and tramadol, it was awful. I thought yep! She's just going to die. Well my Cousin showed up with Procana Vet Formula; we stopped giving her the other meds and here it is December 24, and she runs around like a puppy. a Few of my friends are having fund raisers because she does need to get the cancer removed. Last week she was tested to see if the cancer spread and it has not. Prayers welcome, thank you for your product. I refused to change up.

Caryn G.

The Vet formula CBD oil has been a miracle for my 15 year old Ilhasa Apso Mix Dog. He acts a few years younger and isn't limping anymore from sore arthritis joints. He sleeps well and we are all so pleased with the outcome!

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Vet Formula Softgels

8 mg Softgels

Vet Formula Dropper

1 fluid oz

CBD Disposable Vaporizers

Ultra Fast-Acting!

Each disposable vaporizer contains 200 mg of CBD with all natural oils, Terpenes and organic flavors. Offering a buttonless design without assembly or charging, Procana vaporizers are an ideal choice for easy usage on the go.

Product Features

  • 200 mg Active CBD
  • Premium 304 Stainless Steel
  • Long Lasting 400 MAH Battery
  • Convenient - Pre-Charged
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Classic OG
Fresh Menthol
Smooth Vanilla
Samantha H.

My husband and I tried the Tangie Vape pen and have since ordered 3 of them. We weren't sure what to expect but so far we like the results. My husband works in the medical field and I'm a stay at home mom. The effects were an overall sense of calm and peace in our chaos. I have anxiety when in large crowds but taking 2 puffs off of our pen helps with the feeling of being suffocated. My husband deals with pain and hypertension and it really seems to help him get through his work day and he comes home in a better mood after using this product. We will continue to purchase this!!

Crystal J.

Loved this pen!!!

Ryan F.

This product is absolutely amazing. My anxiety levels have absolutely plummeted. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Steven B.

I 1st tried Vaping CBD on a recommendation to help with anxiety. The secondary effect, and not one I expected or was looking for, was relief from arthritis pain in my fingers. While the product I 1st bought was working, I did have concerns about what was in it. After 2-3 months and proving to myself that I was receiving relief from vaping CBD, my pod type vaporizer failed. That's when I found the Procana Vap Pen. My 1st reaction to using it was WOW! It was the Classic OG and after looking it up, discovered it was an all natural product, unlike the pod CBD I was using. The Procana product was very pleasant to draw in. Its calming effect was immediate. Simply, my heart rate will drop 8-12 BPM, this has been repeated and documented on my Fitbit! My arthritis pain remains in check. I am 60 years old, never been a user of cannabis, so this was all a big step out of my comfort zone that I am glad I took.

Randy L.

So far it seems to be helping

Ted L.

Krista B.

I tried CBD supplements but could not take them as the oil upset my stomach because I have had GERD (severe acid reflux) for over 20 years. I was hesitant to try vaping because I quit smoking 13 years ago. However, I spoke to someone else who vapes CBD for pain and is a former smoker who said it works really well for her and it has not affected her desire to smoke so I decided to try it. I AM SO GLAD I DID! It is really helping with my pain. I got the disposable vape pen with the 200 mg tangie CBD and it helps me sleep at night and takes the edge off when I have bad break through pain. I have had chronic pain for 18 years and I was tapered down to half the amount of medication I used to be on so my pain level is very high. I cannot used marijuana, even medical marijuana due to the contract I had to sign with my Pain management doctor so I am so happy that Procana offers a certificate of authenticity to show that there is no THC in their products. My naturopathic psychiatrist is actually the one who told me about Procana. He is an amazing doctor! I would absolutely recommend this product for pain, to help with sleep and to help with anxiety as it really relaxes me.

Gary R.


Leonardo N.

So I used to be a heavy pot smoker but since my motorcycle accident I have had a lot of health issues I’ve learned that cbd oil has helped me with a lot of those issues in January I had my first 2 seizures in my life and they were not pleasant I bought a tincture of cbd oil but I had very hard cravings of smoking pot but being on probation and trying to complete it I was recommended your classic og vape pen I instantly saw a change in my mood (not numb or easily irritated) and it helped me in the working inviornment when my body started tending and hurting and my head started pulsing I would step back take a couple of puffs hold it while I stretched and get back to work. To me that was life changing that something so little helped so much so thank you procana you got my 5 stars and hope to see your guys name out there more I would love to have you guys as a sponsor but thank you guys and god bless you and your mission.

Raymond S.

Love this product love the packaging love the results.

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Available in 4 Refreshing Flavors

1 Disposable Vaporizer

1 Disposable Vaporizer

1 Disposable Vaporizer

1 Disposable Vaporizer

Procana T-Shirt

Procana T-Shirt

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